The 55 Very Best Cheese Jokes

The 55 Very Best Cheese Jokes

Cheese, glorious cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese? It goes with everything! (Unless you are vegan…) Whether you dream of a loaded plate of nachos or prefer it paired with wine, it’s good to be cheesy! And what could be cheesier than a bunch of cheese jokes? We’ve got 50 cheese jokes here for your entertainment!

Cheese has a wonderful range of flavors and textures. From an extra-sharp piece of aged cheddar to a creamy mascarpone, cheese does it all! You can add cheese to enhance any meal, or just eat it straight off the block. How many other foods are this versatile? It’s also a great source for jokes, whether you made them up or they’re “nacho cheese jokes.”

The Funniest Cheese Jokes

What do you call a giant monster made of cheese?


What do you call his brother?


What do you say to someone who is trying to steal your cheese?

This is nacho cheese!

What did the teenage cheese yell at its parents?

Leave me provolone!

What kind of music does cheese like?

Roquefort ‘n’ Roll

What other kind of music does cheese listen to?


What kind of weather is extra cheesy?

Partly cloudy with a light bries.

What did one cheese say to cheer the other up?

You’re a gouda friend, it’s gonna brie ok.

What did the cheese say to her boyfriend?

“We look gouda to-feta.”

What did the cheese do with a Kleenex?

It bleu its nose.

What did the cheese say to his boss when he quit?

“I’m leaving this place! I’m feta up!”

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Why did the chicken cross the road made of cheese?

He wanted to feta to the other side.

Why did the cheese turn down the offer?

It sounded to gouda to be true

What’s the cheesiest channel on TV?

Brie-Brie C.

Why did the cheese refuse to be cut?

He had grater plans for his life.

What does cheese shout at slasher movies?

“Look out! The killer’s brie-hind you!”

Which cheese is the smartest?

Cheese Whiz.

What did the detective say to the suspected cheese thief?

“I believe you’ve been up to no gouda.”

What did the cheese say to its rival?

“You’re gouda, but I’m feta.”

What do you do to make a mouse smile?

Say cheese!

What did the cheese say to its doctor?

“Help me doc! I Camembert the pain any longer!”

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What’s the fanciest cheese hotel?

The Stilton

What does cheese ask for at the pub?


What dance does cheese do on Halloween?

The Munster Mash

What did the cheese say to her friend after a makeover?

“You’re looking gouda!”

What did the cheddar say when he tried on a blazer?

“I look sharp!”

What’s the cheesiest line in Shakespeare?

“To brie, or not to brie, that is the question!”

What did the cheese say to call a bear?


Which cheese do pirates prefer?


When can you not see cheese?

When it’s brie-hind you or pasteurised.

What did the cheese say when he first saw himself in the mirror?


Which cheese is made backwards?


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What’s a cheese’s favorite holiday?


What did the cheese say in the haunted house?

“I gotta get out of here, I’m lac-ghost intolerant.”

What costume does cheese wear on Halloween?

It dresses up like a muenster

What do you say when you have cheese but no crackers?

I’m cracklackin!

Which cheese does the pope like most?

Swiss cheese, it’s holey.

How does cheese get curly hair?

It gets a perm-esean

What did the man say when someone threw dough, tomato sauce, and cheese at him?

“You wanna pizza me?!”

How did the cheese runner lose the race?

He tripped on the final curdle.

What happened after the cheese factory exploded?

There was nothing left but de-brie.

What did the cheese say to the sales clerk when she brought her the wrong size?

This dress doesn’t feta.

Why did they smother the burrito in cheese sauce?

It was the best queso scenario.

What cheese did the basketball player eat before his big game?

Swish cheese.

Where’s the cheese grater?

Some say Italy, others say France. Depends on what you like.

What does Roquefort say when it’s sad?

“I’m feeling bleu.”

What did the cheese say to cheer their friend on?

“I brie-lieve in you!”

Which cheese is a cannibal’s favorite?


What’s Mickey’s favorite cheese?


What do you call hawks made of cheese?

Curds of prey.

Casey Luft-Runner