The 50 Very Best Minecraft Jokes

The 50 Very Best Minecraft Jokes

Minecraft isn’t just a game; it’s a whole world. Everyone plays it: adults, teenagers, and kids. The reason it’s so attractive is that it allows you to express your imagination. Additionally, you can develop such skills as resource management, problem-solving, and even geometry. Apart from that, it’s an excellent game to find new friends and share jokes.


Here are some of the best Minecraft Jokes you can share with:


1) What’s in common between ocelots and crisps? You have them more than once.

2) That was the weirdest party I’ve ever gone to – the Creeper’s party.

3) Do you know who likes eating sssssalad? Creeper!

4) I want to study at witch school. Why? To study spelling!

5) Steve’s going to a club, and the security guard says, “Sorry, miners are not allowed here.”

6) Zombies are good at Minecraft because they have a true dead-ication.

7) I know what’s a witch’s favorite make-up; it’s ma-scare-a.

8) “Nice to eat you,” said the zombie to the villager.

9) Do you want to go to the block party? Yes, it’s a Minecraft celebration.

10) As a Minecraft fan, I listen to Bedrock’n’roll.

11) Do you know what the trom-bone is? It’s the skeleton’s favorite instrument! 

12) Have you noticed that the Ender Dragon starts to read at the end? That’s why he can’t read a book.

13) It’s hard to score against a basketball player who plays Minecraft. He’s always blocking. 

14) The Minecraft movie’s going out. Do you know why? It’s a blockbuster.

15) I was at the Creepers-only party, and it was a bast! 

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16) A Ghast’s favorite country is definitely the Nether-lands.

17) It’s ten after one. The time when ten ocelots chase a Creeper.

18) The Enderman doesn’t need to wait for the green traffic light. He can teleport to the other side of the street. 

19) Stampy has a fence around his love garden, and I’m dying to get in!

20) The sailor needs oars, and that’s why there are holds and iron in his boats.

21) The skeleton couldn’t cross the road. Do you know why? He doesn’t have guts. 

22) Who’s on the other sssssssside of the street? Creeper!

23) Who likes boxing? Steve!

24) I know how Steve measures his booth size – in square feet.

25) Villagers stay fit because they jog around the block.

26) Look! The skeleton is running because an ocelot is chasing him!

27) This skeleton does nothing. He’s a lazy bone!

28) Here’s why the miner couldn’t get to his diamond – something blocked his way.

29) What o you say to a skeleton who’s going to eat? Bone appetite.

30) Do you know who sleeps on bedrocks? Miners.

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31) Who uses scare spray on their hair? Witches.

32) If you tickle the skeleton’s funny bone, you’ll make him laugh.

33) Do you know who uses BOOM-a-range? Australian Creepers.

34) Who plays trom-bones? Right, skeletons.  

35) If you’re a true Minecraft player, you use Sunblock to avoid getting sunburn.

36) Guess who orders spare ribs at the restaurant. Skeletons!

37) The Minecraft music band would be called ‘New Kids on the Block.’ 

38) Why everyone dies in the bar? Because a creeper walks in.

39) Do you know who a ham-burglar is? It’s a Zombie Pigman who steals your sword.

40) What are you going to do at the weekend? I’ll go to square dances.

41) What I’ve learned from Minecraft is that I shouldn’t spend diamonds on hoes.

42) Wanna Cornered Beef? You’ll get it from Minecraft cows.

43) The skeleton has no body to dance with, so he doesn’t go to the prom. 

44) If you want to be in a community, you gotta play Ourcraft, not Minecraft.

45) Why there’s no Minecraft movie? Because its actors are blockfaced!

46) Who said, “I dig you”? Alex to Steve, for sure.

47) How to kill skeletons? Use their bones and arrows!

48) How wood I know the way Steve chops trees down with his bare fists?

49) What’s the only thing you can grow in Minecraft? Grow cubic hair.

50) Guess Creeper’s favorite subject. HiSSSSStory.


Minecraft is a fun and functional game. If you want to relax and enjoy it with your friends, you can use these Minecraft jokes to create a more positive atmosphere. 😉