35 Questions You Should Never Ask a Girl

35 Questions You Should Never Ask a Girl

1. You are being cranky; Are you on your period?

2. Can you calm down a bit for a second?

3. Are all your friends this pretty?

4. Didn’t your friend look extremely hot in that dress?

5. Is your friend single?

6. Can I have your friend’s number? We are lots in common to talk about.

7. How many layers of makeup have you put on? I feel it is peeling off.

8. Are you sure you want to wear that and go to the party?

9. Are you wearing your ex-boyfriend’s hoodie? It doesn’t look like yours.

10. Your style is absurd and weird; is your fashion sense inspired by Lady Gaga?

11. Was this dress handed down to you by your grandma?

12. Have you poured the whole bottle of perfume over yourself?

13. Why do you hang out so much with your guy friends when I am here?

14. What were you talking about with that guy for so long?

15. What is your weight?

16. Are you sure you haven’t gained weight?

17. Do you usually eat this much or is today some special occasion?

18. When was the last time you washed your hair?

19. When was the last time you got waxed? You feel prickly.

20. Your eyebrows resemble your dad’s; do bushy eyebrows run in your family?

21. Do you take your looks from your Dad?

22. Can you let me browse through your phone contents?

23. How old are you? You look older than you say you are.

24. Can I borrow some money? I forgot to bring my wallet.

25. Can you pay the bill? I will pay for it next time.

26. Do you know cooking? Can you even fix a sandwich?

27. Sorry, I was busy with something; can you repeat what you just said?

28. Is your sister good looking? Would you introduce me to her?

29. Why can’t you be more like your sister or mother? They understand me better.

30. Are you a virgin?

31. How old are you?

32. How much do you weigh?

33. Are those pairs really yours?

34. Do you think I’m handsome?

35. Are you on your period?


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