The 73 Very Best Anime Pick Up Lines

    The 73 Very Best Anime Pick Up Lines

    Similar interests are a very important part of a relationship. And there is nothing better than using them in flirting. Use anime pick up lines & phrases to impress your soul mate. They can be romantic or funny, spicy or sweet. Here is a list of the best anime pick up phrases.


    Romantic Anime Pick Up Lines

    If you want to say that everything is great with your loved one, use these anime pick up phrases.

    1. You and me like All Hanshin Kyojin. (Lovely Complex)

    2. Only with you I have fuwa-fuwa time. (K-on)

    3. With you, our house turns into a howl’s moving castle. (Howl’s moving castle)

    4. I will sacrifice my body to be with you. (Fullmetal Alchemist)

    5. You’ve changed my time and life like a microwave. (Steins;Gate)

    6. My Future Diary shows that we will live happily. (Mirai Nikki)

    7. You are a real Lucky Star in my daily life. (Lucky Star)

    8. You are like Oracle and Navi, guide me to a better future. (Person 5)

    9. You are the most perfect weapon for a god. (Noragami)

    10. We are like a couple of bad thieves. We always leave baccano behind. (Baccano!)

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    Spicy Anime Pick Up Lines

    If you want to have a more spicy conversation, use these anime pickup phrases.

    1. Let me take a one piece of your devil fruit. (One Piece)

    2. Are you not Natsu by any chance? Because you’re hot. (Fairy Tail)

    3. Are you a Railgun? Because I feel the spark between us. (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

    4. Is your name Kira? Because I’m eager to catch you. (Death Note)

    5. Let me learn the “shape” of your mononoke. (Mononoke)

    6. When I’m with you, I feel like Gray Fullbuster. Want to undress. (Fairy Tail)

    7. Am I getting turned on because of the key in my back or because of you? (Nichijou)

    8. Why do I need 100 guys when I have a cherry boy like you. (B Gata H Kei)

    9. Is your name Tsumugi Kotobuki? Because your sweets are wonderful. (K-on)

    10. Your soul is an excellent dish that all demons and butlers dream to taste. (Black Butler)


    Lovely Anime Pick Up Lines

    If you want to compliment your crash use these anime pickup phrases.

    1. You have the ripest Ekubo cheeks! (Mob Psycho 100)

    2. I smell apples from you … and knowledge of economics. (Spice and Wolf)

    3. Is your name Haruhi Fujioka? Because everybody loves you. (Ouran High School Host Club)

    4. If you worked in the Love Me Section, you would be the employee of the month. (Skip Beat!)

    5. If land god Mikage decides to go on vacation, he will immediately give you his title. (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

    6. You should create a club “SOS Brigade”, because you attract all the most unusual and interesting. (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

    7. It looks like Fujiko Mine will have to fight for the status of a great thief and beauty because of you. (Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine)

    8. Everything suits you! You can be both the student council president and the maid at the cafe. (Maid Sama!)

    9. Please never work at the Ouran Host Club, otherwise your colleagues will be unemployed. (Ouran High School Host Club)

    10. Even Sakamoto believes in your supremacy. So do I. (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

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    Funny Pick Up Lines from Anime

    If you want to make your loved one laugh, use these anime pickup phrases.

    1. Aren’t you from the Grace Field House? You look like a delicacy. (The Promised Neverland)

    2. It’s good that I don’t have a Behelit. After all, you are my love. (Berserk)

    3. Did you use Gowther’s Invasion to seduce me? (The Seven Deadly Sins)

    4. Do you hear Hellsing? It’s me trying to make a Lovesing to you. (Hellsing)  

    5. Every ghoul in this city dreams of eating your eyes. I just want to catch your eye. (Tokyo Ghoul)

    6. Wow! Your psycho passport has exceeded the heart stealing crime rate. (Psycho-Pass)

    7. I adore curry like Karasuma, but you taste better. (School Rumble)

    8. You eat chips so sexy that you make my heart stop. (Death note)

    9. Because of your dazzling beauty, I can accidentally fall on the umbrella. (Another)

    10. Japanese students are fighting for cheap bento, but I’m ready to fight for you. (Ben-To)


    Sweet Anime Pick Up Lines

    If you want to show your soul mate your love, use these anime pickup phrases.

    1. I don’t mind to be a watchdog for my queen. (Black Butler)

    2. Isn’t your name Historia? Because you are my queen. (Attack on Titan)

    3. For a palmtop tiger like you, I’m ready to cook for eternity. (Toradora!)

    4. Surely you have Sun Flame, because you illuminate my life. (Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)

    5. You like a magically ornamented girl with a chainsaw. You came from another world. (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?)

    6. You are so beautiful that I came back from the dead and turned into a shiki. (Shiki)

    7. Aren’t you The Puppet Master? Because you hacked my ghost. (Ghost in the shell) 

    8. I seem to have gone beyond 100% love for you. (Mob Psycho 100)

    9. Will you be my Faye Valentine this February? (Cowboy Bebop)

    10. It seems that you spirited me away irrevocably. (Spirited Away)

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    Cute Anime Pick Up Lines

    If you want to show your partner how happy you are in a relationship, use these anime pickup phrases.

    1. I am thou, thou art I, and us together. (Persona 5)

    2. If you become my Chain, I will gladly lose my soul. (Pandora Hearts)

    3. Perhaps I will allow myself to be eaten by such an adorable titan as you. (Attack on Titan)

    4. To drink beer and eat chocolate in the rain, that’s all I dream about. (Koto no ha no niwa)

    5. It makes no sense for me to seek the gold of the Ainu, because I have you. (Golden Kamuy)

    6. You seem to be a dimensional witch. Cause you fulfilled my desire to be with you. (xxxHOLiC)

    7. Aren’t you Beauty Thief Noir by any chance? Because I think you stole my heart. (Persona 5)

    8. It seems to me that you are from the Night Class. Because I’m into you! (Vampire Knight)

    9. I am like a Colossal Titan ready to break through the wall to your heart. (Attack on Titan)

    10. It’s like the Curse of the Abyss. I can’t stop loving you so easily. (Made in Abyss)


    Adorable Anime Pick Up Lines

    If you want to embarrass and make your crash laugh, use these anime pickup phrases.

    1. With you my perfect blue turns into perfect red. (Perfect Blue)

    2. I love you as much as Ryuk loves apples. (Death note)

    3. Because of love for you, I literally lose my head. (Durarara!!)

    4. The giant crab stole my weight, and you stole my heart. (Monogatari)

    5. Isn’t your name Carla? Well then let me make you Happy! (Fairy Tail)

    6. I’m ready to become a Pokemon, if only you can catch me. (Pokemon)

    7. You are like the Red Man. You appear spectacularly. (Deadman Wonderland)

    8. I yearn to see you like samurai who smells of sunflowers (Samurai Champoo).

    9. You don’t need to give me the power of Geass for me to fulfill your wish. (Code Geass)

    10. Are you Inori Yuzuriha? Because that’s the only thing that can explain why are you so perfect. (Guilty Crown)

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