The 69 Very Best Space Puns

The 69 Very Best Space Puns

A whole universe of punny jokes about outer space. 

Since human beings first looked up at the stars, they have pondered the mysteries of space. And since human beings first pondered the mysteries of space, they have come up with silly space puns to keep themselves entertained. 

Join us on a mission to infinity and beyond, to discover intelligent life in the galaxy and make fun of it. 

Get ready to take one small step for a pun fan, one giant leap for pun-kind. 

We only had space for the best, so strap into your seat and prepare to blast off into the stratosphere with this collection of interstellar jokes that are simply out of this world. 

The Hottest Sun Jokes

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Why is the sun so famous?

It’s a star. 

Why was the star so similar to his dad?

Like father, like sun.

What did the earth say to the sun?

My life revolves around you

How does the sun keep his hair neat?

Eclipse it.

Why is the sun so bright?

It has a million degrees. 

The Best Jokes By Star

— Best Space Puns & Jokes

Did you hear about the star that died?

Dead Sirius.

What did the man say to the star?

You had me at halo 

“I just saw the brightest star ever.”


“Yes! Sirius.” 

What happened when the star got covered with a plasma aura?

It caught the Coronavirus. 

You’ll Be Over the Moon When You Hear These Space Puns 

Why is it boring on the moon?

Not enough atmosphere.

How did the earth and the moon meet?

They gravitated towards each other 

Why didn’t the earth and the moon get together? 

They needed space

Why didn’t the moon eat lunch?

It was full. 

Why did the parasite jump all the way to the moon?

It was a luna-tick. 

Who was the first rapper on the moon?

Lil Wane 

These Jokes Are Universal 

What would happen if the whole universe ceased to exist?

No matter!

Why did the universe go on a diet?

Because it kept expanding.

17 Astro-naughty Jokes 

Why did the astronaut only sing in space? 

He couldn’t carry a Neptune

Why didn’t the astronaut make it into space?

He didn’t planet. 

What do you get when an astronaut breaks up with his girlfriend? 

A SpaceX

What’s an astronaut’s favourite reality show?

The Amazing Space. 

What do you get when an astronaut drops his cup of tea? 

A flying saucer 

Who is an astronaut’s favourite singer?

Freddy Mercury 

Who is an astronaut’s second favourite singer? 

Bruno Mars

What’s an astronaut’s favourite part of your body?


Why did the astronaut come back to Earth?

He was spaced out. 

What’s an astronaut’s favourite food?


What did the astronaut say when his rocket was about to launch?

Watch this space 

Why did the astronaut go into space?

To make ends meteor 

Why did the astronaut leave earth?

He wanted personal space.

How do you make astronauts angry?

Moon them.

Why was the astronaut so happy to be in space?

He was having a magnetic field day.

Did you hear about the astronaut who broke the law of gravity?

He received a suspended sentence.

How do you get an astronaut’s baby to sleep?

You rocket

You Don’t Need a Degree In Physics to Get These Jokes

What do you call it when a physicist loses his virginity?

The big bang. 

What do you say to a physicist in the morning?

Up and atom. 

Orion’s Belt Puns

— Best Space Puns & Jokes

Why don’t astronomers care about Orion’s Belt?

It’s a waist of space

What rating do astronomers give Orion’s Belt get?

Three stars.

Alien Jokes That Are Out of This World

Why didn’t the child understand the concept of life on other planets?

It was an alien concept. 

What do aliens say when they land in your garden?

Take me to your weeder. 

How do aliens keep in touch?

On Spacebook. 

What do you do when you see a spaceman?

You park in it, man. 

Why don’t aliens like to visit Earth?
It has a one star rating. 

These Historical Space Jokes Will Never Get Old

Why did the first man on the moon lift weights?

To make his Armstrong. 

What did the first man on the moon say to the second man on the moon? 

Buzz off! 

Why was the Soviet Union the first country to go into space?

They were Russian to get there 

What did the Russians get when they lost the space race?

A constellation prize.

Why did Sally go into space?

Because there was a lot Ride-ing on it.

Planetary Puns 

How do you contact Saturn?

Give it a ring. 

Why are there no insects on Venus?

Because of all the Venus flytraps.

Why does Uranus smell bad?

It’s a gas giant 

Why did Mickey Mouse go to space?

To find Pluto. 

When was Jupiter discovered?

Many moons ago

Where do Martians go after work?

Mars Bars

16 Jokes We Still Had Space For

Why is it hard to define an interstellar cloud of dust?

It’s a nebulous concept.

Where do rocket chips travel to?

The big dipper. 

Why did the man marry the circumstellar disc?

She was a Kuiper 

Why don’t people like to talk about all the mysterious space in the universe?

It’s a dark matter.

Why did the astrologer seem suspicious? 

He was looking for hubble.

Why can’t you date the smaller Ursa constellation?

It’s a minor.

What did the planet say to the celestial body hurtling towards it?

Comet me, bro.

What’s the currency in space?


What does God sleep on?

Saturn sheets.

How does God keep his pants up?

With an asteroid belt.

What happens when you land up in the wrong galaxy?

It doesn’t Bode well.

What do you do when your space mail isn’t delivered?

Return to Sedna.

What happened to the woman who showed up at the solar system uninvited?

They centaur packing.

What’s it like in space?

Out of this world.

Why do people take the earth so seriously?

It has a lot of gravity.

Why wasn’t the joke about infinity funny?

It didn’t have an ending.

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