The 100 Very Best Flower Puns

The 100 Very Best Flower Puns

Flowers are all around us! We use them as gifts for loved ones, we plant them in our gardens to look at their beauty and smell their lovely scents, but why don’t we use them to have a laugh or start conversations with new friends, coworkers or dates? The truth is, there are so many fun ways to play with the names of all of your favorite flowers.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out this huge list of flower puns jokes. Be sure to use them the next time you are trying to break the ice with loved ones, friends or new acquaintances! If you think you can do better, try using this list of flower puns and jokes as inspiration for your own garden of comedy. Share this article and challenge your friends to come up with some flower puns of their own. Good luck!

If you’re the punny type, and you like flower-themed humor, check out this list of whacky, delightful and witty flower puns! They’ll fill your garden with laughs and clever wordplay.

60 Best Flower Puns

  1. The king wanted his army of flowers to stay. He told them, “Stamen!”
  2. They’re not my kids, they’re y-orchids!
  3. She gave him bluebells
  4. Coronaviris
  5. There’s a fire! Find a fire hydrangea!
  6. A lot of problems stem from bad plant health.
  7. Doom and bloom.
  8. With liberty and justice floral.
  9. I clover with all my heart.
  10. I need a new pair of plants.
  11. He couldn’t stop staring at her bud.
  12. She was experiencing spells of daisyness
  13. It was the most beautiful flower I ever seed.
  14. Lilac basic self control.
  15. I need to borrow some flowers. Have you botany?
  16. I gave a floral presentation.
  17. In order for the two to be married, his family had to pay a flowery.
  18. Always help a friend in weed.
  19. Quit pollen my hair!
  20. She cut him and he started bweeding.
  21. Everything is going to be just vine.
  22. Why did the chicken cross the rhododendron? 
  23. If you wanna leaf, just go!
  24. She wanted to cover her head so she just put on a bluebonnet. 
  25. Louis Armstrong is one of the best Jasmine ever. 
  26. Not a lot of people drive on the island. It’s not a carnation. 
  27. I should be clover it by now, but I’m not. 
  28. Silent bud deadly.
  29. I hope I picked the right bunch of friends.
  30. He is giving me flowerly updates.
  31. The engine was extremely flowerful 
  32. Titanium is one of the strongest petals. 
  33. That came sprout of nowhere!
  34. I seed your help!
  35. I never drive slow. I’ve got a need for seed.
  36. I’ve already had to ask you tree times!
  37. I just needed to tell you how I field.
  38. After a year of dating, he decided to poppy the question. 
  39. I found a lucky peony on the sidewalk!
  40. And bloom goes the dynamite!
  41. The lion is the king of the florist.
  42. The floor needs to be swept. Grab a bloom!
  43. Everything is gonna be bouquet. 
  44. I don’t want to violet your privacy.
  45. Daisy’d and confused.
  46. He was so self absorbed, I think he was a narcissus.
  47. I listened to some music played by the orchidstra.
  48. Pollend is supposed to be a beautiful country. 
  49. Are you orchidding me?
  50. I don’t really think you’re pollen your weight on this job. 
  51. Take this seriously. Stop going around all lily nillie.
  52. Can I posy a question?
  53. You put too much flower in these cookies. 
  54. I soiled my family name with my bad garden.
  55. You see some crazy things these daisies. 
  56. Just tell the truth. You don’t have to lilac that. 
  57. I’ve got ants in my pansy.
  58. I took some photos of my garden with a dis-posy-ble camera.
  59. You’re my garden angel!
  60. Could you do it today? Orchid you do it tomorrow?

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30 Best Flower Jokes

Nothing is better than a good joke, and you never know when there will be a flower nearby. It’s summer and there are flowers everywhere! Scroll down for 30 punny flower jokes you can take with you and use!

  1. He’s Hindu, so he believes in rein-carnation
  2. Chris and his mum took some photos near the flowers. They were chrysanthemums.
  3. I just wanna soak up the sunflower.
  4. Line the flowers up in columns, not rose. 
  5. Violets is not the answer.
  6. She got her plates, bowls, everything buttercups.
  7. I feel lily happy today.
  8. She had no sense of urgency; she was lacka-daisy-cal
  9. Do you want to ride the mari-gold-round?
  10. Only thing better than a handy tiger is a dandelion. 
  11. He was afraid to get hurt so he was garden his heart.
  12. My favorite Beatles song is “Here Comes the Sunflower”
  13. You can have pet dogs, pet cats, even pet lizards. What about petunias? 
  14. I wish I could kiss more people at once, but I only have tulips. 
  15. I’ve pollen and I can’t get up!
  16. My flower goes faster than my bike. It has way more petals.
  17. Problems a-rose in my garden. 
  18. He was too much of a pansy to get rid of all the bees in his garden.
  19. Who ate all the leaves in the garden? Katydid.
  20. Where does a bachelor frog live? His lilypad.
  21. I’m just poppy-n some popcorn
  22. That’s blossom news!
  23. Rose before hoes.
  24. It’s okay that I never made a family because I have m’orchids.
  25. The little girl wants to play with her dahlia. 
  26. Irisked everything to start this flower business.
  27. He’s late. It’s been a flower and a half!
  28. I’ve got a vase up my sleeve.
  29. My favorite Netflix show is the Tiger Lily King.
  30. Don’t shoot me with your pistil.

Whatever you do, make sure you use these awesome flower-themed jokes and puns the next time you get a chance! Or, even better, share this article full of flower puns & jokes with your loved ones, friends and co-workers! There is something there for everyone.

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