The 82 Very Best Christmas Puns

The 82 Very Best Christmas Puns

Yay! The holidays are coming; they are just around the corner. There is no better way to get into the festive spirit, fun, and laughter, with some funny, and even cheesy Christmas puns. While you are busy baking the delicious Christmas cookies, and decorating the house with festive decorations, bring out the Christmas puns. We can assure you, the 85 funny Christmas puns we have here are going to be a hit for you and all the elves, of course!

82 Best Christmas Puns 2024

“We are going to have a fun sleepover at Christmas time and we are going to play Truth or Deer

“As Santa stepped into the puddle, he said, ‘It must have reindeer’”

“Look out for Santa’s dog when he comes, he’s called Santa-Paws!”

“The elves love your type of Christmas music but their favorite is Wrap!”

The elves are happy not to be in school at Christmas time learning the elf-abet

“Will Rude-olph, the naughty reindeer be pulling Santa’s sleigh this year?”

“The difference between the ordinary alphabet and the Christmas alphabet is that the Christmas alphabet has no-el

“Do you know what the gingerbread man put on his bed? A cookie sheet!”

“The snowmen outside will want you to leave Ice-Crispies for them for their breakfast”

— 10th of 82 Christmas Puns

“If Santa delivers presents during a thunderstorm, his sleigh will be flown by rain-deer

“Remember that it soots Santa to deliver your presents down the chimney!”

“The elves will be using a lot of Santa-tizer after Christmas to clean Santa’s sleigh”

“You know Santa is around on Christmas day because you can sense his presents

“Santa’s favorite subject in school was Chemis-tree!”

“Do you know that Santa didn’t pay a thing for his sleigh. It was on the house!”

“This year if Santa Clause has no money, he has asked that you address your letters to Saint-nickel-less

“When Santa walks backward, he goes ‘Oh, Oh, Oh’”

“When you cross Santa with a duck, you will get a Christmas quacker

“Can you guess why Santa Claus got a parking ticket on Christmas Eve? He left his sleigh in a snow parking zone

— 20th of 82 Christmas Puns

“If Santa gives you a ride in his sleigh, hold on for deer life!”

“After midnight when Santa has left his presents, he will say, “It’s time to go ho-ho home!

“As Santa flies away from your home, he will shout to the children, ‘Yule miss me when I’m gone’”

“Bet you didn’t know that the Reindeer don’t go to school. It’s because they are elf-taught

“Sometimes Santa will carry a clock in the sleigh – He wants to see how fast time flies by”

“Santa often books in at the ho-ho-hotel when he needs a vacation”

“Santa’s favorite breakfast food is Frosted Flakes”

“I like hanging with you’ – That’s what one Christmas ball was heard saying to the other”

“As Santa’s sleigh passed over some sheep, they bleated, ‘Fleece Navidad!’”

“Do you know what Adam said on the day before Christmas? It’s Christmas, Eve!”

— 30th of 82 Funny Christmas Puns

“What does Santa tell his elves to call him when he is taking a break from delivering presents? Santa Pause!

“Elves who run away from Santa’s workshop instead of working are called Rebels without a Claus

“Santa has reindeer ghosts as well – they are called Cari-boo

“There is Snow Place like Home”

“First thing we must do on Christmas day is take an elfie

“It’s time to lighten up – it’s Christmas!”

“When it’s Christmas time, it’s time to treat your elf

“Because ‘Tis the season to be jelly’”

“Look at that tree – it’s lit!”

“Christmas is the time for feelin’ pine”

— 40th of 82 Christmas Puns

“Sometimes Santa notices that the elves are up to snow good

Have snow fear – Christmas is here!

Oh deer

“Don’t worry to come to the Christmas party alone. You can just sing ‘Single bells, single bells, single all the way’”

“Watch how the faces light up when everyone opens their presents”

“When Santa is running late, he tells his elves to hold on for deer life

“When Santa gives instructions, he always tells the elves, ‘We are not finished yet, there is myrrh’”

“The person who cooks the roast always has the final sleigh when dinner will be served”

“With so many friends and family around at Christmas time, we can feel Santa-mental

“We want to Spruce things up this year for Christmas with a bigger tree”

— 50th of 82 Christmas Puns 2024

“Christmas is the time to feel the holiday cheer, fir sure

“Line up with your Christmas plates – you snow the drill

“You will never say snow thanks to an extra plate of Christmas pudding!”

“The table is so beautiful decked out and I only have ice for the trifle!”

“It takes one to snow one”

Icy what you are planning for Christmas”

“Tis the season for giving, so don’t be elfish

“Don’t the Christmas decorations look tree-mendous?”

“Christmas is the most wine-derful time of the year”

“All I want for Christmas this year is ewe

— 60th of 82 Christmas Puns

“I’ve been pining to see you all year!”

“Santa is also an expert in karate – he has a black belt”

“Sometimes Santa has to cheer his helpers on because they have low elf-esteem

“The names of the old snowmen are called Water”

“The one Christmas tree looked at the other and said, ‘You got a lot of balls walking in here dressed like that!’”

“The reindeers use their hornaments to decorate the Christmas trees”

“How did the classical musicians prepare for Christmas day? They went Christmas Chopin

“The best way to snap memories on Christmas day is with a Pole-aroid camera”

“Some people have a fear of Christmas and Santa Claus – its call Claustrophobia

“The most popular breakfast cereal in the North Pole is Snow Flakes

— 70th of 82 Funny Christmas Puns

“What did the pediatrician say when she checked on Jesus lying in the manger? He’s in stable condition”

“Everybody loves Jack Frost over Christmas because he is so cool”

“One Christmas light, when his friend asked him if he worked over the holidays, said, On and Off”

“Nobody wants to eat broken candy cane on Christmas day, they want the cane to be in mint condition

“Why did the Christmas roast make everyone smile on Christmas day? Because ‘Tis the seasoning to be jolly’”

“Sometimes when his sled is broken, Santa will use a Holly Davidson

“Why did the elves’s grades drop after the holiday? Because everything was marked down”

“Santa will enter homes through the chimneys this year because the Elf and Safety Commission declared it unsafe”

“What’s red then white then red then white then red then white? It’s Santa rolling off your roof”

“Santa’s elves said to him, ‘It’s going to rain.’ Santa asked, ‘How do you know?’ And they answered, ‘Because Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear’”

— 80th of 82 Christmas Puns 2024

“What did Santa name his pet cat? Santa Claws

“The first things the elves got taught so they could read the names on the presents, was the elf-abet

Bonus Funny Puns about Christmas 2024

“Dasher and Prancer always take coffee breaks when they work the sleigh because they are Santa’s Star-Bucks

“Where do Santa’s reindeer go when they lose their tails? To the re-tail shop

“What musician does Santa like to listen to while he makes toys in his workshop? Elf-is Presley

“What do you call a snowman who’s always at the gym? An abdominal snowman”


Remember not to be frosty to people at Christmas. Rather, welcome them to the jingle mingle at your home; Be-Claus they will love you to Santa-tain them. As long as you are true to your own elf over Christmas-thyme, and make some delicious Santa-witches for your guests, then after the party, you can have your Silent Night!

Happy Howl-idays and have a won-deer-ful Christmas. We would like to woof you a meouw-u Christmas!

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