61 Rock Puns

These plutonic puns will rock your world. 

Whether you’re a geologist or just a rock fan, you are probably here to see the funny side of stones, boulders, pebbles, gems – anything and everything rock-related.   

We’re happy to say we came up with some absolutely clastic rock jokes. 

We mined every area of our imaginations and dug deep to cobble together 61 of the best puns about rocks. Eventually the ideas began to crystalize and believe us when we say, it was hard. 

The result? A collection of petrified stone puns that will rock your world. 

So read on, while a few of these may be hit ore miss, this is a list of rock puns and jokes that rocks. 

We’re sure you’ll find a few gems…


Ten Jokes That Will Rock Your World 

Why did the rock shower every morning?

He wanted to start with a clean slate 


How did the rock feel when he got covered in algae? 

He was lichen it


What happened when the rock got addicted to crack?

He hit rock bottom


Why did the rock go to rehab?

To get stone cold sober


What should you do when you hear a joke about rocks?

Take it with a grain of basalt


Why did the rock sleep all day?

He was a bedrock


What did the stone say when he ended up at the bottom of the hill?

That’s how I roll


Why is it hard to be a diamond?

Too much pressure


Which rock group is made up of four men who can’t sing?

Mount Rushmore


Why isn’t it safe for a rock to marry a piece of paper?

Because paper beats rock 

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Jokes For Geologists

Who is a geologist’s favorite comedian?

Chris Rock


Who is a geologist’s favorite actor?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


What is a geologist’s favorite type of music?

Hard rock


What is a geologist’s favorite treat?

Rock candy


What did the vampire say to the geologist?



What do geologists do when they find an empty cup?



What does the water in a geologist’s cup do?



How far do geologists travel?

A mylonite


Where do geologists study?

At sedimentary school


Why don’t geologists argue?

They’re too pelite


Why is this my last geologist joke?

Because you get the schist


Indie Rock Jokes 

Why do hipsters like rocks?

They’re underground


What do hipsters think of carbon?

They liked it before it was coal


Why did the hipster like the rock?

It was magma before it was cool


Stoner Jokes That Rock 

What do lazy rocks do?

Sit around all day getting stoned


How do rocks get stoned?


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Rock Puns So Bad They Should Be A Crime 

Why did the rock go to jail?

The quartz found him guilty


Why did the quartz find the rock guilty?

They had concrete evidence


How did the rock feel about going to jail?

He was petrified


Jokes That Will Make You Erupt With Laughter 

What did the one volcano say to the other volcano?

Hey, do you want to be my lava?


What did the one volcano say to the other volcano?

Nice ash!


Why did the volcano sit around all day instead of getting a job?

He was an inactive volcano

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A Rocky Relationship 

Did you hear about the rock dating the stone?

It was not just a plutonic relationship


What did the rock ask the stone?

Are you cummingtonite?


Why did the stone prefer the rock to all the others?

He was boulder


How was the rock and the stone’s relationship at first?



When they started dating, what did the rock say to the stone?

We’re going rock steady


Why did the rock and the stone break up?

The trust in their relationship eroded


Why couldn’t the rock and stone keep dating without trust?

It was the bedrock of their relationship


Why didn’t the stone get back together with the rock?

He had too many faults


What did the stone think of the rock?

That he wasn’t gneiss


Top Ten Rock Songs

Solid as a Rock – Ashlar and Simpson

Over my Boulder – Mike and the Rockanics 

I Love Rock ‘n Coal – Stone Jett 

It’s a Hard Rock Life – Jay Z(inc)

Don’t Quarry Be Happy – Rocky McFerrin 

Lust for Lime – Igneous Pop 

Heart of Stone – Chert 

He is Heavy, He’s my Boulder – The Quarries 

We will Rock You – Heavy Mercury 

Rocks Off – Rolling Stones


Top Ten Films That Rock 

Pyrites of the Caribbean 

The Rocky Horror Picture Stone

The Pebble Wears Prada 

Meet the Rockers 

Home A-Stone 

Journey to the Centre of the Earth 

School of Rocks 

Rock Star Wars 

A Rockwork Orange 

Rock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 


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