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50 Very Best Halloween Pick Up Lines

50 Very Best Halloween Pick Up Lines

Halloween is a very special time of the year, the atmosphere changes from the first day of October. And on the last day of the month is when the fun really begins. Everyone wears costumes, masks and makeup, it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s not. Anyway, here are some phrases so you won’t be at a loss for words when you see the right person.

First of all, you have to know what you want, a single night of passion or a lifetime with that person? Maybe you don’t want to be so direct. Here are some relaxed pickup lines to get the game started.

64 Spooky and The Best Halloween Pick Up Lines

I have lived through many halloweens, and in every one of them you have been the most beautiful.

Everyone says you’re a witch because you trapped me with your love spell.

I’d like you to dress up as Cinderella, so you can lose your shoe and I can see you again.

It’s a good thing I dressed up as a zombie, otherwise I would have died when I saw you.

I’d give you flowers, but you probably got a lot at the funeral

You’d better put on your costume, because everyone will want a picture with you.

I don’t want a trick, with you a treat would be interesting.

After seeing you, I need to go to a psychiatric hospital, because you drive me crazy.

I’m not a pirate but I think I see treasure.

I wish I could cast a spell on you and keep you with me all night long.

May all the love spells work tonight

I am a psychic but I can’t read your heart.

You must be a ghost, because my heart stopped when I saw you.

Why spend on a doll costume, if you were born with that sweet look?

I love it when you dress up as a princess because then I can be your prince charming.

Are you looking for something more casual? Try with these sexys lines:

Are you a demon? Because I’m hotter than hell.

Let’s go to the house of horror, to do bad things.

Seeing you as a nun makes me want to do unholy things to you

I want to be a witch to use that broomstick.

I want to be your Dracula and drink every last drop of you

You are not a pumpkin pie but you are very spicy.

Yes, I am a vampire, but I drink blood through a straw.

I can make you scream without scaring you tonight

Are you a snake charmer? because mine is at your command.

I am not a cannibal but I would like to eat you.

Are you a builder? Because you have built me a fantasy.

Tonight I would like you to be a devil… to enter my hell.

Ride on my enchanted broom, to make you fly.

I love that costume, I’d love to see you without it even more.

You are the only sweet I want to eat tonight.

I see the wizard but I don´t see the wand

I’m looking for someone to make me scream tonight

Do you have a cigarette? Because I’m on fire.

I can´t make you feel in heaven, but yes hot as hell.

Let me be your bunny to hunt.

What a beautiful ghost, you’d look better in my sheets.

So you’re the living dead, my bed is the best place to rest.

Next year you have to be a skeleton, because tonight I’m going to make you feel to the bone

I don’t need fairy dust to make you fly.

I don’t need a spell to make you mine

I am not a werewolf, but I transform at night.

I hope you don’t choose trick

I’m glad you’re a zombie, I needed someone to eat me.

I’m not a witch but I can lift things without touching them.

Monsters sleep under your bed, but I can sleep in it if you want me to.

Well, I am a demon but you don’t need any ritual to make me appear at night in your house.

On Halloween we can dress up as Adam and Eve and populate the world.

How can I be scared of the love of my life?

It would be a pleasure to be your victim tonight

What if your feelings are very intense? Maybe some of it can show that person what’s going on inside you:

I think you have cast a spell on me because I am seeing the person of my dreams.

The nightmare became a dream now you are here

Your costume isn’t scary but it will make my heart pound out of my chest.

You’re the only candy I need this halloween

I’m looking for a wizard to break the spell I just got from seeing you, hon

What are you dressed up as? You look like the love of my life.

Look! Our costumes match, we look like future husbands and wives.

You are my favorite part of halloween

There is nothing in the world of the living or the dead that can extinguish my feelings for you.

I’ve come back from the dead just to see you, honey.

I wish you were Snow White so I could wake you up with a kiss.

Excuse me, are you a Jedi? Because I think you have moved my heart with your mind.

No matter how creepy your costume is, you will always be the most beautiful monster

Excellent day for an exorcism, do you want to volunteer?

Halloween is the perfect night to play How about pretending to be scared and I’ll hug

It should be called hallowin, because I win every time I see you.

I’m not afraid of death, well maybe of a death without having spent my life with you.

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