5 Very Best Campfire Conversation Starters

5 Very Best Campfire Conversation Starters

Sitting around a fire with friends and family is a great way to relax and just have fun.  If you are going on a camping trip anytime soon, or even just hosting a get-together that includes gathering around a fire, here are some fun campfire conversation starters.


Tell Stories

Why not get things starting by coming up with a story?  It can be made up, or something that really happened to you.  It can be funny, scary, crazy…whatever you want it to be! Encourage your guests to tell their own stories.  Expect to be entertained as everyone will naturally want to outdo the previous story that was told.


Share What’s New

Have some exciting news?  Has anything interesting happened to you lately?  Maybe you have recently accomplished something you are proud of.  Don’t be shy, go ahead and share it with those gathered around the fire.

But don’t only talk about yourself.  Ask others about their lives too. Get caught up and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

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Remember Good Times

Chances are the people who are hanging out around the fire with you are good friends.  You probably have fond and funny memories of each other. Have everyone take a turn sharing their favorite memories.  Some will make you feel good, while others will probably make you fall over with laughter.


Work Together

Instead of having each person tell a story one at a time, have everyone come up with a story together!  Start with a sentence, then the person next to you will add another sentence. Keep going around until the story reaches the end.

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Play a Game

Campfire game options are endless!  Here are some ideas:


With these ideas in mind, your next campfire is bound to be a great time for the whole group!