The 111 Very Best Beach Puns

The 111 Very Best Beach Puns

What is it about the seaside that really buoys the heart? Soothing sun, winning warmth, an immaculate escape, it’s hard to pick one Pacific thing to love. Nothing rejuvenates us from our hectic lives quite like beach bumming around. The allure of tropical destinations is one thing we all have in common. Finding a nice place to lay down your towel and soak up the sun is exactly what the doctor ordered for whatever real-world bummers ail you. A piña colada counts as medicine after a rough work week.

Powering through Winter? Planning your big getaway? Shore up your sense of humor with these 111 beach puns that’ll dock your socks (or flip-flops) off. Use these one-liners to give your Instagram posts a golden tan or just read them and feel the sand between your toes.


Animal Based Beach Puns

It’s not possible to be crabby with these puns about the coast’s permanent inhabitants.

1. Gull-o there!
2. Living like a Hollywood starfish!
3. This tan really brings out my mussels.
4. It feels good to be a little shellfish sometimes.
5. Hard out here for a shrimp.
6. No shell-phones allowed on vacation!
7. You’re looking so-fish-ticated in that new bathing suit!
8. Is that superman or is that Shark Kent?
9. I am o-fish-ially having a blast!
10. Get the shell outta here!
11. There’s never a gull moment at the seaside.
12. Crab a bite to eat.
13. A beach trip is a grand clam of a vacation.
14. Wait til I get my claws on you!
15. When you fish upon a star.
16. Gills just wanna have fun!


Beach Stuff Puns

You never know what the waves will wash up!

17. Knock on driftwood!
18. I can’t kelp myself.
19. Sand-up comedy.
20. Grab me a drink from the sandbar!
21. Knock knock, is anybody (sea) foam?
22. The sound of the waves has such a palming effect.
23. I’m going coconuts for this soft serve!
24. Take it with a grain of sand.
25. I make my salary in sand dollars!


Boat Puns

Get out on the ocean! The waves are perfect.

26. Keep these good times a-boat!
27. This bikini was on sail.
28. I’m a mast-er at sailing.
29. I catama-ran as fast as I could!
30. We’re having the time of our life jacket!
31. Getting the real starboard treatment.
32. Take a bow.
33. It’s impossible to be stern on a sailboat!
34. What is this a-boat?
35. I’ve had a-boat enough of being on land!
36. My ship-ment came in.
37. Feeling even keeled.
38. What do we have on deck for today?
39. Cruise liner? I hardly even know her!
40. It’s ok to go overboard sometimes.


Oceanography puns

The great blue expanse!

41. I like to keep up with current events.
42. Do you know Trench Reznor?
43. Let the waves of relaxation wash over you.
44. Feel the m-ocean.
45. Love that shirt. Is it tidal-dye?
46. Get your daily dose of vitamin sea.
47. If at first you don’t succeed, tide tide again.
48. Are you a-wake?
49. I’m very em-ocean-al.
50. Fasten your sea-t belts!
51. Be more Pacific.
52. You’re so naughty-cle.
53. Swimming is my de-salt choice.
54. Wizards of Wave-erly place.
55. Make a splash!
56. Challenger Deep thinker.
57. Sounds like a fair tradewind.


More beach puns

These are as endless as the ocean

58. They have a great friend-ship.
59. All’s seafare in love and war.
60. I seafood, I eat food.
61. What’s new octopussycat?
62. I could go for a sub right now.
63. Whale look what the Captain dragged in.
64. Move heaven and surf.
65. If you’re happy and you know it clap your sands.
66. No chips, but we can still take a dip.
67. How the high tide has turned.
68. I love them both! I can’t cruise my favorite!
69. I don’t know if that idea holds water.
70. Fin, tan, towel dry.
71. Water you waiting for?
72. Board? Take a walk.
73. We had a deep conversation.
74. Pour the pina coladas into the sunglasses!
75. Play your trunks card.


Even more beach puns

As numerous as the grains of sand

76. I’ll have the sea-sar salad.
77. Quit squidding around!
78. Don’t be such a flip-flopper.
79. Sandal-i Lama
80. This is fun as shell.
81. All clammed up.
82. Walk the plank-ton!
83. I krill love you.
84. Hey! Wade for me!
85. I’m frond of you.
86. I always want morca!
87. All’s whale that ends whale!
88. You’re doing just swell.
89. Sunscreen-er questions.
90. You have a lovely copper tone!
91. Dive on in!
92. Funny as a clownfish.
93. What’s your angler?
94. Fly fishing for compliments.


Homestretch of beach puns

Take one last walk down the coast

95. Got you cove-ered!
96. Keep it at bay.
97. It goes on sand on.
98. I’m so beach bummed.
99. How are you reeling?
100. I’m reeling just shell, thanks!
101. Twinkle twinkle little starfish.
102. The sun is a-ray-zing.
103. Making a splash!
104. Oh! I sea turtles!
105. We all floatie on.
106. Gotta jet (ski)!
107. A little of column A, a little of column sea.
108. Surf-vival of the fittest.
109. Buried pleasure.
110. When you fish upon a starfish.
111. Sand-wich.

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