118 Very Best Sports Trivia Questions

118 Very Best Sports Trivia Questions

We all love to watch, follow, listen to and compete in a growing number of sports across the globe. Come rain or shine, under sunlight or flood lights, top quality sport is never too far away wherever in the world you are. But when the action finishes, the memories and images stay in our minds for a lifetime!

Get together with your friends and family and see who has the best sporting knowledge of them all. We have put together a quiz below which takes you across all major sports and tournaments whilst jumping back decades and testing your powers of recollection to the max.

In this articleFootball Trivia / Cricket / Tennis / Formula 1 / Rugby / Olympic Games / Running / Boxing / Golf / Cycling / Winter Olympics Trivia

Football Trivia

1. In what year did a European country first host the Men’s Football World Cup?

Answer: 1934 – Italy

2. Which goalkeeper moved from Parma to Juventus for €52 million in July 2001?

Answer: Gianluigi Buffon

3. Football Who are the five teams to have never been relegated from the English Premier League?

Answer: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

4. What was the football world record transfer fee on New Year’s Day 2000?

Answer: £32 million, €49 million

5. Which is the only country to have successfully defended a Men’s Football European Championship title?

Answer: Spain – winners 2008, 2012

6. Who has scored the most goals in Men’s World Cups?

Answer: Miroslav Klose 16

7. What is the capacity of the Nou Camp, Barcelona?

Answer: 99,354

8. Who was the leading goal scorer in the first season of the English Premier League?

Answer: Teddy Sheringham 22 goals

9 Football Which country hosted the Men’s Football World Cup in 1962?

Answer: Chile

10 In what year was the first Women’s Football European Championship?

Answer: 1984

Cricket Trivia

11 The 2019 Men’s Ashes Series ended in a 2-2 draw. When was the previous time that the teams drew an Ashes Series?

Answer: 1972

12 Who holds the record for the highest individual score in an India v Pakistan Test match? 

Answer: Virender Sehwag 309, Multan 2004

13 Which country became the 12th to play Test cricket in June 2018?

Answer: Afghanistan

14 Who are the three players to have taken two Test cricket hat-tricks?

Answer: Herbert Trumble, Wasim Akram, Stuart Broad

15 Where was the 2003 Men’s Cricket World Cup held?

Answer: South Africa

16 In which year did Australia first win the Men’s Cricket World Cup?

Answer: 1987

17 Who finished the 2007 Men’s Cricket World Cup as the top wicket taker?

Answer: Glenn McGrath 26

18 Cricket When was the first Men’s T20I World Cup held?

Answer: 2007

19 Which country beat Pakistan Women for the first time during the 2022 Women’s Asia Cup?

Answer: Thailand Women

20 Who has hit the most sixes in the history of the IPL?

Answer: Chris Gayle

Tennis Trivia

21 In which year did Roger Federer first win the US Open?

Answer: 2004

22 Which two players contested the Wimbledon Men’s Final in 1994?

Answer: Pete Sampras and Goran Ivanisevic

23 What is the name of the largest court at the French Open?

Answer: Philippe Chatrier

24 In which month does the Australian Open take place?

Answer: January

25 Which country has won the most Davis Cups?

Answer: United States (32)

26 Which three countries have won the Billie Jean King Cup 7+ times?

Answer: United States, Czech Republic, Australia

27 Tennis How old was Martina Hingis when she reached the final of all four Grand Slams in 1997?

Answer: 16

28 Which brothers won 16 grand slam titles in doubles from 2003 – 2014?

Answer: Bryan

29 Hawk-eye was first used in a grand slam at the US Open. In which year was this?

Answer: 2006

30 Tennis What was the score in the fifth set of the Wimbledon 2010 Men’s Third Round match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut?

Answer: 70-68

Formula 1 Trivia

31 How many points did the winner of a Formula 1 Grand Prix get in the 1990 season?

Answer: Nine

32 Which team did Michael Schumacher make his Formula 1 debut for at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix?

Answer: Jordan – Ford

33 Who finished in the top three positions in the 2000 Formula 1 World Championship?

Answer: Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard

34 How many different drivers won the Formula 1 World Championship from 2010 – 2019?

Answer: Three – Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg

35 At the end of the 2021 season, how many pole positions had Lewis Hamilton secured across his Formula 1 career?

Answer: 103

36 Which team won the 2011 Formula 1 Constructors World Championship?

Answer: Red Bull

37 Which race is traditionally the season opener in January each year?

Answer: Melbourne

38 In which year did Jacques Villeneuve win his only Formula 1 World Championship title?

Answer: 1997

39 Who are the last four British drivers to win the Formula 1 World Championship

Answer: Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button

40 At the end of the 2021 season, how many pole positions had Lewis Hamilton secured across his Formula 1 career?

Answer: 103

Rugby Union Trivia

41 In which year did Italy join the Five Nations to make it the Six Nations?

Answer: 2000

42 Where will the 2033 Women’s Rugby Union World Cup be held?

Answer: United States

43 Which country won the Six Nations in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2022?

Answer: France

44 Which two teams contested the 2009 Heineken Cup Final?

Answer: Leinster and Leicester Tigers

45 Who took over as Ireland Coach after round one of the 1998 Five Nations Championship?

Answer: Warren Gatland

46 Rugby Union How many tries did Jonah Lomu score during the 1995 World Cup?

Answer: Seven

47 Who are the two teams to have lost a Heineken Cup Final after only scoring six points?

Answer: Colomiers (1999) and Saracens (2014)

48 In which year did Italy join the Five Nations to make it the Six Nations?

Answer: 2000

49 Which two countries have won a record three Rugby Union World Cups?

Answer: New Zealand, South Africa

50 Rugby Union Where will the Rugby World Cup be held in 2027?

Answer: Australia

Olympic Games Trivia

51 What is the world record distance for throwing a javelin?

Answer: 98.48m

52 What is the name of the American swimmer who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?

Answer: 2008

53 At the 2016 Olympic Games, how many rowing events were there?

Answer: 14

54 Cricket was a sport at which Olympic Games?

Answer: 1900

55 Where were the Olympic Games held in 1984?

Answer: Los Angeles

56 Abebe Bikila broke the world record and became the first black African to win a gold medal at a summer olympics when he won which event?

Answer: Men’s Marathon

57 What is the final event of the decathlon?

Answer: 1500 metres

58 Where will the 2032 Olympic Games be held?

Answer: Brisbane, Australia

59 Which event was won by male American athletes at every Summer Olympics from 1896 – 1968 before Wolfgang Nordwig won the event for East Germany in 1972?

Answer: Pole vault

60 What were the four new sports introduced at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo?

Answer: Karate, Surfing, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing

Running Trivia

61 Who are the two competitors to have successfully defended their Men’s 100m titles at the Olympics?

Answer: Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt

62 How many sets of hurdles are there in a 110m race?

Answer: 10

63 Elizabeth Bonner became the first female marathon runner to go under which time at the New York City Marathon in September 1971?

Answer: Three Hours

64 What is the distance in the Wings For Life World Run which began in 2014?

Answer: There is no set distance. Competitors end their race when a ‘catcher’ car overtakes them.

65 When was the first London Marathon?

Answer: 1981

66 Which American won gold medals in the 4x 400m relay (1992), 200m (1996), 400m (1996) and 400m (2000)?

Answer: Michael Johnson

67 Which country won the gold medal in the steeplechase at the Men’s Olympics from 1984 – 2016?

Answer: Kenya

68 How many lanes are there on a standard running track?

Answer: Eight

69 What was the nationality of sprinter Frankie Fredricks who took the silver medal in the 100m at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games?

Answer: Namibian

70 What is the official distance of a marathon in miles?

Answer: 26.2

Boxing Trivia

71 In terms of number of rounds, what is the ‘championship distance’ in a boxing bout?

Answer: 12

72 By 2015, how many weight classifications were there in boxing?

Answer: 17

73 Which country was the only country to enter competitors into the boxing events in the 1904 Olympic Games?

Answer: USA

74 Who contested the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in October 1974 in Zaire?

Answer: George Foreman and Muhammad Ali

75 In 2011, which three countries in the world had banned professional boxing?

Answer: Norway, North Korea, Cuba

76 Who did Floyd Mayweather fight in May 2015 in the ‘Fight of the Century’ otherwise billed the ‘Battle for Greatness’ at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Answer: Manny Pacquaio

77 At which Olympic Games did Claressa Shields win Gold in the middleweight division?

Answer: 2012 and 2016

78 The ear of which opponent did Mike Tyson bite during their 1997 fight for the WBA Heavyweight Champiobship?

Answer: Evander Holyfield

79 How many losses did Ricky Hatton suffer during his 48 bout professional career?

Answer: Three

80 At 46 years and 169 days old, who became the oldest world heavyweight champion in history in 1995?

Answer: George Foreman

Golf Trivia

81 Tiger Woods won his first major in 1997. Which event did he win?

Answer: Masters

82 What year was the first Ryder Cup held?

Answer: 1927

83 Who was the last English winner of the British Open?

Answer: Nick Faldo, 1992

84 In 1998, Justin Rose finished in what position in his final tournament as an amateur at the age of 18?

Answer: Fourth

85 Which country has won the second most Women’s Major Championships?

Answer: South Korea

86 In 2015, Jason Day posted the lowest 72 hole score in relation to par at the US PGA tournament. What score did he post?

Answer: -20

87 Who captained Europe in the Solheim Cup in 2019 and 2021?

Answer: Catriona Matthew

88 Where was the Davis Cup held in 2012?

Answer: Medinah

89 Tiger Woods holds the record for the largest margin of victory in any major championship. By how many shots did he win the US Open in May 2000?

Answer: 15 shots

90 In which year did golf return to the olympic programme after more than 100 years away?

Answer: 2016

Cycling Trivia

91 What is the Olympic circuit length of a velodrome?

Answer: 250 metres

92 When was the first Tour de France?

Answer: 1903

93 At which Olympic Games did Great Britain win 14 medals in the cycling events?

Answer: Beijing 2008

94 Which Dutch female cyclist is recognised as one of the greatest of all time and has the nickname of ‘The Cannibal’?

Answer: Marianne Vos

95 What was the name of the Spanish rider who won five consecutive Tour de France titles from 1991 – 1995?

Answer: Miguel Indurain

96 Which country won the most cycling medals at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics?

Answer: Germany

97 In which country will the Tour de France start in 2024?

Answer: Italy

98 How many motorcycling world championships did Valentino Rossi win?

Answer: Nine

99 What colour jersey does the ‘King of the Mountains’ wear in the Tour de France?

Answer: Polka dot

100 When did the first 24 hours of Le Mans race first take place?

Answer: 1923

Winter Olympics Trivia

101 Where will the 2026 Winter Olympics be held?

Answer: Milan

102 Which British pair took gold in the 1984 Ice-Dancing at the Winter Olympics?

Answer: Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean

103 Norwegian Marit Bjorgen has won the most medals at the Winter Olympics. How many medals in total has she won?

Answer: 15

104 Which country has won the most bobsleigh medals at the Winter Olympics?

Answer: Germany

105 Which town in Switzerland hosted two of the first five Winter Olympics?

Answer: St. Moritz

106 In what year did Australia win their first Winter Olympic Medal?

Answer: 1994

107 In 1988, ‘Eddie the Eagle’ became the first Great British Olympic ski-jumper since 1928. What position did he finish in?

Answer: Last

108 In what year was the Winter Olympics held in Lillehammer, Norway?

Answer: 1994

109 The bobsleigh team of which nation was the film ‘Cool Runnings’ focused on? 

Answer: Jamaica

110 Which sport was introduced to the Winter Olympics in 1998?

Answer: Snowboarding

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