73 Very Best Minecraft Pick Up Lines

    73 Very Best Minecraft Pick Up Lines

    Ever thought of how to make gaming fun? Whether you want to make the game hot or share your feelings with your crush, here are the best pick-up lines you can use in Minecraft.


    Funny Minecraft Pick Up lines 

    1. Wanna have some light? Take some to greet the monsters!
    2. Oh, you gave me a bone. Are you a skeleton?
    3. It looks like you are out of this world. So let me guess, are you from the Nether?
    4. Why are you chasing me? Are you a creeper?
    5. I’m getting wood. You must be a tree farm!
    6. If you are good in the Minecraft world, I need your seed!
    7. Irritating slimes? So, where are your slimeballs?
    8. I’ll be your zombie and eat you out.
    9. I’m waiting for too long, are you ice?
    10. So thin… Like a skeleton.
    11. Are you a TNT? I’m gonna explode!
    12. It’s so hot here, are we in the Nether?
    13. Tired of waiting. You must be ice.
    14. Do you need some crops? Sorry, no Minecraft bonemeal here.
    15. I’m growing! Thank you, my bonemeal.

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    Cute Minecraft Pick Up lines 

    1. You are so cute! Wanna be my Steve?
    2. Do you want to play Minecraft with me? I’ll do the digging for you.
    3. Be my Minecraft wolf, and I’ll give you my bone.
    4. You are so unique; are you a diamond?
    5. Feel like sand because of falling for you.
    6. Be my Enderman and take me away.
    7. Do you want me to tame you? Then be my Minecraft dog.
    8. Oh, you look so sweet! Are you from the sugarcane?
    9. Stop lighting me on fire! I feel like a zombie under the sun.
    10. How about breeding together?
    11. My creeper is to explode because of you!
    12. It’s hard to find you. Are you a diamond ore?
    13. Your heart is my favorite diamond.
    14. Let me be your Enderman, and you’ll be my pumpkin. 
    15. My pickaxe is so happy! Are you a diamond ore?

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    Sexy Minecraft Pick Up lines 

    1. Hey, if you want to mine me, I’ll be your Minecraft ore.
    2. Do you wanna put your Minecraft bed next to me?
    3. Where’s my bucket of water? You are too hot!
    4. Come to my dirt house; I want to get dirty with you. 
    5. I’m ready to be your horse so that you’ll ride me forever.
    6. Oh, you have a saddle? Let me be your pig!
    7. Can you touch my fuel rod?
    8. You must be a lever; I’m turned on!
    9. I can dig you without a shovel.
    10. I want to be your pig. Can you ride me?
    11. My Sapling’s growing when I see you!
    12. Please dig me; I’ll be your block of dirt.
    13. I’m being hooked! Are you good at fishing, huh?
    14. Do you know why my piston keeps growing? I think you’re a redstone torch.
    15. I want to be your pressure torch to turn you on.


    Romantic Minecraft Pick Up Lines 

    1. I think I’m a creeper because you make me explode over you!
    2. Good at building in Minecraft? Let’s then build a relationship.
    3. Let me be your sun, and you’ll be my zombie. 
    4. Do you want me to make your bed-rock? I’ll be your professional miner. 
    5. Wanna eat my cake, sweetie?
    6. I know why Herobrine lost his eyes. He must be looking for you.
    7. My heart is full. Are you a health potion?
    8. Let’s find our biome.
    9. Do you want to enter the love mode with me?
    10. Let me be your torch. I want to light up your world.
    11. Want me to beat your wood for you?
    12. You’ve spelled me! Are you a Witch?
    13. Wanna explore the territory together?
    14. I feel hacked by you!
    15. You remind me of the dragon egg because you are unique.

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    Flirting Minecraft Pick Up Lines 

    1. 512×512 is a perfect texture pack. Perfect like you.
    2. I need a JourneyMap because you make me lost.
    3. I want to look at you as if I’m looking at the Enderman.
    4. I’m falling for you, my gravel!
    5. Everything is lagging. Is that you smiling?
    6. My world has lightened up! You are a true glowstone baby.
    7. Like golden apples? Come over to my home.
    8. Would you like to tame me?
    9. Do you know what you have in common with a pressure plate? You turn me on!
    10. Wanna change the spawn location? My house is the solution.
    11. My diamonds are precious as you.
    12. Feeling like sand because you make me fall for you.
    13. Wanna be my ore so that I’d dig you?
    14. Have some rest; I’ll do the digging.
    15. Be my chest; I have something to put in you.

    With these pick-up lines, you’ll never feel bored!

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