The 73 Very Best Birthday Jokes

The 73 Very Best Birthday Jokes

If you’re hoping to laugh during your special day, we’ve got you covered. Our funny birthday jokes are guaranteed to make you giggle.

Regardless of whether you’re getting older or hoping to surprise your friend with a gift card that contains something silly to put a smile on their face, our birthday jokes will help you celebrate your loved ones, allowing you to spread humor in a wonderful way. 

73 Short and Funny Birthday Jokes

1. A witch’s birthday

What do little witches do on their birthdays?

They spellebrate!

2. Life of the party

When you go to a birthday party of a ghost what do you get called?

A.The life of the party! 

3. Nothing makes a ghost angry

Why are ghosts happy during birthdays?

Nothing gets under their skin!

4. Birthday Treat!

What treat would you give your Dog during his/her birthday? 


5. Birthday luck!

What happens when you find a genie bottle between poison Ivy during your birthday?

You immediately get a rash of goodluck!

6. Anyone can celebrate birthdays!

What do you call a female ghost who’s having a birthday?

Birthday Ghoul!

7. Growing older is a blessing!

Why is it correct to compare a birthday with a four leaf clover? 

It’s a sign of luck to have either one.

8. Dollar signs!

Why do Leprechauns prefer dollar bills to Birthday Cakes? 

A.  Because they’re green.

9. Happy Birthday Invisible Man!

What did the dog tell the invisible man instead of wishing him a happy birthday?

Long time no see!

10. Never eat a Monkey’s Cake!

What did the girl tell the monkey who was angry at his friends for eating his Birthday Cake?

Are you going bananas?

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11. An Ape’s birthday treat!

Which cream do Apes prefer for their birthday?

Banana Ice Cream!

12. A mummy’s birthday!

What did the tired mummy tell the man who couldn’t keep quiet?

Hey! Let’s wrap this up! I need to go to my birthday party!

13. A happy skeleton!

How can you make a Skeleton happy during his birthday celebration?

Just tickle his bones!

14. After party tummy troubles

Why did the dog get tummy problems after eating the Birthday Cake?

It was bad to the bone! 

15. Don’t forget to wish a Dog Happy birthday! 

Why did the Dog confront the Cow?

He had a bone to pick with him! He didn’t wish him “Happy Birthday”.

16. A happy Ghost!

What did the ghost tell his girlfriend after she threw him a huge birthday celebration?

I dig you!

17. Crazy Baker!

Why does the Baker laugh alone in his shop during his Birthday?

Because the eggs keep cracking funny jokes!

18. A Bloody Birthday!

What did Dracula tell his friends when they brought Angel Food Cake instead of blood for his birthday? 

You suck!

— 19th of 73 Birthday Jokes

19. A Crazy party!

Why was everyone rushed to the Mental hospital after going to the Zombie’s birthday party?

They had lost their minds!

20. A celebrity at a birthday party!

What would you tell John Cena if he showed up to your birthday party?

Nothing, because you wouldn’t see him!

21. A Crab’s party!

Which food would you find at a Crab’s birthday party? 

A Sandwich!

22. Nobody wished the Mummy a happy birthday!

Why did nobody wish the mummy a happy birthday?  

Well, she’s too wrapped around herself! 

23. A hopeful personality!

How did the Frog know his friends were planning a surprise birthday party for him?

He has a hopeful personality!

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24. Ghouls can’t have fun!

Why don’t ghosts celebrate their birthdays?

They already crossed to the other side!

25. A Gorilla’s birthday treat!

Which treat do Gorillas love for their birthdays?

Banana Ice Cream!

26. Not a surprise anymore!

What did the werewolf tell the mummy who couldn’t keep quiet about the Surprise Birthday party?

Let’s wrap this up!

27. No birthday wishes!

Why did everyone forget to wish the invisible man a happy birthday?

No one could see him! 

28. Happy Bat-day!

Where can you take a bat to celebrate his/her birthday? 

A baseball tournament 

29. Gym time!

Where should the woman who ate all the birthday cake go? 

On a diet!

30. A Green Birthday!

Why does Kermit prefer a vegan cake?

He went green a long time ago!

31. Run!

What do you call a man who just walked into the house after forgetting his wife’s birthday?

A dead man walking.

32. Birthday Penguins

Why do Penguins enjoy birthday Cakes?

They love the icing on top!

33. Match first or Match first?

Why did the girl match around the room when the boy said his birthday?

His birthday was March first.

34. Liar! liar!

What did the boy tell the girl who lied about her birthday being in June?


35. Crazy Ducks!

What do Ducks smoke during their Birthday?


36. Fishy birthday!

What do you call birthday wishes made by a fish?

Birthday fishes!

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— 37th of 73 Birthday Jokes

37. Planet celebrations!

What did the planet tell the other planet before preparing for their friend’s birthday surprise?

Wanna plan-et?

38. Plants just wanna have fun!

What did the Fungi tell the other plants when they were watching him dance at the birthday party?

Pretty fly for a fun-gi(fun guy), right!

39. Tea birthday parties 

How do teas give their birthday wishes?

Have a tea-riffic birthday! 

40. Grown!

What would you tell a beerholic during his birthday party?

Happy beer-thday mate!

41. Legendary Cows!

How do cows wish each other “happy birthday”?

Have a legen-dairy birthday! 

42. Baker and Cake rivalry!

What did the angry birthday cake tell the baker?

You want a piece of me!

43. A cheesy birthday!

What did the cheese tell the grate during his birthday?

This might sound cheesy but have a grate birthday. 

44. Nostalgia!

What does a fifty year old man tell himself during his birthday when he looks at his hair?

Wish you were hair!

45. Besties!

How does the Ice tea wish Coffee a happy birthday?

Happy birthday to my bes-tea!

46. A hard cake!

What do you call a cake that’s hard to cut?

A marble cake!

47. Turning 21!

What did the woman tell her 21 year old son during his birthday?

Just because you’re turning 21 doesn’t mean you have to wine about it! 

48. Turning older!

What did the old carrot tell herself during her birthday?

I am old but I do not Carrot all.

49. A bear-y fun party!

What did the bear tell the birthday girl?

Have a bear-y happy birthday!

50. Poor cake!

What did the orange ask the unhappy birthday cake?

What’s eating you up?

51. Moody Whale!

Why was the whale moody during her birthday?

She was over-whale-med

52. Friends for life.

The chocolate chip planned a surprise party for his best friend French fries. Call that friend-chip goals!

53. A mother’s love!

What did mama donut tell baby donut during his birthday?

Donut be worried! I’ll buy you a cake.

54. A bored cow!

Why didn’t the Cow laugh at his birthday party?

He wasn’t a-moo-sed!

— 55th of 73 Birthday Jokes

55. Elephant birthday party!

How do elephants show their support during birthday celebrations? 

By saying “I’ll be ear for you during your birthday!”

56. Pizza wishes!

What did the Pizza tell the pizza that was having a birthday party!

Have a slice day!

57. Old Bread!

What did the Baker tell the bread that was turning a year older?

You’re getting moulder!

58. Friendship.

What did the mermaid tell the girl after she surprised her with a Cake?

We mer-maid to be friends!

59. Seed romance.

The bean told peas that she loves him with every fibre of her bean after he bought her a birthday gift.

60. Ruined birthday!

What did the circle say after her birthday was ruined?

It’s pointless!

61. A skeleton’s intuition.

The skeleton knew his friends would throw him a surprise birthday party because he could feel it in his bones!

62. A Full Teddy!

Why did the Teddy bear eat only a slice of Cake

He’s always stuffed

63. An Unhappy headless man!

Why was the headless man unhappy when his friends took him to skydive during his birthday?

His head wasn’t in the clouds!

— 64th of 73 Birthday Jokes

64. Birthday joy!

Why did Dracula cry during his birthday party?

He has fillings too!

65. Saying goodbye.

Why did the paper lock himself in his room after saying goodbye to the pencil on his birthday?

He felt tearable(terrible)!

66. Party guys!

Why was there a hurricane at the Old man’s party?

Other old men used hurry-canes to reach the celebration faster.

67. Sel-fish!

Why didn’t the fish invite anyone to his birthday celebration?

He is shellfish!

68. Birthday gifts!

How does the Eskimo wrap his gifts?

Igloos it together!

69. Poor Dwarf!

Why does the dwarf have no money to buy a birthday cake? 

He’s always a little short.

70. Funny Egg!

Why did the Cake laugh?

Because the Egg cracked a joke!

71. What Am I? 

Years go by, I increase in number but still remain the same. What am I?

A vampire.

72. No brains this time!

What would you give a Zombie during his birthday party?

A cake not a brain!

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