50 Very Best Space Jokes

50 Very Best Space Jokes

Plain and simple: space is cool! There’s something about exploring the deep unknown that speaks to all of us in one way or another. In some ways, that could even be a little scary. But fear not, for the best way to cope with a little fear is to make light of it! So if there’s a small part of you that is scared of the vastness of space, here are 80 space puns that are likely to rekindle that sense of wonder and adventure! And who knows? They might even make you laugh too!

Where do girls like to hang out?

In the Gal-axy!

How do aliens get so strong?

They play with Asteroids!

How do planets get clean?

They take a meteor shower!

What do planets eat?


What do meteors need when they’re being treated badly?


What planet is known for having a giant beard?

A dwarf planet!

How do you know if a star is alive?

Check its Pulsar!

What did the galaxy say at the interview?

No Comet.

What is the Sun’s favorite beer?


What is Saturn’s favorite horror movie?

The Ring

What is a light breeze called in outer space?

A Solar Wind

What kind of belt does a galaxy wear?

An asteroid belt!

What is the best way to learn about space?

Go to a Universe-ity

What kind of problem do stars have?

They’re gassy.

What is the most dramatic galaxy?


What planet has the best music chops?


What is a cow’s favorite thing about space?

The mooooooooon.

How do astronauts get dirty?

They get covered in moon dust.

Which of Jupiter’s moons would like to travel Europe?


What do stars in space and movie stars have in common?

They’re both hot!

Why would Michael Jackson make a great astronaut?

Because he invented the moonwalk.

Why do stars make for great friends?

They always try to keep things light!

What kind of punishment did the Sun get in court?

Nothing too serious. It was a light sentence.

What is an astronaut’s favorite desert?


Why do so many people hate gravity?

Because it’s always bringing us down.

Why do so many people hate jokes about the moon?

They’re often cheesy.

What is Venus’ favorite plant?

A Venus Flytrap

What is an alien’s favorite broadway show?

Anything with the Rockettes!

Why do you want to avoid black holes?

Because they’re usually in a dark place.

What is a black hole’s favorite food?


What do vampires and black holes have in common?

They both suck!

How do you know the Sun and Moon have a bad relationship?

Because whenever they get together, it gets really dark.

What do Jupiter and I have in common?

We both have a giant red spot on our bodies.

Why does Saturn like boxing so much?

The whole sport takes place in a ring!

How do you store meteors?

In a crater!

What is the moon’s favorite drink?


Where do aliens go for their honeymoon?


What is the solar system’s favorite food?


You know, I once saw a planet that looked exactly like Saturn.

They were a dead-ringer!

Why is Mars mad at Saturn?

Because they kept saying mean comets!

What is the most popular cleaning appliance in outer space?

A vacuum

Why are astronauts great at debate?

They’re arguments are usually air-tight

Why is the Sun so important?

Because everything revolves around them.

How do astronauts practice gymnastics?

On a moonbeam!

Why are black holes hard to understand?

No one really knows the gravity of the situation!

Why should you never trust an astronaut?

They’re always putting on airs.

What do you call a crazy astronaut?

A luna-tic!

What did the astronaut name their kid?


There are no cheerios or spaghettios in space.

Only Plutos

What’s better than a regular nova?

A Supernova!

Where did the astronaut grow up?


What kind of stars are great in action movies?

Shooting stars!

What do aliens do when they’re nervous?

They space back and forth

What is an astronaut’s favorite meal?


What do you call a failed space explorer?

An AstroNOT

Why are aliens bad at school?

They keep spacing out!

An alien won second place at the galaxy fair and received a small trophy with a bunch of stars on it. Talk about a constellation prize.

What is it called when an astronaut tells a joke?

Stand up Comet-y

What does a British alien drink?


What do you call an alien who only eats eggs?

An eggs-traterrestrial!

What does an alien put on their toast?

Space Jam!

How does an astronaut open a bottle of wine in space?

They un-quark it!

After making a movie about outer space, the director was invited to record their thoughts on the making of the film. It’s called the Director’s Comet-ary.

What should you do if you get in a fight with another spaceship?

Use evasive moon-euvers!

Why can’t we build a lot of spaceships?

The cost would be astronomical!

Why do most people have trouble learning about space?

A lot of it goes right over their head!

No one dreams of being an astronaut. They only have high hopes.

Why is being an astronaut a difficult job?

It’s often a lifelong comet-ment

How do astronomers say they’re sorry?

“I Apollo-gize.”

There was a rocket science class last year at university. Reviews all said it was a blast!

Why is Orion’s Belt a bad constellation?

It only has 3 stars!

Why are aliens jealous of humans?

Humans are more down to earth.

How do aliens stay social?

They use MySpace.

What is the rarest ingredient found in space?


What do you call an alien that commits a crime?

An illegal alien

There’s a game where aliens like to throw cows around in outer space. The steaks have never been higher.

How do you tie down a spaceship?

With an Astro-knot!

Why is it okay to commit a crime in space?

Because it’s above the law.

What do you call the leader of a space army?


How do stars serve their drinks?

In Sunglasses!