50 Cat Puns

If the challenges of 2020 have meant that you’ve been spending a little more time indoors with your cat, then no doubt you’ve started chatting to your furry friend. Whether you’re a cat lover or a pun-master the below list of fan-cats-tic feline wordplay will be sure to keep you entertained!


50 Cat Puns

Cat Puns

Purrhaps (adverb)

Perhaps = used when making a polite request, offer, or suggestion about your kitty: would you purrhaps like to feed my cat?


Purrplexed (adjective)

Perplexed = make (someone) feel completely baffled: my cat was purrplexed by all the birds in the yard.


Purrfume (verb)

Perfume = a pleasant smell: My tabby cat comes running into the room when she hears the spray of my purrfume!


Feline (noun)

Feeling = an emotional state or reaction: My kitten is feline much better after the veterinarian bandaged his leg!


Pawdon Me (verb)

Pardon Me = forgive or excuse oneself: Pawdon me for being late, I was playing with my cat all afternoon.


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Pawty (noun)

Party = a social gathering of invited guests: I would like everyone to dress up as a feline for my pawty this weekend!


Kitten around (adjective)

Kidding = playfulness or teasing: they could be insufferable when the kidding began: Can you believe my cat delivered three mice to my door? She wasn’t kitten around!


Pawlice (noun)

Police = the civil force of state: If your cat does not stop pouncing on my roof I will call the pawlice!


Kittenish (adjective)

Kittenish = playful and lively: The cat on the front porch was acting surprisingly kittenish towards the neighbours dog.


Cat Puns

Pawtrait (noun)

Portrait = a painting, drawing, or photograph of a cat: For Christmas, I painted a pawtrait of your marvelous cat.


Clawful (adjective)

Awful = very bad or unpleasant: The groomers have done a clawful job of removing the prickles from my cat’s fur!


Clawsome (adjective)

Awesome = extremely impressive or daunting: I just saw your cat leap from the tree to your rooftop, it was clawesome!


First Aid Kit-ten (noun)

First Aid Kit = a small box containing items such as bandages and plasters for use in giving help to someone suffering from sickness or injury: I couldn’t believe my cat scratched me so badly that I needed the first aid kitten.


Claw Enforcement (noun)

Law enforcement = the action of compelling observance of or compliance with the law: My kitten has been behaving so badly, I think I need claw enforcement to teach him not to scratch the couch!


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Catalyst (noun)

Catalyst = a person or cat that precipitates an event: Adopting a new kitten was the catalyst for our old tabby to become very jealous of our attention.


Cat-ch (noun)

Catch = intercept and hold: I hope the cat cat-ches the pesky mouse in our apartment soon.


Litterally (adverb)

Literally = in a literal manner or sense; exactly: Your cat litterally has not stopped scratching around in her litter box all morning!


Meow-nners (noun)

Manners = polite or well-bred social behaviour: My cat always sits and waits quietly for her food because she has such good meow-nners!


Meow are you? (adverb)

How are you = a polite greeting: Hello, meow are you today?


Cat Puns

Meowtain (noun)

Mountain = a large steep hill: I found my cat sleeping under a meowtain of clean washing this morning.


Litterate (adjective)

Literate = able to read and write: I wonder what my cat would say about me if she were litterate?


Claw-suit (noun)

Lawsuit = a claim or dispute brought to a law court for adjudication: You cuddle your cat so much I am considering taking out a clawsuit for too much adoration!


Purrlease (verb)

Please = used in polite requests or questions: purrlease groom my kitten with plenty of care.


Purrsonality (noun)

Personality = the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character: she has a playful purrsonality for such a young kitten!


Cattitude (noun)

Attitude = a settled way of thinking or feeling about something: My kitten has such cattitude since we bought him the new scratching tower.


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Copy-cat (noun)

Copycat = a cat who copies another’s behaviour, dress, or ideas: My brother adopted a grey Siamese cat a week after my mother, he is such a copycat.


Cat-astrophe (noun)

Catastrophe = something very unfortunate or unsuccessful: I left my kitten home alone for an hour and she ate all her food and destroyed my pillows, it was an absolute cat-tastrophe.


Cat-alogue (noun)

Catalogue = a complete list of items: Pass me that magazine cat-alogue please, I am looking to buy a collar as my cats Christmas present!


Hissterical (adjective)

Hysterical = extremely funny: The way your cat chases her own tail is hissterical.


Hisstory (noun)

History = the past considered as a whole: My feline will go down in hisstory as the laziest cat in the world.


Cat Puns

Pawsitive (adjective)

Positive = with no possibility of doubt; definite: I am pawsitive that my cat is the best feline in the whole entire world.


Pawfection (noun)

Perfection = the state or quality of being perfect: The markings on your cat’s coat is pawfection!


Mewsic (noun)

Music = sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion: The way my cat purrs is mewsic to my ears.


Meowricle (noun)

Miracle = a remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences: It was a meowricle that the fireman was able to rescue the neighbourhood stray from the treetop.


Pawjamas (noun)

Pajamas = any clothing suitable for wearing in bed: My kitten loves snuggling up into my pawjamas during cold evenings.


Pawlite (adjective)

Polite = showing behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people: The way your cat waits for you at the door is very pawlite.


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Paw (adjective)

Poor = lacking sufficient funds: I am too paw to afford premium cat treats.


Catnip (noun)

Catnip = something that is very attractive to a particular person or a plant that has a pungent smell attractive to cats: The smell of the food at the bakery was so delicious, I was like a cat to catnip waiting in line!


Sourpuss (noun)

Sourpuss = a bad-tempered person: Don’t be such a sourpuss, I am sure your kitten didn’t mean to ruin your best sweater.


Cheetah (noun)

Cheater = a person who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage: If your cat weren’t such a cheetah, my ragdoll would have won first place at the Cat Show.


Cat Puns

Santa Claws

Santa Claus = an imaginary figure said to bring presents for children on the night before Christmas Day: My cat has been nice all year, I hope Santa Claws brings her something fun!


Furreal (phrase)

For real = used to assert that something is genuine: You saw a cat wearing a hat! Are you furreal?


Furmidable (adjective)

Formidable = inspiring fear or respect through being impressively powerful: The neighbours cat was a formidable opponent when it came to securing the sunniest spot to snooze during the morning.


Furever (adverb)

Forever = for all future time: I will love my cat furrever!


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Furtunate (adjective)

Fortunate = favored by or involving good luck: It is fortunate that my cat likes water otherwise bath time would be difficult.


Right Meow (adverb)

Right Now = at the present time or moment: Hey kitty, come back here right meow!


Furgive (verb)

Forgive = used in polite expressions as a request to excuse one’s ignorance: You will have to forgive my cat, she loves wrapping herself between guests legs!


Whiskper (verb)

Whisper = speak very softly: Please lower your voice to a whiskper, I don’t want to wake the sleeping cat.


Unfurrtunate (noun)

Unfortunate = one who suffers bad fortune: It is rather unfurrtunate that your cat ran away but I am sure she will return home soon.


Oh, Meow! (exclamation)

Oh wow = expressing astonishment: Oh, meow! I cannot believe how well behaved your cat is.


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