73 Of The Very Best Math Pick Up Lines 

    73 Of The Very Best Math Pick Up Lines 

    Math Pick Up Lines? If you’re attempting to woo a maths geek, then look no further. Here is a list of 73 witty maths-related chat-up lines so that you can break the ice with a fellow nerd. Even those who are resistant to cheesy puns, won’t be able to resist these dorky math one-liners. 


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    Math Pick Up Lines for Him / Her

    1. As I only have two factors, I’m the prime candidate for you.
    2. Date me and all of your problems will be polygone 
    3. Sorry if my pick-up lines are a bit Fibbonacheesy 
    4. I just want to be linear you 
    5. I promise to be a tangentleman 
    6. You’re as cute as pi 
    7. Since you’re so good at maths, can you replace my ex?
    8. Are you an angle? Because I think you’re really acute 
    9. Are you a rectangle? Because you have all the right angles 
    10. I think meeting you is a sine 
    11. How can I know all the digits of pi and not your number? 
    12. You derive me crazy 
    13. Since you like addition, you should add me to your contacts. 
    14. I don’t care about maths, but I care about your number. 
    15. If I had you, it would solve all my problems 
    16. Let’s not be like parallel lines and meet as soon as possible. 
    17. I’m like pi because I can’t be rational around you. 
    18. As a statistician, I can see me having a significant effect on you. 
    19. Can you help me solve for x where x= your number? 
    20. What is the sum of you + me? 
    21. You’re the numerator and I’m the denominator –  when I’m with you, I’m reduced to my simplest form.

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    Intelligent Math Pick Up Lines

    math pickup lines

    Math Pick Up Lines for Nerds

    1. Are you 1/cos (c)? Because I think you’re really sec (c)
    2. I’m a 30-60-90 triangle and you’re a 40-40-90 triangle – we’re just right for each other. 
    3. We’re like co-ordinates on an axis – we fit right together. 
    4. Are you p>0.5, because I’d never reject you 
    5. Would you like to be the variable to my co-efficient? 
    6. My love for you is true for all values of the variable – unconditional. 
    7. Are you pi/2? Because you’re the one 
    8. Are you a plane curve? Because you’re my parabo-lass
    9. Are you the square root of minus 1? Because you’re unreal. 
    10. Not dating me would be like the square root of minus 2 – irrational.


    Dirty Math Jokes 

    1. I want to see you hypotenude 
    2. Come back with me and take off your algebra 
    3. I want to have you on my mathemattress 
    4. I feel a great deal of calculust towards you 
    5. Are you f(x) = x(3)? Because I love your curves 
    6. After a night with me you’ll be wrecked angle. 
    7. If I tell you you’re hot, will you think I’m an isososleaze? 
    8. Let’s go back to mine and minus your clothes 
    9. Can you send some quadrick pics? 
    10. Want to see my tangenitals? 
    11. I want to be in between your parallegs 
    12. I would love to divide your legs so we could multiply 
    13. As a mathematician, I can say you have a significant figure. 
    14. I love your Fourear 
    15. You have a great Pythagorass 
    16. Are you the number 9? Because I’m meant to eat 3 squared meals a day 
    17. You must be multiplying out my brackets because you’re making me expand.
    18. If I was your graphics calculator, I’d stare at your curves.
    19. When we get home, let’s make our slopes zero. 
    20. Are you a scale factor? Because you’re creating an enlargement. 
    21. Let’s converge and take each other to the limit 
    22. I’m a numerator because I like to be on top

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    Math Compliments 

    1. You look acute from every angle 
    2. Are you a circle? Because you’re a 360 degree hottie 
    3. I hope I measure up because you rule. 
    4. Are you the sum of your divisions? Because you’re perfect 
    5. Are you half of 20? Because you’re a perfect 10. 
    6. You have a compact set 
    7. My attraction to you has grown exponentially


    Things Getting Serious? 

    1. Do you want to cosine on a mortgage with me?
    2. I secant live without you. 
    3. If we were binary, you’d be the one for me. 
    4. I’m an abacus – you can count on me 
    5. I’m a fraction – be my other half. 
    6. Without you, I’d disintegrate. 
    7. Life without you would be like an obtuse triangle – not right. 
    8. Let’s be like a fractal and last forever. 
    9. Without you, I’m as empty as a null set.
    10. I less than 3 you. 
    11. We intersect perfectly 
    12. You’re proof love exists. That’s a given. 
    13. My love for you is like an infinite line, it has no endpoint. 
    14. I will never substitute you 
    15. My love is like an infinity complex – never-ending. 

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