100 Very Best Newlywed Game Questions

100 Very Best Newlywed Game Questions

If you haven’t heard about the Newlywed Game, you don’t know what you’re missing! This fun activity is becoming more and more popular at wedding receptions, bridal showers, and even engagement parties! Newlywed Game originally started as an American television game show back in the ‘60s, which became quite popular and has appeared in many different versions since then.

It focuses on pitting the newlywed couple (or soon to be!) against each other and quizzing them with a series of revealing newlywed questions to determine how well they truly know each other.

Whether you are the bride, groom, bridesmaid, or best man, suggesting the Newlywed Game promises to make your occasion truly unforgettable.

How to Play the Game


100 Newlywed Game Questions

Are you ready to jump on board? If you’re the designated judge and have no idea what questions to ask, don’t worry! Here’s a list of some great newlywed questions to follow.

However, don’t forget to throw in a few more custom questions that only the couple can answer. This will make it even more interesting and fun.

Remember that the whole idea is to have fun and show everyone a good time! So stick to humorous questions and avoid off-handed feedback.

Here are 100 Newlywed Game questions:

How did you first meet?

What’s the name of the restaurant you first went to together?

What shade of clothing was your partner wearing the first time you saw each other?

Describe in one word the first thought you had when you met them.

When did you know you loved them?

Who was the one who said “I love you” first?

Where was your first kiss?

Who made the first move?

Who is more neutral and lets things go?

Who is the more daring?

Who is your partner’s favorite artist?

Which one has a better sense of humor?

Who knows how to bake?

Who prepares the best cocktails?

Who remembers all their doctor’s appointments?

What’s your spouse’s favorite comedy?

What’s their favorite musical drama?

What would your spouse’s favorite holiday?

— 19th of 100 Newlywed Game Questions

What are your spouse’s dreams about?

What was the first cartoon you saw together?

What’s their favorite dessert?

Do you have a favorite date?

Who’s more romantic?

What is their biggest pet peeve?

What is your spouse’s favorite party theme?

What is their favorite candy flavor?

What is their favorite animal?

Name the nicest love demonstration they ever did to you. 

If your spouse was a superhero, who would they be?

What is their zodiac sign?

What’s their favorite type of pasta?

How many plants do they own?

How often do you go out dancing?

What was your spouse’s high school called?

If they were a millionaire, what would be the most absurd object you have?

Name your spouse’s favorite clothing brand. 

— 37th of 100 Newlywed Game Questions

What’s their favorite pastime?

What would they say your best feature is?

What is your spouse’s specialty?

What is your partner’s dream job?

Who takes the longest time to solve sudoku?

Which one of you would win at “Who wants to be a millionaire”? 

What does your partner eat for breakfast?

Who is more judgmental?

Who is fairer?

Which one of you eats faster?

Who would win in a science contest?

What color is your spouse’s toothbrush?

What was their favorite color when they were a child?

Who texts all the time? 

Who is more likely to cry after a movie? 

What is your spouse’s soft spot?

Who is more likely to go to a topless beach?

Who’s your partner’s more ancient friend?

What middle school did your spouse go to?

Who is more likely to be the first to get up and dance?

Who is more likely to break the screen of their phone?

How many laptops has your partner had in their life?

What talent does your partner have that no one else knows about?

How many pets does your spouse had in their life?

What is the last mistake your partner made?

Which singer do they like but would never admit?

What is their favorite tropical fruit?

— 64th of 100 Newlywed Game Questions

What is your spouse’s stance on robots?

Would your partner be willing to live with you on a desert island for a year?

Who is your spouse’s mentor?

How many hours of the day your partner devotes to social media?

How many times do they wash their teeth in one day?

Are they good at public speaking?

Are they morning or night people?

Who is the most competitive?

How’s more likely to win a race?

What’s your spouse’s favorite social media?

What physical feature are they always trying to conceal?

What’s their less favorite season?

What is your partner’s secret superstition?

What is the band that is never missing in all their playlists?

Who would win at bowling?

Who is more flexible to each other’s needs?

Who would be most likely to skydive?

Who would have one last shot before going home?

— 82nd of 100 Newlywed Game Questions

Who’s more likely to stay at home watching Netflix on a Saturday night?

Who tends to open the door for the food delivery person?

What’s your spouse’s biggest obsession?

Who’s more likely to call 911 out of something silly?

How many pair of pants does your partner owns?

What is the color of their underwear?

Who is more spontaneous or impulsive?

If they didn’t have to work, what would they do for 8 hours a day?

Is your spouse a half full or half empty kind of person?

Who is more likely to buy a Rolex?

Does your partner prefer to be buried or cremated?

Who takes more care of their eating habits?

Who tends to get lost more quickly?

Which of you is harder on themselves?

Who is more likely to get sick at a restaurant?

Who is more likely to spill some coffee on their shirt?

Who’s more into humanitarian concerns?

Who likes politics the most?

What would be the pick-up line you would use on your partner if you just met them?


How to Play the Newlywed Game


Play the Newlywed Game as a PRO.

There is no standard way to play the Newlywed Game. The classic approach is to directly ask the couple some questions on the spot and give them time to come up with an answer. 

But this can be tricky, actually. Without proper preparation, the whole game can slow down and the rest of the guests may lose interest.

There is a more dynamic and entertaining way to go about it. Here is a handy guide on how to play the Newlywed Game like a pro:


1. Don’t make up questions on the spot!

First of all, there should be a designated judge or host who is neither the bride nor the groom, of course. 

This person must be in charge of preparing the questions well in advance and sending them separately to each of the parties involved. And don’t worry about the questions, we’ll get to that later!

The bride and groom need to answer them accurately and send them back to the judge who will have them ready for the big event.

Make sure the person you choose has a way with words and a great sense of humor! The host is the linchpin for this game to be truly entertaining and keep everyone engaged.

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2. Explain the rules.

Showtime is here! The host will gather all the guests in a specific room and then place the couple in the center of the stage. It is crucial to make a clear and fun introduction to make sure that everyone in the room understands what it is all about.

Then, to get things rolling, the host will ask one of the spouses to leave the room. Right after, they will read every question on the list and have the remaining partner guess what their beloved answered. 

Afterward, switch roles and repeat! It’s that easy.

For example, to the question “what was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw your partner for the first time?” Each of them should say what they think the other person thought.

And this is where all the fun begins! The responses that each one of them comes up with may end up being the opposite of what they actually wrote!

Simple, but very entertaining!


3. Keep the score and have fun!

Keeping score is not a difficult task, but you have to be very careful not to lose track! Have a blackboard or a sheet of paper nearby for this purpose. Remember to anticipate this as it is not so easy to find these items on the spot.

For each question answered correctly, the participant earns one point. 

Before starting, the couple can guess how many points the other is going to score and check whether they were right afterward. 

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game knows their partner the best and wins the competition!

The winner of the game show on television was rewarded with a large sum of money. In this case, you can get creative with the prize.

You can agree on a fun penance for the loser to fulfill. For example, performing a silly dance or singing a funny song in the microphone.

Think outside the box! The sky is the limit!


Other tips.

For the game to run smoothly and become the perfect ice breaker, the host must track the reaction of the audience as well as the contestant couple.

If the audience is drifting away or losing interest, look for the “spicy” questions to grab their attention again! 

And of course, the judge should avoid any scenario that makes the bride and groom feel uncomfortable. So, they must stick to the established questions and make sure the couple approves of them.

Also, to make things more interesting, you can throw in a few penalties for the wrong answers! Like shots or fun dares.

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