35 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

35 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Tying the knot with the love of your life has to be celebrated exclusively with grandeur. It is a day to remember and all of your loved ones are going to be there on your big wedding day. All your close friends and family are going to stand by you wishing you all the best for your happy-ever-after. On your special day, there are a million things that you need to make sure are up to the standard and altogether it might just become a little too much on your plate.

When things get a little intimidating for you, you need all the support you can get from the people you’re most close to. That special person or persons will stand by you through your thick and thin and there’s no way they won’t choose to stand beside you on the biggest day of your life. Your bridesmaid is your best friend who won’t ever let you down and for that, you owe her a special proposal to ask her to be your bridesmaid. Here are some uniquely beautiful bridesmaid proposal ideas to surprise your best friend with a sweet bridesmaid proposal.


1. Silk Pajamas

Buying fancy yet extremely comfortable silk PJs for your girlfriends to appreciate their presence in your life will make them feel the closest they have been to you. Calling them over a slumber party and pulling out cute matching PJs with a proposal written on them will, sure enough, get them hyped for your big day.


2. Proposal Beaded Bracelet

Making a bracelet from scratch for your truest friend will strengthen the bond you have with them. This casual yet cute piece of jewelry will serve as a traditional friendship tie that you and your best friend have been sharing for a long time. A bracelet with a proposal message will surprise them with your hearty request and cherish the time you have spent together.


3. Luxurious Scented Candles

You can never go wrong with candles. Scented candles are a go-to especially when you are running out of ideas. Sweet-scented candles with a proposal message will prove to be a wonderful way to ask your best friend to be your bridesmaid. You can add a little touch-up to this idea by choosing a unique scent for the candle. You can choose anything from a wedding cake scent to a wedding bouquet scent. You can also add a ribbon with the color of your preference with a beautiful label.


4. Cute Hair Ties

Hair ties are a stylish gift idea that can fall well under your budget. Every girl loves cute hair ties since they go with all occasions. They’re available in several different colors and tie patterns to match with the groomsmen style. This will make it convenient to choose the ones that best match your wedding’s outlook.


5. A Drive Down The Memory Lane Video

Presenting this movie, which has already laid out your bridal party in the form of a video, is a subtle and cheeky way to ask your girl to be your bridesmaid.


6. Beautiful Hand Ribbon

DIY ideas are the better way to go when gifting your bridesmaid for proposals. Also, these are trending and very popular. Your girl will stay thrilled throughout the rolling out of the ribbon until they finally read your proposal message.


7. Hand Drawn Painting

To show your bridesmaid how much your value their presence in your life you can paint them a beautiful painting. Each girl could be presented with this beautiful painting that shows you standing on your wedding day with your bridesmaid. The paintings are ones to be kept as a treasure for years.


8. Silk Pillowcases

This pillow with a very smooth and silky texture will be a gift to remember for your bridesmaid. The cushion’s size is perfect at 16×16. This pillow can be purchased without the stuffing for stuffing it at your preference or can be purchased pre-stuffed.


9. Retro Style Sunglasses

Your beautiful wedding will hopefully be a wonderful day. On a bright sunny day of your wedding, you and your girl squad would need the perfect sunglasses for the big day. Retro sunglasses are a perfect gift for your bridesmaid. She can choose to wear them on your big day that has a customized “bridesmaid” written on it.


10. Beautiful Glasses

These stemless, polka-dotted glasses are perfect for your hour of having a good time with some good wine. These glasses can put inside the gift boxes mentioned above or can also be gifted along with a bottle of wine your bridesmaids love.


11. Wine Glasses

If you and your bridesmaid are the types of people who bond over a glass of fine wine, a beautiful wine bottle with your personalized message on it is the perfect gift. This personalized message can read both your and your bridesmaid’s name, along with a proposal message in between.


12. Makeup Bags

Makeup bags are the cutest and prettiest gifts to buy your bridesmaid. They are inexpensive and provides you with several options to choose the color and custom label from.


13. Customized Luggage Bags

If your wedding happens to be at a fancy destination, these luggage tags will surely give your bridesmaid the hint to make them stand by your side wherever you go. You can choose from a range of different tag backgrounds and different embossing foils to match them with your wedding’s décor.


14. Customized Chocolate Wrappers

If your bridesmaid has a sweet tooth, this is one gift she would love and even more so when it asks her to be a part of the wedding squad. Once you purchase the digital template, you can even print your labels at home.


15. A Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

A photo jigsaw puzzle is a beautiful proposal idea and will make your friend reminisce on a wonderful memory that was shared by you both. Once the puzzle is complete, it asks the main question.


16. Flower Bouquet

A surprising delivery of a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers can bring so much excitement. Delivered with custom notes, a flower bouquet can be arranged in different ways, crafted from beautiful blooming flowers. It is a budget-friendly option as there’s always going to be an option that will fall within your budget.


17. Mini Pinata

A fun way for a bridesmaid proposal is using a creative mini pinata to let your bridesmaid know their significance and how important they are for your wedding. The message can be customized by you, and the pinata can be filled with the candies your girl loves.


18. Wedding Gift Box

A lovely luxurious wedding gift box will set your best friend in the mood for your wedding. Carefully selected gifts will show how much you value your friendship and how much you count on them to be there by your side. Some gift ideas to include in your gift box could be nice champagne glasses, soy candles, chapsticks, bath bombs, and even a cheeky one-liner to show your appreciation towards them.


19. Makeup Gift Bag

Cotton bags are specifically made for cosmetics by a trustable brand, that is customized with each girl’s name on the outside. The main question however is printed inside, and it is visible in a beautiful font and looks very appealing. You can look into several different options for the colors and the font style you want to choose from.


20. Card Ideas

Intricate details may be very important in your life. If that is the case, these cards are a spectacular way to present the question to your bridesmaids. These cards can help you connect deeply with your future bridesmaid, as each card showcases you and your best friend’s illustration. The illustration of you two can be assumed from your skin colors along with hair colors.


21. Personalized Journal

Your question can be put forward using the front cover of this cute little journal. This journal can turn out to be your girl’s daily diary. She could even jot down her plans and ideas for your weddings. This little journal could fit in your girl’s pocket, taking your gift along wherever she goes. This little gift can be one to cherish for long after your wedding day.


22. A Wooden Frame

This gift is made using silver mirror acrylic and birch wood. One side of the gift is engraved with a lovely message and the other side of the wood is empty. This gift will surely be treasured and loved by your girls for a good time.


23. Bridesmaid T-Shirts

A pre-wedding party for you and your close best friends is a fun way to celebrate your big day. You can gift your special ones with T-shirts with a cute message imprinted on them or even a proposal for the bridesmaid.


24. Bridesmaid Necklaces

Necklaces are a wonderful and unique accessory gift for your bridesmaid. Necklaces can come in many different colors for the metal. You can even customize it with a fancy font that reads “best friend” or “bridesmaid”.


25. A Personal Spa Day

A relaxing facial with your bridesmaid can be treated by you to a calming spa day at home. You can use custom face masks using the highest quality ingredients. The cute and mod packaging will surely be loved by your girl squad. A cute card can be gifted with this to ask the big question.


26. Proposal Cards

A fancy and aesthetic-looking gilded card set will allow you to sign, seal, and deliver your bridesmaid proposal in great fashion. You can buy four different colors for the envelope, which holds an interior card that has a lovely font proposal embossed on it in beautiful gold calligraphy.


27. Pop-up Boxes

Using a pop-up box for your bridesmaid proposal gifts can be ecstatic for the one who opens it. This way of asking is definitely going to be appreciated by your friends when you ask them to be by your side at the stage.


28. Retro Cards

These modern and custom cards have a retro element to them which is a fashionable way to pop out the question to invite them to be your bridesmaid. The unique thing is that the format does not specify any gender, so it’s a great card option if you fancy having some “bridesmen” over at your wedding.


29. Proposal Necklace

Minimalistic designed yet stunning necklaces are sure to stand out at a bridal party. With different metal finishes available you can choose a chain with your customized message that reads a sassy label, you know your bridesmaid would love.


30. Handwritten Cards

Hearty hand-written cards are a must for bridesmaid proposals, no matter what you do. Use these cards to pen down the reasons why this person needs to be your bridesmaid. This heartfelt card will surely move your bridesmaid to be.


31. Essentials Gift Box

To surprise your friend with a creative collection of her favorites and the sweet proposal label is a wonderful way to ask them to be your bridesmaid. A fancy proposal gift can be ordered with a set of all the essentials for your girl to treat herself in all the luxuriousness.


32. Scratch Tickets

Little scratch tickets like these are the perfect way to ask the question. Just write a personalized message followed by covering it up with the scratch sticker and that is about it.


33. Indulging Gifts 

A box full of luxurious essentials with cute packaging is the perfect gift for your bridesmaid. You can gift it to her to show your gratitude towards her being by your side at all times, or simply as a proposal gift. It can contain fancy and scentful bath salts along with a soy wax candle that can be personalized for the bridesmaid.


34. Cute Pair of Socks

A nice comfortable pair of socks is just the recipe for a cozy day-in. A lot of companies provide customized socks with tags to be written beneath them. This is a wonderful gift idea for your bridesmaid. You can either choose this as a proposal idea or simply write the role of your bridesmaids to make them feel special.


35. Bridesmaid Giftbox 

This is an extremely fashionable and fancy way to ask your friends to officially be your bridesmaids. You can customize this box by having the name of the girl’s name on top of the box. Inside the box, there is a candle, card, lip balm, custom mirror, and a sticker that can be used for a champagne bottle.


Getting chosen as a bridesmaid is truly a remarkable moment that is full of joy. In order to make this moment more memorable for your gal pals, make sure to use some of the ideas we have mentioned above, to make them feel extra special and loved. 


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