15 Very Best “No” Memes

15 Very Best “No” Memes

[lgc_column grid=”100″ tablet_grid=”100″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”][/lgc_column]Memes are one of the best creations of the internet. And I have a serious amount of respect for people that make the connections, ride the wave and come up with those viral ideas. 

Seriously, memes are one of the reasons I still spend so much time on social media.


How are “NO” memes used?

One of the internet’s favorite categories of memes is the “NO” meme that helps us emphasize our negative answer for someone. It’s difficult to say no just like that, even if through online messaging. And a “NO” meme can help you loosen the tension.


Examples of “no” memes

Famous “no” memes from movies

Memes are usually inspired by famous scenes from movies or series where the main character is expressing a strong no. The most famous “no” memes from movies are from The Office or Star Trek.


Funny “no” memes with animals

You gotta love funny cats or dogs posted on the internet. Especially the ones that are too cute or too sad or too angry. The most famous “no” memes with animals are the grumpy cat or the expressive husky dog.


“No” memes from cartoons

Cartoons may be the best source of inspiration for no memes because they are easy to recognize and transform. The most famous “no” memes from cartoons are from The Simpson and Bugs Bunny.


All you wanna do is say no and leave. We got you with top 15 NO memes.


1. How about no from Homer

No Meme

This is a famous scene from The Simpsons when Homer slowly disappears in the bushes until he’s not visible. It’s a great meme to use when you are kind of embarrassed by your answer. All you want is for everyone to leave you alone.


2. Yes-no from Drake

No meme drake

This is the best meme to use when you compare two situations. One is absurd but you agree with it, the other one is a natural choice but you disagree with it.


3. Captain Picard facepalm

no meme

Sometimes you cannot believe what some people tell you, just like when Q tells Jean-Luc Picard he chose to be a mortal.


4. Angry Queen Elisabeth

I would be as angry as her if I were her age and lived in these times. Don’t mess with an old lady, cus she can give you an angry no.


5. Grumpy cat

Cat no memesWith the grumpiest cat on the internet, you will make your point, that no is a decisive no.


6. The non-confrontational no

When you don’t know how to put it, but you have Bill Lumbergh saying an almighty “how about no”.


7. What the fuck are you doing?

Bro, can’t you see you are ruining everything?


8. Fancy a no?

There’s nothing more elegant than receiving a no over a martini.


9. Crazy no

Michael Scott has this iconic scene in The Office when he finds out that the innocent HR employee is back. When you just refuse the reality, send this meme.


10. Drop the no and run 

You know you’re gonna get in trouble for this answer. Just send this meme and go offline.


11. Everything around says nope

Yes, even the mountains, the green grass, and the air. It’s all about a huge nope.


12. The original no

You cannot fail with the original “no” meme. Angry and disapproving “no face” for desperate times.


13. Morpheus says no

If you got a “how about no” from Morpheus you will be obliviously stuck in the Matrix forever.


14. Uncertain no it’s the suckiest

Should you say yes or should you say no? That’s the question!


15. Bugs Bunny knows his answers

He knows how to run fast and how to say a determined no.

Eliza Drob
Eliza Drob