30 Very Best Summer Bucket List Activities

30 Very Best Summer Bucket List Activities

Summer is around the corner and there are countless fun and adventurous activities waiting for you to make this year’s sunny season unforgettable. 

Our summer bucket list activities will give you the ideas and inspiration you need to plan unique vacations, magical mornings, and exciting evenings all summer long.


1. Have A BBQ With Friends

BBQs are a great opportunity to bring family and friends together and enjoy some good food in great company. Make mouthwatering meat or vegetarian dishes, pop some beer in the freezer, prepare cool cocktails, set up a fire pit, decorate your garden with some fairy lights – and voila, you have created the perfect summer evening that everyone will enjoy.


2. Learn A Watersport

Surfing, SUPing, waterskiing, snorkeling – there is a water sport for everyone out there. Whether it’s on a lake or by the sea, use this summer to have some fun on (or under) the water!


3. Watch An Outdoor Movie

Watch your favorite summer movie under the night sky this year! Either find the closest drive-in cinema in your area, or create your own little outdoor movie theater in your backyard. All you need is a portable projector, a bluetooth speaker and a big white sheet or screen.


4. Have A Picnic On The Beach

Grab a blanket, some delicious food, a bottle of wine (or another beverage of your choice) and your special someone, and have a romantic picnic on the beach. Stay until sunset to make this summer bucket list activity unforgettable.


5. Go Camping

Camping trips are a fun summer activity to do with your family or friends. And the best thing about it: You don’t have to travel far. Even your own backyard works perfectly fine! Just pitch your tents, make a bonfire and enjoy the adventure.

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6. Go On A Cycling Trip

Cycling is not only a great mode of transport, but it also has incredible mental and physical health benefits. Decide on a scenic route, bring a picnic and enjoy a day away from daily tasks to recharge.


7. Watch The Sunrise

Everyone loves to watch the sunset and especially in summer, it’s a popular thing to do. But trust me, getting up to watch the sunrise is incredibly rewarding and a beautiful way to start your day.


8. Go On A Boat Ride

Breathe in the fresh air, take a dip in the sea, and increase your vitamin D levels on a sunny afternoon on the water. Boating is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are the active type who loves wakeboarding and inflatable water slides, or just want to slow down and take a nap on the gently rocking waves, a boat ride will make your day.


9. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing tastes better than homemade food and ice cream is no exception. Make your own and share it with your loved ones! There are countless DIY recipes on the internet and depending on your personal preferences and taste, you can create exactly what you like, and try out all the flavors you have always dreamed of!


10. Play A Round Of Mini Golf

Looking for a sunny Sunday afternoon activity with the whole family? Play a round of mini-golf! It’s a lot of fun and brings everyone together. Mini golf also poses a great socializing opportunity for kids and improves their problem-solving and concentration skills.

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11. Go White Water Rafting

This one is for all the active adventurers out there. White water rafting gets your adrenaline pumping and your muscles working. Plus, it’s a unique team-building experience! Whether you do it with your best friends, the whole family or even your work colleagues – you will definitely come out stronger as a group.


12. Look Out For Shooting Stars

Spotting a shooting star means good luck, and who could ever have enough of that? In summer, it is warm enough to spend the night on a blanket under the stars and collect those magical moments.


13. Do A Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is another summer bucket list activity that is popular among groups of friends and couples. Taste and compare delicious wines in stunning scenery, and take home a bottle of your favorite drink. In the U.S. alone, there are a total of over 11.000 wineries – Surely one of them is not too far from you!


14. Go On A Hike

Hiking is a great way to explore the Great Outdoors and reconnect with nature while breathing in some fresh air and working on that summer tan. It’s an activity that can be done with your friends, parents, kids, dogs, and like-minded strangers you find in the local hiking club. And here’s another great thing about it: It’s for free!


15. Do Some Gardening

There is no better time of the year to start a gardening project. Create a herb garden, plant your own fruits and veggies, or add some color with vibrant flowers. It makes spending time in your own garden (or on your balcony) even more fun.


16. Pick Strawberries

Picking strawberries is a rewarding activity that allows you to go home with the freshest and most delicious berries possible. You can either harvest the fruits at a U-Pick farm, or from your own patch (if you liked the previous point on the list and created your own little strawberry garden).


17. Go Zip-Lining

Get high and admire our beautiful planet from above. If you are not afraid of heights, this summer bucket list activity is for you. You’ll be sliding through the air across great depths and open spaces and it almost feels like you are flying. Adrenaline rushes guaranteed!


18. Go Fishing

Fishing is a peaceful and fun activity that can be enjoyed at any age. It reduces stress, improves patience and concentration, and is something you can do on your own, or with like-minded people.


19. Try Out Rock Climbing

Looking for a unique way to work out? Rock climbing might be the answer. It uses virtually every muscle in your body and improves your balance and flexibility at the same time. While indoor climbing gyms are popular during the colder months, outdoor rock climbing is one of the summer bucket list activities that you don’t want to miss.


20. Go On A Treasure Hunt

If you have children at home (or are young at heart), plan a treasure hunt! It’s great to improve teamwork and helps your kids to discover and explore. It also encourages creativity and ‘outside the box’ thinking – definitely something no one could ever get enough of!

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21. Go Skydiving

If you thought that everything else on this summer bucket list was not adventurous enough for you so far, go skydiving. There’s not much that increases your endorphin production more than jumping out of a plane. It surely can be a life-changing experience for some.


22. Read A Good Book In The Sun

Reading is something you can do all year long. However, having the sun warm your skin and listening to the beautiful bird sounds at the same time, is something that only warm summer days allow. Create a cozy reading corner on a blanket in your garden and slow down with a good book.


23. Listen To A New Podcast

If you’re not a bookworm, consider listening to podcasts. No matter your interests, nowadays you can be sure that you’ll find a format that entertains and informs you. Buzzsprout, SoundCloud, Spotify, Podbean or Simplecast are only a few of the countless podcast platforms that are presented to us today.


24. Discover Your Own City

Be a tourist in your own hometown and discover it from a new perspective. What makes your area special? What would tourists do if they had a day to check it out? Is there a hop-on hop-off bus that you can take? What’s the most famous memorial and do you really already know everything about your city’s history? You will see, looking at your own city from a foreign perspective will have one or the other surprise for you.


25. Stroll Over A Market

Taking time to walk over a farmer’s or flee market is a relaxing, yet social experience. Chat to the market sellers and support small local businesses with your purchases. You can also meet up with friends and enjoy lunch in a charming atmosphere.


26. Sleep Under The Stars

Whether you put your sleeping bag (ideally under a mosquito net) in your own backyard or go on a road trip and park in the middle of nowhere – sleeping under the stars is an adventurous and healthy way to spend the night. Plan a romantic summer evening with your special someone or do it all by yourself and recharge your mind and body.


27. Create Your Own Summer Cocktail

Mix your favorite ingredients together and create your own summer cocktail. Give a unique name and make it a new summer tradition to drink your creation! Nothing will make a summer more unforgettable.


28. Learn A New Skill

What have you always wanted to learn? Juggling? Yoga? Cooking? This summer there are no excuses anymore! Go ahead and learn whatever it is you are interested in. Maybe partner up with a friend or family member to make the activity more fun.


29. Make A Bird Feeder

Here’s another summer bucket list activity for the crafty people out there. And for all the non-crafty people who would like to improve their skills. Bird feeders are quite easy to build from cartons or plastic bottles. Make yours unique by painting or decorating it according to your personal preferences.


30. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has a number of physical and mental health benefits that make this exercise one of the most popular summer bucket list activities. It increases your strength and posture, while relieving stress and improving your mood. A classic win-win situation and definitely an activity you should try this summer!