100 Very Best Beatles Trivia Questions

100 Very Best Beatles Trivia Questions

Widely known the world over as Britain’s most famous musical export. The Fab Four, or to use their proper name ‘The Beatles’ were active for only 10 years but in that time completely changed the face of popular music.

The group were innovators in the truest sense of the word and between them have written hundreds of songs. All four of them have received honours from The Queen and the remaining two Beatles still make music today. They have been canonised in British history as some of the greatest musicians to have ever lived.



Which British port city do the Beatles come from?

What year was John Lennon born?

Who was the oldest Beatle?
Ringo Starr

Who was the youngest Beatle?
George Harrison

Which Beatles father was a bus driver?
George Harrison’s

Which Beatles mother passed away from cancer in 1956?
Paul McCartney’s

Who was John Lennon raised by?
His Aunt Mimi

What is Ringo Starr’s real name?
Richard Starkey

What was the first instrument John Lennon was taught to play?
The banjo

Who taught John Lennon to play his first instrument?
His mother Julia Lennon

Which Beatle grew up near Strawberry Fields?
John Lennon

What variation of the band name was used only a few times in 1960 before the name was changed to The Beatles?
The Silver Beatles

What killed Julia Lennon?
A drunk driver

What instruments did Paul McCartney’s father play?
The paint and the trumpet


What was John Lennon’s first band called?
The Quarrymen

How many of The Beatles could read sheet music?
None of them

Where did the name for John Lennon’s first band come from?
Quarry Bank High School

What genre of music for this first band?

Who popularised this genre of music with their version of ‘Rock Island Line’?
Lonnie Donegan

What date did Paul McCartney and John Lennon meet for the first time?
6th July 1957

Where did Lennon and McCartney first meet?
St. Peter’s Church Hall Fete

What song did Paul McCartney play for John Lennon to impress him?
Twenty Flight Rock by Eddie Cochran

Where did George Harrison audition for John and Paul?
On the top floor of a double-decker bus

What year were the Beatles officially formed?

What was the first song the Quarrymen wrote together?
In Spite of All the Danger

Which Buddy Holly song did The Quarrymen cover?
That’ll be the day


What was the line-up of the Beatles when they first left for Hamburg on August 17th, 1960?

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe

Where did the Beatles live when they were staying in Hamburg?
In a cinema

What did Stuart Sutcliffe buy with the money he earned from his first painting?
A Höfner bass guitar

What German classic did the Beatles record a cover version of with the artist Tony Sheridan?
My Bonnie

What were they credited as on this Tony Sheridan record?
The Beat Brothers

How did the Beatles stay awake during the long hours they had to play in Hamburg?
They took amphetamines

Which German photographer gave The Beatles they’re iconic mop-top haircuts?
Astrid Kirchherr

Which member of the band left the band to stay in Hamburg and pursue his career as an artist?
Stuart Sutcliffe

Which member got deported from Germany for being underage?
George Harrison


Which member of the Beatles was given a black eye when drummer Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr?
George Harrison

Who discovered the Beatles when a customer of his shop requested a record, they’d featured on that he didn’t have in stock?
Brian Epstein

Where did the manager of The Beatles first see them play live?
The Cavern Club

Where did the Beatles record their first album?
Abbey Road Studios

Which record label turned down The Beatles?
Decca records

What was the first single ever released by the Beatles?
Love Me Do

What was the first UK No.1 single The Beatles released?
From Me to You

What record label were the Beatles signed too?

Who did Lennon/McCartney write the song ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ for?
The Rolling Stones

Which holiday did The Beatles make a record for?

Which two Beatles share the writing credits for the album ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?
John Lennon and Paul McCartney

What was the name of the first movie The Beatles made?
A Hard Day’s Night

Which song was the first one George Harrison wrote for the Beatles?
Don’t Bother Me

How many weeks was the album ‘Please Please Me’ at the top of the charts?
30 weeks

What was the song ‘Yesterday’ called originally?
Scrambled Eggs

How many people tuned in to watch The Beatles for their debut appearance on Ed Sullivan show?
73 million


What Indian traditional instrument was featured heavily on the album Rubber Soul?
The Sitar

Which famous guitar player covered ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and played it to the Beatles themselves only 3 days after it had been released?
Jimi Hendrix

What year did the Beatles stop touring?

Who introduced The Beatles to marijuana?
Bob Dylan

Which Beatles song has the lyrics ‘I buried Paul’?
Strawberry Fields Forever

Which film that John Lennon was in made him want to start wearing his iconic round glasses?
How I Won the War

Who designed the album cover for Revolver?
Klaus Voormann

Which religious figure did John Lennon say The Beatles were more popular than?
Jesus Christ

Where did John Lennon meet Yoko Ono?
At a London Gallery

What was the first poetry book by John Lennon called?
In His Own Write


Which member of the Rolling Stones played Saxophone on the B-side single ‘You know my name (Look Up the Number)’?
Brian Jones

How many instruments could George Harrison play?
26 instruments 

Why couldn’t The Beatles hear themselves onstage when they were touring?
Because the fans were screaming too loud

Where was the last Beatles concert?
San Francisco

Which left-wing thinker makes an appearance on the album cover for ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’?
Karl Marx

What was the actual name of the album commonly known as ‘The White Album’?
The Beatles

Who played the guitar solo on The Beatles song ‘While my guitar gently weeps?
Eric Clapton

Who wrote the song ‘Octopus’ Garden’?
Ringo Starr

How many pianos play the final chord on ‘A Day in the Life’?

Which Beatle swore in the song ‘Hey Jude’?
Paul McCartney

What was the original name for Abbey Road?

What was the shortest song recorded by the Beatles?
Her Majesty

Did The Beatles voice themselves in the film ‘Yellow Submarine’?
No, they didn’t

What year did the ‘Paul is dead’ theory first surface?

Which musician has often been called ‘The Black Beatle’?
Billy Preston

What was the name of John Lennon’s wife who was often accused of meddling in the band?
Yoko Ono

By their breakup in 1970 how many studio albums had The Beatles released?

Which American city were The Beatles in when the band officially broke up?
New York City

In the Rolling Stones film ‘The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus’ what was the name of the supergroup with the following line-up: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Mitch Mitchell?
The Dirty Mac

Who was the song ‘Hey Jude’ written for?
Julian Lennon

How many of The Beatles played on ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’?
Just John Lennon and Paul McCartney

What was the last song The Beatles recorded together?
Come Together


Which book did John Lennon’s killer blame for the murder he committed?
Catcher in the Rye

What year did John Lennon die?

What Eric Clapton song was written about George Harrisons ex-wife Pattie Boyd?

Which Beatle funded the Monty Python classic ‘Life of Brian’?
George Harrison

Which Beatle was granted a US citizenship in 1976?
John Lennon

What was John Lennon’s biggest hit after he left The Beatles?

Who was the first Beatle to perform in the United States after they broke up?
George Harrison

Which Beatle was the original narrator on the children’s TV show ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’?
Ringo Starr

Which Beatle was good friends with the novelty musician Weird Al Yankovic?
George Harrison


What is the name of John Lennon’s memorial in central park?
Strawberry Fields

Which Beatles song was on the soundtrack for the film ‘Withnail and I’ alongside Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Along the Watchtower?
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Which popular 90s band that wrote the hit Wonderwall were massively influenced by The Beatles?

Which Beatle claimed to have invented the selfie?
Ringo Starr

What two artists did Paul McCartney work with to write the song FourFiveSeconds?
Kanye West and Rhianna

Which Beatles song was the title for a 2019 romantic comedy?

How many albums have The Beatles sold altogether?
800 million

How many No.1 hits did The Beatles have?

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