10 Best Shapewear For Love Handles

10 Best Shapewear For Love Handles

What are love handles?

This is the humorous name given to those parts of the body or, more precisely, annoying parts of the body that appear for various reasons, be it age or birth. Mostly handle loves like to appear on women’s hips or below the waistline.

It is very often uncomfortable with such handle loves, because it is difficult to remove them even with diets or sports.

Create a perfect silhouette, emphasize the waist, and smooth out flaws

From the covers of magazines and TV screens, worldly beauties with perfect figures and smooth skin look condescendingly at us. And did you know that even these beauties wear shapewear? Yes, yes, despite their seemingly perfect forms! The camera lens is cruel, and it is not enough torture with diets and long hours of training.

Easy correction is achieved at the expense of various shapewear. Such shapewear smooths out unevenness under clothes and forms a silhouette.

Therefore – away with complexes! No one prevents you from getting a perfect figure, even for one evening, as long as training in the gym and proper nutrition give results. You just need to choose the right shapewear.

What do you need to know when choosing such shapewear?

Degree of correction:


Are you ashamed to wear tight dresses, are you worried that the orange peel of cellulite will show through the fabric, and that your tummy is not in perfect condition? Underwear with a weak correction will help here. Probably, each of us has worn tights or compression knitwear at least once. Corrective underwear with a weak tightening gives a similar effect. Yes, tightening pants will smooth out the hip line and visually tighten the tummy.


If underwear with a weak correction is made, as a rule, from the same material, then in models with an average weight, fabrics of different densities are combined. Thanks to this, underwear will help to even out much more serious handle loves than cellulite: “ears” on the hips, folds on the back and stomach. As a rule, it is selected for a specific outfit, taking into account the length, depth of the neckline, and the presence of sleeves of the main garment.

Strong correction

Corset bones and plates and other rigid inserts are used in the creation of this shapewear. Therefore, with its help, you can really model the figure and align the posture. But you should be as careful as possible when choosing the right size, do not wear such underwear every day and for longer than the recommended period (usually 4-6 hours).

And what models of shapewear are there?

The choice of model depends on the areas of your handle loves and the outfit under which you are going to wear such shapewear.

Tights and trousers

A feature of tightening panties is a high fit or a one-piece belt, which perfectly aligns the waistline. If you need to adjust the hip and waistline at the same time, choose tight pants, but pay attention to their length, most likely you will have to put the mini aside.

Tightening belt  

Can be purchased in a pair with panties or separately. As a rule, it has bones and corset plates that allow you to perfectly adjust the line from the chest to the hips. Pick up a cinch belt in the same color as your favorite bra to wear them together.

Grace and semi-grace

Usually, grace combines a bra, belt, and panties. Since it is a one-piece and has a minimum of seams, it is ideal for a sheath-style dress. Pay attention to the cut of the bra, and it is better to immediately try on the grace under the dress with which you are going to wear it, to check whether the underwear does not peek out from the neckline and the general fit on the figure. In addition, half-graces (without a bodice) are also available – here you can boldly experiment with the cuts of outfits, combining half-graces with proven bras.

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The very best shapewear for love handles

W. SNAPS Sculpturing Bodysuit

Shapewear products of the Kim Kardashian brand are recognized as one of the highest quality among customers and stylists, and the most budget-friendly. We have chosen for our selection one of the most popular models that will suit all body types.


  • Holds in your core, shapes, and lifts your butt.
  • Whisper-soft, seamless construction and a high-cut leg.
  • 78% Nylon / 22% Spandex

HoneyLove Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Forming the most secret handle loves, shaped bodysuit adapts to each figure differently. The bodysuit is made of smooth spandex, the edge of which is laser-cut and leaves no marks on the body. Built-in bra lifts without underwire smooth, lightly compacted.

Targeted X compression sculpts your midsection.
Built-in bra without underwire holds the shape of the breast.
Body: 64% Nylon, 36% Spandex.

Rago Women’s Hi Waist Long Leg Shaper

We’ve selected the best waist and hip shaper shorts at the Rago brand. This model has completely flat seams that will never be visible under clothes, a split crotch so you don’t have to twist when you go to the bathroom, and special grippy lace leg openings that won’t ride up or bind your hips.


  • Gripper stretch lace bottom eliminates thigh bind, while the exclusive contour bands shape the waist, hips, back, and derriere.
  • The smooth seam finish lets you wear your favorite slim-fitting outfit without the fear of lines showing through.
  • Nylon / Spandex

Commando Zone Smoothing Brief

These panties are recommended by many stylists, as they are made of stretchy, soft, and smooth microfiber fabric that is incredibly comfortable to wear. And they also create a flawless look under clothing with raw edges and zoned panels that are smooth in all the right places.


  • With raw edges and zoned panels that are smooth in all the right places.
  • 70% nylon, 30% elastane

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Compression Shorts

Another type of shorts that will help smooth out your handle loves. No lumps, no bumps, just a smoother, slimmer, and sexier silhouette.


  • 360° of targeted compression for the tummy, tush and thighs.
  • Clean-cut leg finish (no digging!).
  • Lightweight, breathable material.

Yummie Shaping Tank

Although the brand became popular with its specialty pants, its soft shapewear tops and underwear have become the top choice among women. We offer you one of the best shaper tops that will accentuate your waist and hips, and its fabric feels like a second skin.


  • The temperature-regulating knit.
  • 43% Tencel® lyocell, 43% Outlast® viscose, 11% nylon, 3% elastane.

The High Waist shaping briefs

Perfectly combined with a turtleneck or a knitted fitted dress, and trousers with a high waist. The effect of smoothing the stomach, waist, and hips can be achieved thanks to Heist brand underwear.


  • Made using breathable HeroPanels™, which offer targeted compression that smooths and sculpts while supporting your posture.
  • Seam-free bonded edges prevent them from digging in or showing underneath clothing.
  • 74% polyamide, 26% elastane; lining: 100% cotton.

SKIMS’ ‘Fits Everybody’ bodysuit

For those who need everything at once, we recommend taking a closer look at this charming shapewear bodysuit. It’s made from a double-layered satin knit that’s mixed with plenty of stretch and has a seamless thong back that appears invisible under clothing.


  • Designed for a close fit.
  • Minimal brief coverage.
  • Lightweight, stretchy fabric.
  • 76% polyamide, 24% elastane

Spanx Under Sculpture High-Rise Control Shorts

Another model that is in demand and will make your figure without excess handle loves. Spanx shapewear shorts shapes your figure with a stretchy knit that’s lined on the inside of the torso and thigh to create an hourglass silhouette. They shape your figure and create a smooth base under tight clothing. Fasteners in the front and damage lost easily to insert and remove them.


  • Fits true to size, take your normal size.
  • Intended to sculpt and hold your figure.
  • 70% triacetate, 30% polyester; lining: 78% nylon, 22% elastane.

Wacoal Red Carpet Shaping Bodysuit

And the last, our star model – Red Carpet Shaping Bodysuit. It is this bodysuit that is in demand among the stars on the red carpet and their stylists.


  • Comfortable, elastic material
  • Lightweight, stretchy fabric.
  • 76% polyamide, 24% elastane
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