64 Khajiit Names

64 Khajiit Names

Do you enjoy playing Elder Scrolls games? Then you definitely acknowledge the word “Khajiit”. But if you don’t, you should know that Khaiit is a fictional race of fantasy creatures that look pretty much like cats. Khajiit is one of the most popular races other than humans and beasts in the game. But it’s not as simple as that.

In fact, Elder Scrolls fandom created a whole universe of various Khajiit heroes who are widely recognized as exceptional thieves and warriors. That’s why people always try to choose creative names for their characters and stand out. 

So, if you want to fascinate other players and create memorable names for your Khajiit, you’re at the right place! Keep on reading because you’re about to find out more than 60 different female and male Khajiit names and surnames and we will also explain their meaning along the way! But first, let’s discover how to give Khajiits a proper name.


How to Correctly Name a Khajiit

Before you choose your favorite name from our list, you should know how to give your Khajiit a suitable name. Names determine a lot in the universe of Elder Scrolls. Names describe the skills or talents of the characters. It’s better if you name them using honorifics. 

But what are Khajiits’ honorifics?

The honorific is a prefix before Khajiit’s name which demonstrates the respect or honor of this particular Khajiit. It’s important for determining the position of your character in society. Since the entire fandom is well-aware of honorifics, you should try to avoid using mistaken honorifics. You may feel confused now but in fact, it’s nothing difficult or complicated. Just remember the following: 

  • Mostly, honorifics are gender-specific, meaning that male and female Khajiit have different kinds of names.
  • Prefixes and suffixes signify your Khajiit’s personality characteristics or their place in the culture. Most times, the names are accompanied by either a prefix or a suffix.
  • If a name has both a prefix and a suffix, it means that they’re important figures and have a more valuable place in the culture.
  • The prefix is usually allocated from the name by a hyphen or an apostrophe.


60+ Khajiit Names with its Meanings

Now as you already know some rules of creating a name for your Khajiit, you can take a look at the list of 60+ Khajiit names, find out what they mean, and choose the most suitable one for your character according to their personality and place in the culture. 

Female Khajiit Names

Kiheh – it’s a Hawaiian name that means “cloak, blanket, or cape”. It has a warm association because in Hawaii it’s a lightweight blanket that children used to take to bed to sleep.


Khanita – the name has Arabic origins and means “a flower from heaven”. In Korea, it’s associated with obedience while in the Philippines it means “a sister”.


Rijjan – the name is related to Indian culture and describes future possibilities, kindness, and sparkles in the eyes.


Nasrin – it’s a very feminine name, suitable for characters with a strong personality. The exact meaning of Nasrin is “a wild rose” or “a blue scented rose”.


Ohama – Ohama or Ohemaa is a royal name in Ghana. Many princesses and queens are given this name as it means “my name means queen”.


Faiha – this name carries a very positive connotation as it’s translated as “sweet smell from heaven”.


Elashima – Elashima is a Khajiit girl who’s an expert in her own field and easily adapts to new situations. Khajiit with this name look mysterious and are in constant search of happiness.


Sotima – a perfect name for a female Khajiit who has a sweet, loving personality and appreciates kindness around her.


Zahana – the name has a French origin and means “beautiful”. A very feminine name for young and stunning Khajiit girls.


Naahin – Khajiit with this name tend to be adventurous, risk-taking females. They enjoy leading the team and putting their will ahead of everyone.


Khariba – a female name of African origin, meaning “where the waters have been trapped”.


Mojja – Khajiit of this name are very mild and gentle females. They tend to resolve issues without complicating things.


Rinita – it’s a name of Hindu origin that means a “gift of God”. Khajiit of this name are born to be lucky.


Shatima – a beautiful name of female Khajiit of easy-going nature. Khajiit girls with this name stand out with their warm and loving personalities.


Sotima – it’s a rare female Khajiit name which means “bought baby”. Khajiit of this name care for their families and loved ones.


Taraya – it’s a name of Indian descent which means “stars”. Khajiit girls with this name tend to be lucky, trying to follow their path wherever it takes them.


Azijjan – it’s a name for sociable Khajiit girls, who adore interacting with people and getting acquainted with strangers. They enjoy taking part in new challenges as well.


Fafeliz – Khajiit of this name put their interests ahead of everything. They try hard to achieve their goals.


Mosrin – it’s a name for those female Khajiit who stand out with their brave nature. They are strong females with an optimistic hope for the future.


Zahrazad – female Khajiit of these names are affectionate and authentic. They have a unique point of view of the world.


Afeliz – Khajiit that are named Afeliz are destined to fight against evil. They are intuitive and can predict the possible danger.


Atima – Khajiit with the beautiful name Atima are admired by everyone around them. They can easily attract even their enemies.


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Male Khajiit Names

Nair – a name of Hindi origin of a warrior Khajiit, meaning strong, powerful, gifting, and loving.


Mojir – a name of Arabic origin, suitable for hopeless romantic male Khajiit.


Akh’noud – “Noud” is a Dutch name that is associated with following the rules, “akh” is a prefix for male Khajiit names.


Amtabe – Amtabe or Amitabh means “immeasurable splendor” in Sanskrit.


Amder – a stunning name for Khajiit males, describing a rational way of thinking.


Sinbil – a luxurious name for respectful Khajiit males.


Zan’bar – “Zan” is a name of English origin, meaning the “gift”, while “bar” is a common suffix for Khajiit male names.


Mohamnoud – a popular name of Islamic origin, associated with honor and desire.


Omtaba – A Hawaiian name for talented Khajiit males who are keen on either sport or music.


Nataba – a perfect name for social Khajiit, who are considered great companions.


K’arr – a name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “from the swampy place”.


Helnar – Khajiit with this name are rational thinkers, they are diligent and dependable.


Dar’har – Khajiit boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pearl”.


Jotdar – a perfect name for explorers, meaning “searching ends when sharing starts”.


Urjdumiwa – Khajiit boys’ name of Turkish origin, associated with moonlight.


Amdul  – a name of Arabic origin, comes from “Abdul” which means “servant”.


Sinnoud – “noud” is a common suffix for male Khajiit names, the name originates from the word “sin”.


Sinnir – Khajiit name of Chinese origin, a variation of Sinnoud with the suffix “ir”.


Omar  a popular name of Persian origin, meaning “ flourishing, long-lived”.


Ab’ar  a Spanish topographic name, meaning “son of Arphaxad and grandson of Shem”.


Omder – a Khajiit name with the suffix “der”, originates from an Arabic baby name meaning “the first son”.


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Khajiit Surnames

Raioni – a title for Khajiit, translating as “region” in Georgian.


Sioni – a surname of Jewish origin, meaning “pure” or “gracious”.


Romanni – a surname for Nomadic people, known as Gypsies.


Jastae – a surname of Persian origin, meaning “ugliness”.


Solbus – Khajiit title, associated with luxury and happiness.


Sistae – originates from the Latin word “sister”, meaning “sincere”.


Hammudavi – Davi is a boy’s name meaning “beloved”, and “hammu” is a prefix for male Khajiit names.


Astae – a title for talented and open-minded Khajiit families.


Raivandi – “rai” means “trust” or “thunder” in Japanese, and “vandi” is a suffix for Khajiit names.


Khaspoor – “spoor” is a metonymic occupational name of Dutch origin; “kha” is a common prefix for Khajiit.


Zatani – means “achiever, peacemaker, more attractive.”


Sihir  a surname of Indonesian descent, meaning “friendly, great mankind, charismatic”.


Romanni – “ro” means “red-haired” in Anglo-Saxon culture, “manni” is a Khajiit suffix.


Kistae – this surname of Spanish origin is associated with knowledge.


Baramanni – a surname of Arabic origin, meaning “innocence” or “creative”.


Satani  “tani” means “make famous” in Spanish, “sa” is a Khajiiit prefix.


Raitani – a similar name to Raivandi, “rai” means “trust” or “thunder” in Japanese.


Kidavi – a Khajiit surname with Hebrew roots, meaning “father”.


Tavakdavi – “tavak” is a Khajiit prefix and “davi” means “beloved”.


Kirabi – “Rabi” is a surname of Arabic origin, meaning “springtime”, “ki” is a Khajiit prefix.


Atani – a surname of African origin, meaning ‘bell”. 


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