The 55 Very Best Pizza Jokes & Puns

The 55 Very Best Pizza Jokes & Puns

Eating a cheesy, warm, freshly baked delicious pizza can definitely brighten up everybody’s day. It’s a matter of fact, not a  big surprise. But did you know that puns and jokes about one of everyone’s favorite dishes can make you burst out laughing as well?

Believe it or not, reading jokes is one of the easiest, yet effective ways to increase mood during the day and feel happy. That’s exactly why people tend to hurry to the screens, looking for something funny and interesting at the same time. But being bored and wanting to feel better for the current moment is just one of the many reasons why people enjoy reading funny jokes on our website.

Are you having friends over at pizza and want to impress them? Do you want to stand out and tell fascinating pizza jokes and make everybody laugh out loud? Or maybe you just adore pizza and reading jokes related to your favorite Italian dish will reduce craving in the middle of the night. But these are just some of the situations where people enjoy listening to our pizza puns. It doesn’t matter what your reason is, just take your time and get ready because you’re about to laugh your head off.


Top 55+ Pizza Jokes & Puns

Today we’re going to introduce more than 55 hilarious jokes and all of them are related to pizza, this delicious food that makes most people’s mouths water. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer simple jokes, puns, knock-knock jokes, or funny one-liners, you will find the best pizza jokes of all of these categories below. Let’s take part in this hilarious journey together!


Pizza Jokes

We’re starting off having fun with simple pizza jokes. As a pizza admirer, you will be amazed to find such many excellent and easy-to-remember little stories about pizza that will make your friends and family members howl with laughter. Don’t forget to mark your favorite ones!


1. Let’s get started. Do you want to hear a joke about pizza?

Never mind, it’s way too cheesy.


2. I burned 2000 calories today. I fell asleep while baking pizza in the oven.


3. I decided to teach my children what democracy is. I let them vote on dinner and they chose pizza. 

But I made tacos.

They don’t live in a swing state.


4. A man walked into the pizzeria and asked the stuff:

M: Do you have 1000 pizzas?
S: No.

The staff decided to make 1000 pizzas and waited for the man. One day later, the man walked again and asked?

M: Do you have 1000 pizzas?
S: Yes, we have.
M: Wow! That’s a lot of pizzas! 

Said the man and left the pizzeria.


5. Do you want me to cut your pizza into 4 or 12 pieces?

4 please, I’m on a diet.


6. I ate 3.14 pizzas today. Do you know what I got?

I got fat.

And no, it’s not a pi joke


7. I ordered a goat’s cheese pizza yesterday. He wasn’t happy.


8. I’ve just burnt my Hawaiian pizza. I should have used aloha temperature.


9. I never understood why it was called Little Caesars but then my dad stabbed a pizza box.


10. The fact that you can accidentally make a person but you can’t accidentally make a pizza is a pity. Who decided that?


11. I feel ambivalent about pizza. 


Because on the upside, it has great toppings but on the downside, it doesn’t. 


12. Mike Tyson decided to leave the pizzeria and the waitress asked:

“Do you wanna box for the rest of your pizza?”


Pizza Puns

Telling puns is an easy way to get at the center of attention and make people smile. That’s why it’s a favorite type of joke for many people. Pizza puns are especially suitable for friendly gatherings or social situations where everyone is eager to hear something lively and amusing at the same time. Let’s leave pizza jokes to their place and switch to pizza puns.

13. Q: What do you call a sleepy father who got pizza for his kids?

A: Papa Yawns. 


14. Q: What type of person doesn’t love pizza?

A: Weir-dough.


15. Q: What is a pizza makers’ favorite song?

A: Slice, Slice Baby.


16. Q: What do you call a sleeping pizza?



17. Q: Can you tell the difference between a donut and a pizza?

A: Yes, a pizza can feed the whole family.


18. Q: Why was the famous pizza concerned? 

A: It was followed by a pepperazzi.


19. Q: What would pizza say if it was capable of talking? 

A: A lot of cheesy things, probably.


20. Q: What is the name of dogs’ favorite pizza?

A: Pupper-runi pizza. 


21. Q: What is the difference between a silly person and a pizza?

A: The first one is easy to cheat and the second one is cheesy to eat.


22. Q: What is something that a burnt pizza, frozen beer, and pregnant woman share?

A:  Somebody forgot to pull it out at the right time.


23. Q:  What is hairdressers’ favorite type of pizza?

A: Perm-asan.


24. Q: Wanna know why the toppings squeezed together on a pizza?

A: Because there was no mush-room.


25. Q: What is something that pizza delivery guys and gynecologists have in common? 

A: You can smell it but you can’t eat it.


26. Q: Do you know why the hipster burned his lips?

A: Because he ate pizza before it was cool.


27. Q: Women wear perfume to smell good. And pizzas wear what?

A: Calzone!


28. Q: What is the name of a machine that can ruin any pizza?

A:  A microwave.


29. Q: What did parmesan say when it broke up with mozzarella? 

A: I’m sorry, I’m too mature for you.


30. Q: What is something that a whole pizza can do but half pizza can’t?

A: Looking around.


31. Q: How do dogs eat pizza?

A: They just put it in their mouth, just like everyone else does!


32. Q: What did a pizza ask its toppings? 

A: Are we feta off alone?


33. Q: Name pizza’s favorite Hollywood movie.

A: Pie Hard.


34. Q: Calculate the volume of a pizza with r=Z and height is A. 

A: The answer: Pi * Z * Z * A


35. Q: What do a pizza delivery person and a comedian have in common?

A: Their work is difficult. They have the right stuff but sometimes they get the delivery wrong.


36. Q: What did the boss say to his pizza during the meeting?

A: There’s always a mushroom for development.


37. Q: Have you ever heard anything about an emo pizza?

A: It’s the one that cuts itself.


38. Q: Why did the man decide to start a pizza business?

A: He wanted to make some dough.


39. Q: What is something that an anteater likes the most on a pizza?

A: Ant-chovies.


40. Q: Do you know why the mushroom always gets invited to pizza parties?

A: Because he’s a fun-gi.


Pizza Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock Jokes are another popular jokes category that everyone, and especially kids, adores. You can find funny knock knock jokes about literally everything and our pizzas are no exception. Our playful journey goes on with Knock Knock Pizza Jokes. 

41. Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Pete who? 

Pete-zza. But it’s too late, I’ve already eaten it. 


42. Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Pizza who?

Pizza great guy. But since he’s on holiday, I’ve come to your house.


43. Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Pasta who?

Pass the pizza. Everybody’s hungry!


Pizza One-liners

And last but not least, the pizza one-liner jokes. Since you already know exciting puns and jokes about pizza, now it’s time to switch to one-liners and finish our pizza adventure. Hope you’ll have fun! 

44. Pizza’s first line while getting introduced to someone – Slice to meet you!


45. Waiter, will my pizza be long?

No, sir, it will be round.


46. What do pizzas say to express love?

Olive you!


47. What do pizzas say when they are surprised?

Cheesus Crust.


48. After all, you will always have a pizza in my hut.


49. It’s the yeast I could do!


50. Wanna hear a great slogan for a pizzeria? There you go – “seven days without a pizza makes one weak”.


51. Let’s get out there quickly and cheese the day!


52. I’m in love. You stole a pizza my heart.


53. A pizza asks a topping out on a date and says: I’ve never SAUsage a beautiful face.


54. There are two types of people in this world: ones who love pizza and the liars.


55. Wanna know what I have in common with Domino’s pizza? If I don’t come in 30 minutes, the next one is free.


56. I want to tell you a joke about pizza toppings but unfortunately, it’s too cheesy.


57. Nothing tops a plain pizza.


58. I wanna tell you something – I a-dough you!


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