120 Group Chat Names

If you use social media a lot, then the chances are you’re probably in a few group chats. Whether it’s the people you like to make plans with, a place to chat with your extended friend group, or just somewhere for your Mum to share her holiday snaps, you’re going to need a cool, memorable group chat name.

But what should you do if can’t think of anything? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with this list of clever, funny, original and the best group chat names that you’re friends and family are sure to love!


Group Chat Names To Make You Laugh

A series of Unfortunate messages

The United States of Comedy

I drink therefore I am

Anti-social Distancing

I heard it through the Group Vine

James Banter’s Group Chat Royal

Team Anxiety

Châteaux Chat

BLT: Banter, Laughs, and Trauma

No Phonies

Chill Pill Pals

How did I get here and where’s the exit?

Snack Chat



Icecream Addicts

Insomnia Central


The Empire Strikes Chat

The Introvert Society

Take a chance on Memes

All Night Nutters

Phoner Loners

The Freak Cleek

The Popped Corns

Downtown Banterville

Crocodile Snaps

Dork Talk

Lord of the Memes

What a load of chat?


Cats, Dogs, and Rock & Roll

Jokus Pocus

Joke Central

Mum says I should Socialize

The Comic Kings

Meme Bank


Squid Goals


Uni-corny Jokes

Mute Central

WhatsApp with you?

Group Therapy

All talk and no memes make this a dull chat

Wish you were beer

Snaps Education

The Joy of Snaps

Snapocalypse Now

Holy Chatteroni

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Group Chat Names For All Occasions

Beer Buddies

The Chat with no name

All about dat Chat

The Secret Society

Monkey Talk

The Crazy Crew

The Church of Cheer

The Cinnamon Rolls

Club Llama

Love, hate, pizza

We’re Owl Crazy Here


The Vagabonds

Picture Perfect

Too Cool to Fool

The Inside Outers

Giggle Galley

Spare Parts

Walky Talky Chat

The Goonie Loonies

Snappy Dressers

Late Night Lads

Gamer Guys

Magic Mates

The Sneaky Six

Snap Stonks

Low-key Loki Fans


The Real Eels

Whole Lotta Laughs


The Meaning of Laugh

Chuckle City


Clowning Around

Medicinal Coffee

We don’t Avacado

The Spooky Kooks

Wine and Whine and Dine

The Comedy Club


Group Chat Names for all the Girls

The Girly Gang

Miles of Style

The Crazy Cat Ladies

Classy Babes

Mean Queenz

The Supergirls

Flaunt it!

Dancing Queens

Back-up Valentine Crew

Boyfriend Approval Committee

Classified Gossip

Let Your Man-go

The Hufflepuff Girls

Feminine Fancies

Cocktail Crew

Brides-maid in heaven

Guacamole Girls

Witty Kitties

Lucky Ladies

The Glorious Gals

Home-town Gals

Beautiful Beaches

Uptown Girls

Keep Calm and look Fabulous

All Made-up

The Club Squad

Femme Fatales

Girls Just Wanna have Puns!

Spilling That Tea

Rom-com Club


Funny Group Chat Names for Family

Politics-free Zone

Family Misfortune

The Group Chat of Relativity

O Brother, why art thou messaging me?

The Royals

The Brothers Grumpy

The Crude Brood

Banta’ Bros

The Famdalorian

Relate-able Memes

Kickass Kids

Style Sisters

Famtastic Chat

Sibling Society

Badass Brothers

Sisters are Doin’ it for themselves

[Your surname] Family Museum

Blood Brothers

Vin Diesel’s Family Fest

Dad’s Army

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Group Chat Names For you and your Friends

The Band

The Breakthrough Crew

My Sherlock Homies

Friends to the End

The Breakfast Club

The Just-us League

Community Support

The Brain Train

The Old-school Gang

Real-life imaginary friends

The Fameless Five

The Council of Friendship

No Group for Old Men

Lazy Lads

Homework Homies

The Dream Team

Mates Made in Heaven

Late Night Lads

The Loony Goonies

Potato Pals


Group Chat Names for when Friends come in Threes

The Fearsome Three

The Good, the bad, and the best


The Mate-rix trilogy

Timeout Trio

Three Wise Men

Beastly Three

And then there were Three

Triad Supreme

The Free-time Three

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