35 Very Best Wedding Games and Activities

35 Very Best Wedding Games and Activities

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion where the love between you and your partner is celebrated among family and friends alike. There are so many layers to wedding planning to ensure sure the big day goes off without a hitch. Between securing the perfect venue, coordinating a fantastic menu with the caterer, and finding your dream dress – weddings can be a bit overwhelming. But everyone knows that the wedding reception is where all the real fun happens! Let us help melt the stress away with these 35 wedding games and activities that will surely keep the party going long after exchanging “I Do’s”.


Outdoor Wedding Reception Games

Having an outdoor wedding reception is a nice way to give guests a change of scenery while enjoying the nice weather during warmer months. If you want to take the party outside, give these outdoor games a go!


1. Ring Toss

Weddings and rings go together like peanut butter and jelly, so having a ring toss at your wedding is a simple and appropriate activity. Simply toss the rings onto a peg (or even empty wine bottles) for a fun and fulfilling party game. Need we say more?


2. Bean Bag Toss

If rings aren’t your thing, why not try a bean bag toss? Also referred to as “Cornhole,” all you need for this lawn game are a couple of small bean bags and two properly outfitted game boards. The rules are simple: successfully toss more bean bags into the hole than your opponent.


3. Horseshoes

Another unforgettable lawn game for your outdoor reception, all players have to do is toss horseshoes onto a stake that’s in the ground. Play one-on-one or switch things up by making teams, and this will surely become a fan favorite by your guests. 


4. Croquet

There may be few other times you’ll play croquet than at a wedding, so why not give it a try? All you need is a mallet, a ball and some lawn pegs to create a dignified game that can be enjoyable for all ages.


5. Lawn Bowling

Set up some pins, give your guests a ball and watch them bowl them right down! Bowling is a great outdoor game and can be played casually or competitively. It’s a lovely addition to any wedding reception!


6. Hula Hoops

Looking for a hilarious way to watch your guests enjoy themselves? A few hula hoops are an inexpensive and enjoyable way for guests to play and unwind. Plus, seeing them wriggle around trying not to let their hoop fall to the ground sounds like the makings of an amusing reception if you ask us!


7. Mini Golf

Setting up an original wedding-themed mini golf green can be a breeze, and it’s a great way for guests to engage and relax while catching up with other guests. Just a few golf balls and some clubs will make for a relaxing game during moments of downtime at the reception.


8. Tug of War

If you really want to get down and dirty at your reception, a game of Tug of War is something to consider. All you need is a long rope and two teams…perhaps bride’s guests against the groom’s guests? Each team uses all their might to pull the rope towards their side. When the opposing team falls, the other team can celebrate their victory.

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Oversized Amusement

The old saying “bigger is better” really does ring true when it comes to keeping your wedding guests entertained. Almost any tabletop game can be recreated in a larger-than-life way to allow for more people to get involved in the action. Here are a few of our favorite oversized games that will give your reception rave reviews.


9. Jumbo Jenga

If you’re looking for the ultimate party game, Jenga just might be it! This classic block balancing act is traditionally played on a tabletop but can easily be amplified using big blocks for big fun. Players can carefully remove and restack the wooden blocks to create a solid structure. The goal of the game is to not let the tower topple over. It’s ideal for all ages and can even become a quick do-it-yourself project if you’re feeling extra confident in your woodworking skills.


10. Giant Connect Four

Guests can take turns dropping colored discs into the giant game board. To win, you must get four of the same color in a row before your opponent blocks you. This would be a great game played in pairs or in teams. And if you really want to keep kids occupied, just let them dump random discs into the game board for endless entertainment. It’s the wedding gift that keeps on giving!


11. Oversized Chess

Chess is the ultimate game of wits, and what better way to show off your smarts than with a giant backyard version of this timeless game? Not only will it be entertaining, but the oversized chess set looks pretty classy and can even serve as some sweet outdoor décor. Did someone say checkmate!?


12. Giant Checkers

This one is in the same wheelhouse as chess but with far less rules and it’s a bit more user-friendly. Two players can go head-to-head trying to take out their opponent’s checker pieces. When they have the last pieces on the board, they are the winner. This is also something that would be a great DIY project if you’re up for it!


13. Giant Dice

Take a chance and roll the giant dice to create a combination of exciting games. This can also double as a backyard game if you have the extra space.


14. Giant Dominoes

There are so many fun things you can do with dominoes, but let’s do it on a grander scale at your reception! Giant dominoes can be lined up toppled over to cause a ripple effect or they can be stacked up high. However you want to play, giant dominoes are a delightful way to keep your guests in their toes.


15. Spin The Wedding Wheel

If you have the talent (or budget) to acquire a big wheel for guests to spin, this is a great choice to keep your guests captivated. Have attendees come up and spin the wheel for a chance to bestow funny challenges on the bride and groom…and each other. You won’t be disappointed!


16. Tic-Tac-Toe

It really doesn’t get much easier than a simple game of tic-tac-toe and creating a big backyard version for your reception only amplifies the fun. Players take turns putting X’s and O’s onto the board, with the goal being to get three of their designated letters in a row. Adults and kids alike will love this one, making it a great choice for a wedding party game.

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Classic Wedding Activities


17. Photo Booth (With Fun Props!)

It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you’re having – a photo booth is virtually a necessity when it comes to the reception. While there isn’t a competitive aspect to this activity, guests will have a good time making funny faces and dressing up inside the photo booth. Add some funny wedding-themed props to give the photos some extra pizzazz and you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.


18. The Newlywed Game

Nothing tests a couple’s compatibility like playing a round of “The Newlywed Game” in front of a room full of people. Take turns asking the Bride and Groom relationship questions and have them right down their answers. Have them compare their answers to see if they can make a match (or not).


19. Bouquet Toss

Get ready, ladies…this one is for you! In this classic reception activity, the bride tosses her floral wedding bouquet behind her back while hopeful singles vie for a chance to catch it. As the old saying goes, the lucky girl to catch the bouquet is said to be next in line to get married. This is a must-have for every wedding reception and is always a hoot!


20. Marriage Advice Cards

Have your guests write down their best marriage advice and tips and drop them into a jar. The next day, the bride and groom will read some sweet sentiments (and some seriously funny recommendations) to make their marriage go the distance.


21. Classic Card Games

Pretend that you’re in Vegas and you’re playing Poker and trying to win big bucks. There are countless possibilities when it comes to classic card games. Blackjack, Craps, and Texas Hold Em’ are just a few ways to keep your guests gambling and having a good time. 


22. Darts

There is just something about playing darts that both relaxing and invigorating, right? Traditional pub games like darts are a wonderful way to keep your patrons entertained, and who wouldn’t want that?


23. Kids Coloring Station

Keeping little ones entertained during a wedding and reception can sometimes be a challenge – but fear not! If you have kids on your guest list, set them up with a nice coloring station at a kids-only table. All you need are some coloring books, crayons, and a few crafty things to keep them occupied. After all, what kid doesn’t love to color!?


Wedding Reception Table Games

If you want to keep guests entertained while seated, having a few wedding reception table games on hand is a great way to do it. Whether there is some down time in between cocktail hour and dinner or if you just want a better way for your table to socialize amongst one another, these games will keep everyone at ease.


24. Wedding Bingo

Put a wedding bingo card at every guest’s place setting so they will be prepared to play. The DJ will call out cheeky phrases that you may find on your card. Match five items in a row and shout “BINGO!” if you are a big winner. And what is the prize, you ask? Get creative or just play solely for bragging rights. Either way, bingo is always a good time.


25. Mad Libs

Another way to keep partygoers at their seats is to give them pre-printed mad libs sheets with funny fill-in-the-blank scenarios. Your guests will be laughing all night long while trying to concoct hilarious stories at your expense. Keep these for a silly souvenir that you can read again and again!


26. Truth Or Dare

The only thing this game requires is a willingness to let loose – and that’s exactly what you want at your reception! Wedding guests can pick from a number of pre-approved truths or dares that they have to perform in front of the whole table. The entertainment value on a good game of truth or dare is priceless!


27. Bride & Groom Trivia

Think you know everything about the bride and groom? Have your guests try their best to answer tough questions about Mr. and Mrs. Where did they first meet? Who made the first move? Who declared their love first? Trivia is a surefire way to get everyone involved in the reception festivities.


28. Charades

Have your guests act out a name or phrase while the rest of the table tries to guess what they’re trying to say. Oh yeah, there’s only one rule: no talking when it’s your turn! This inspires players to get creative, think outside the box and just enjoy themselves, and that’s just what we need at a wedding reception.

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Unique Wedding Reception Games

Every relationship is special, so why not make your wedding reception unique and different from the rest? These less common wedding reception games and activities will leave your guests buzzing about how much fun they had long after the party comes to an end!


29. Pinata

While the pinata is often appreciated at children’s birthday parties, it’s usually underutilized at weddings. We’re not sure why that is, because pinatas are so versatile, festive, and a phenomenal way to keep the party going. Simply raise the pinata, blindfold your participants and let them have a swing at it. The objective is to smash it open while everyone rushes to grab it’s contents. You can get really creative with what goes inside of your pinata. Party favors like mini adult libations, money and various knick-knacks are all solid prizes to tempt your guests with.


30. Billiards

If you have the room for a pool table, a good old fashioned billiards game is an excellent addition to any wedding reception. Guests can casually play during cocktail hour or they can have a serious game where the stakes are high. This will set your reception apart from the rest!


31. Scavenger Hunt

Have your guests scour the venue looking for clues to your wedding-themed scavenger hunt or hand out disposable cameras and have them take specific snapshots to bring them to victory. There are many ways to plan the perfect scavenger hunt, so you can make this one as customizable as your heart desires.


32. Limbo

Sure, dancing at a wedding is a rite of passage…but how many weddings have you been to that had a limbo stick? Guests will have the time of their lives trying to successfully make their way under the limbo stick without touching it or the floor. With each turn, the stick gets lower and lower to the floor, making it more difficult and more fun just how flexible they can be.


33. Beer Pong

If you want to transport back to your college days, a game of beer pong is the way to go. All you need are a few cups, a ball and some beer to make pong, also known as Beirut, a hit at your reception. This keeps the drinks flowing and the party going until the sun comes up. Haven’t played this game in a while? Better start brushing up on your skills now!


34. Dance Battle

This one may be best suited for later on in the night. When guests are feeling groovy, send them out to the dance floor for a dance-off! They can strut their stuff and show off their best moves while the bride and groom choose their champion dancer.


35. Musical Chairs

You may not have played musical chairs since you were a child, but putting an adult spin on this old favorite is a guaranteed good time. Have participants walk, dance and saunter around chairs while the music is playing and make sure they all find a chair once the tunes abruptly stop. Remove a chair with each round and watch your friends and family duke it out to be the last one sitting.


No matter when or where your wedding takes place, just know that your reception will be the talk of the town if you have these fabulous games and activities on hand. Whether your wedding is indoors, outdoors, specialty themed or traditional, this is your time to shine. Games can bring people together while keeping the party rolling along, and you will always be prepared to have a good time with these 35 reception activities. Your wedding day will be an occasion to remember for a lifetime, so enjoy every moment of it and have heaps of fun with everyone invited! 


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