90 Very Best Paladin Names For Online Character

90 Very Best Paladin Names For Online Character

Historically, a Paladin was a Knight In the fourteenth century who was always available to aid and assist everyone, especially in a battle environment. The name ‘Paladin’ translates to ‘Warrior’. So if you’re looking for your personalised Paladin name then look no further, we’ve got you covered. (Just like a Paladin would!)


Paladin Name Choice

If you are looking for a Paladin names for your Online character in your favourite Online or Offline battle game, think about how you want to strike fear into the hearts of your enemy, make them trust you, trick them into thinking you’re a soft target or impress the hell outta them with your Paladin name before you’ve even taken a step towards the battlefield. Take a look at the comprehensive list of our favourite Paladin names. This is the ONLY collection of Paladin names you’ll ever need!

Choose your Paladin name and go forth and… BATTLE!


Name: Andagard

Meaning: (Dutch origin). The master of hand to hand to battle.


Name: Acabar

Meaning: Hotheaded and angry. Liable to explode at any moment with rage.


Name: Adante

Meaning: Assassin.


Name: Ariadne

Meaning: Alchemist of the water.


Name: Apolinus

Meaning: Guardian of the King.


Name: Venger

Meaning: Mercenary of the Gods.


Name: Bacchus

Meaning: Takes great joy from death at sea.


Name: Borf

Meaning: Teller of secrets. (Patron Saint of double dealers and Spies)


Name: Blaggard

Meaning: Drunkard of the mountains.


Name: Brianna Of The Fall

Meaning: Goddess of Autumnal quests and the woodlands.


Name: Billinguard Farreach

Meaning: God’s spokesperson. (The power of speaking in tongues)


Name: L’Ascotia

Meaning: (French/Prussian) Builder of mighty towers.


Name: Spearcaster

Meaning: Master of weaponry (spear construction especially.)


Name: Firestorm

Meaning: Alchemist of Arson.


Name: Szalai

Meaning: (Hungarian) Speaks to animals.


Name: Goodfellow

Meaning: God’s Wordsmith.


Name: Goodtime

Meaning: Bringer of wine, food and mischief.


Name: Omen

Meaning: Dreamer of bad dreams and dramas.


Name: Sabre

Meaning: A swordsmith and merchant of great esteem but shady practises


Name: Enigma

Meaning: The unknown. The difficult.


Name: Habblepower

Meaning: Has the power of ‘Habble’ – The power of an ancient game of daring the devil to do good through trickery.


Name: Diante

Meaning: The patron Saint of Revolutionaries and Winemakers.


Name: Nightbreaker

Meaning: Bringer of the night.


Name: D’Martyn

Meaning: Olde Ukranian/French. From the Latin Martinus, “Warrior of Mars”.


Name: Rodrigues

Meaning: (Spanish/South India) ‘When in doubt, Kill with no mercy’.


Name: Duskbreaker

Meaning: Bell ringer that alerts the village/town to the death of an elder.


Name: Faraline

Meaning: Mapmaker to the Royal family.


Name: Elderqueen

Meaning: The Queen Mother’s aide and assistant for life.


Name: Grayscar

Meaning: Family from the North of the mountains. Covered in scars. (grey)


Name: Bollo

Meaning: (Spanish) From Lacabollo. Keeper of the stringed weapons.


Name: Castaguard

Meaning: (Latin) Watcher of the coastline and avenging angel of pirates and vagabonds.


Name: Haresign

Meaning: (English version – Harrison) French meaning – Keeper of the poisons.


Name: Pylon

Meaning: Sorcerer of the blue power.


Name: Starborn

Meaning: Child of the stars. Believer of lies and false prophets.


Name: Battleborn

Meaning: Born to fight. Nightmare of market traders and war wagers.


Name: Foul

Meaning: The God’s unwashed and unwanted.


Name: Thornwise

Meaning: Nature’s child. Expert on mushrooms, trees and bushes. Expert poisoner.


Name: Fenceguard

Meaning: Keeper of the boundary between countries.


Name: Avarice

Meaning: (French/Latin) Greed for wealth and riches.


Name: Mountainrunner

Meaning: Messenger between distant villages. Runner of the hills and mountains.


Name: Hokard

Meaning: Heart of the army. (Dutch/German) Love of warfare.


Name: Brutus

Meaning: Bringer of pain and torture.


Name: Deatherly

Meaning: A gentle death.


Name: Coriantha

Meaning: Mistress of espionage.


Name: Avelane

Meaning: Natural route finder.


Name: Hella-Lumis

Meaning: The power of light. Imaginative one, Bringer of truth.


Name: Mornshield

Meaning: Knight of the morning watch.


Name: Inigo-Holy

Meaning: High priest of the Ingot bank of Olympus.


Name: Ibris

Meaning: One without doubt or modesty.


Name: Firequest

Meaning: Bringer of fire. Alchemist of Sulphur.


Name: Ishrell

Meaning: ‘God’s seeker of truth’. The untouched one.


Name: Seeker

Meaning: Forever wanting glory through battle.


Name: Firefly

Meaning: Lightning bringer. Power of controlling the skies.


Name: Justice-Ranger

Meaning: ‘One that travels to dispense and avenge injustices’. The Angel of time.


Name: Mountsetter

Meaning: Patron saint of mountain people and travellers.


Name: La Muerte

Meaning: (Spanish) The Death’ – Harbinger of death to all. Complete and total bringer of The End Game!


Name: Gatekeeper

Meaning: The one that decides. The power of life or death.


Name: Spinebreaker

Meaning: The taker of courage, fortitude and strength.


Name: Killswitch

Meaning: Suicidal barbarian. (English/Latin – The one who breaks and destroys)


Name: Kai-Cherryboom

Meaning: (Japanese/Dutch) Supernatural bringer of explosions from the sky.


Name: Sunsquare

Meaning: Destroyer of enemies through magnified light from the sun.


Name: Proudmouth

Meaning: Speaker of two truths. Reconnaissance agent of the underworld.


Name: Kitty-Slay

Meaning: Provocateur and Spy for the Good.


Name: Torchlight

Meaning: Seer through lies and subterfuge. ‘The light of truth shines and lights the way.’


Name: Launcelot

Meaning: The Golden One. ‘Honourable but Untrustworthy at the same time’.


Name: Lin-Linguard

Meaning: (Chinese/Old English) Goddess of the Sun Place. ‘The power of death from the Sun.’


Name: Heartstop

Meaning: ‘Biological weapon’. ‘The Control of Blood, Arteries and Ventricles.’


Name: Nightshade

Meaning: ‘One who knows the poisons of the forests’ Pharmacological Genius.


Name: Firedraw

Meaning: ‘The ability to transmit their own image’. They draw fire from the enemy with an astral projection.


Name: Highkind

Meaning: The innocent one. Friend to all and enemy to none until pushed. Then, the world ending enemy of all.


Name: Deforce

Meaning: One man army. Will storm a battlefield and kill everything.


Name: Spiritbinder

Meaning: The one who calls the Angels and Demons. Dark magic and The Power of Good mixed together.


Name: Charmer

Meaning: The ability to distract anyone for a short while.


Name: Deathspire

Meaning: Bringing victims to their death through lies and subterfuge.


Name: Nightfall

Meaning: Bringer of blindness and ignorance.


Name: Humble

Meaning: Expert in all forms of warfare but never tells, just shows.


Name: Feathergod

Meaning: Controller of the animals of the sky.


Name: Shieldspell

Meaning: Builder of magical defence weapons.


Name: Breakspear

Meaning: Mental strength and agility to outfox and ouplan the enemies next strategic move.


Name: Harmsway

Meaning: Angel of good. Saviour to the battlefield wounded.


Name: Swordsmith

Meaning: Expert in the use of weaponry.


Name: Kingmaker

Meaning: Allegiant to the power but looking for total and complete control.


Name: Vandermouth

Meaning: (Dutch origin) One who speaks bravely after drinking alcohol. Also known as ‘Drunkmouth’ (UK English Variant)


Name: Feelgood

Meaning: Make the troops feel brave. A master of making the sacrificial lamb.


Name: Peacehaven

Meaning: One who talks a lot bringing peace but kills immediately once your back is turned.


Name: Lifetaker

Meaning: The Soulless one. Has no compulsion about killing ANYONE!


Name: Hornsounder

Meaning: The one to lead the charge onto the battlefield.


Name: Skinflesh

Meaning: Works to the last to save every last soldier on the battlefield. Fierce fighter.


Name: Morning-Song

Meaning: One who sings of peace and love until they change their mind and then all bets are off and it’s Hell for leather, Four to the floor Rock N Roll kill zone!


Name: Arrowsmith

Meaning: Highly skilled Archer/Sniper. One Shot-One Kill mentality!


Name: Powerhouse

Meaning: Huge example of humanity that needs no excuse to go into battle.


Name: Twice-Rightly

Meaning: AKA – Vengeful killer. Always double-tap kills any opponent. (Just in case!)


We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive list of Paladin names and that you found just the right name to make your Online battle experience a better place.


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