165+ Funny Names


Quarantine’s a drag, but humor doesn’t end at home! Get creative, roleplay, or prank your friends (or even strangers, we won’t judge 😉 )  with this list of over 165 funny dirty names. Keep your browser on private, because this list is full of comedy that you maybe wouldn’t want to show your coworkers, but have fun with it! These jokes cover a variety of humorous slang words for any situation. Some are mild, some are spicier than a ghost pepper, so there’s a little something for everyone out there. Dive in and enjoy!


Dirty Funny Names

Alotto Dix

Sookma Cok

Blum P. Jones

Phil Lashio

Finn Gurrer

Anne Al

Jee Spotte

Puce C.

Slou Paece

Finn Ischer

Blou Swell

Dick Harrington

Aura G.

Mila Cummis

Dicky Wrinkler

Faboie Jones

Lah Bhido

Rea Bound

Sida Chicc

Dopple Banger

Sass Crotche

Mashtur Bates

Bee Desum

Connie Lingus

BJ Master

Phell Chieng

Durtie Sanchez

Wan Curr

Thea Bagging 

Glory Hole

Pearl Necklass

Kunt Likker

Rusty Trombone

Tits Palmer

Walter Wanker

Jim Jizz

Sam Wad

Bobby Blast

Randy Lam

Artie Incell

Sarah Poon

Jenny McCarthy

Tammy Sketel

Sally Manizer

Puck Bunney

Jammie Cougar

Jason Crabbs 

Gerald Crotch

Arme Candee

Susan Glen

Erica Stunner

Lolita Luvver

Janice Roshambo

Tom Scronge

Broner Chub

Sally Stiphie

James Wood

Pude Wacker

Sandra Smut

Jeff Lude

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Substance-related Funny Names

Mary Jane Smoux

Byrd Jones

Byrone Smith

Billie Hoke

Candy Micheals

Bill Blass

Scotty Takker

Gina Gooper

Jojee Hero

Vikes Watsons

Alice B. Toklas

Bernie Bushes

Beecy Budd

Juan Valdez

Jane Smouka

Adam Doerr

Molly Ames

Henri Chavalones

Alice Shroomer

Peter Pann

Zannies Jonas

Christy Klear

Tina Turner

Misty Gurl

Shabu Pantalones

Montura Rae

Bart Simpson

Janie Keller

Hercules Culler

Patty Mud

Marg Larg

Cootie Brown

Pabtsmir Svanski

Takil Yau

Johnnie Gump

Annie Dutchie

MJ Harris

Cali Marks

May Belushi

Whitney Snourter

Jane Snow

Addison Juonkey

Chad Stogie

Agnes Bummage

Frau Joe

Fiel Grounders

Jackie Jigs

Daniel Doger

Pam Puffer

MacGyver Mux

Fora Twantie

Olive Oxshe

Jonah Ampt

Blune Ted

Roy Derage



Maya Taint

Lee Buttox

Dean Gulberry

Kleanne Fagina

Rhea Rhend

Nip Pulle

Hue Tea-i

Alotta Fagina

Arsema Wholl

Gary B. Hind

Bum Smith

Tush Johnson

Caba Osse

Fanny Turner

Boubble Butte

Bustie Barnes

Amy Rack

Charlie Sangels

Unda Boub

Lisa Stacked

Kahuna Loaded

Pokie Bitts

John Thomas

Bobbie Dong

Deez Nuttes

Gonad Jones

Peter Skeeter

Aliver Wood

Johnny Boner

Tate Painter

Mr. Winky

Richard Mipple

Paul Mussy

Patrick Dangler

Babba Lon

Bea Sting

Sam Tata

Jack Zubra

Paula Putang 

Karl Kuder

Marcus Mangina

Vaja Jay

Cherry Bombe

Cookie Chonch

Suky Nookie

Suzie Tang

Burt Banus

Garret Grundel

Bridget Biffins 

Charles Chode

Geraldine Gooch

Miles Vart 

Katelyn Kwif

Bartholomew BuDissy

Rufus Roofie

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