The 50 Very Best Minion Jokes

The 50 Very Best Minion Jokes

Whether you’re ‘bananas’ yourself or have young children who are fans of these adorable little yellow creatures, minion jokes are entertaining for everyone.

Since their inception as Gru’s bumbling sidekicks in Despicable Me in 2010, minions have grown in popularity. They’ve even had their own two hilarious films made about them. Read on to find 50 of our favourite minion-themed jokes, have a giggle and, perhaps, have a banana.

50 Funny Minion Jokes

What does the minion sing to his Valentine?

You’re one in a minion, wo-ohhh.

What do you do if you don’t like minions?

Don’t worry, they Gru on us too.

What did the minion say to the Doctor?

He’s not peeling well.

Why did the minion cross the road?

To get to his banana

What did the minion say to the banana?

I find you a-peel-ing (just kidding, ‘BANANA!’)

What did the banana say to the minion?

Nothing, bananas can’t talk, silly.

What’s a minion’s favourite fashion accessory?


What do dentists advise minions to do?

Brush your teeth and Gru-gle.

Where do minions love to go on holiday?

The Bananas

What buzzes and chases minions away from flowers?

A despicable bee

What’s Bob’s favourite song?

Yellow by Coldplay

What movie do minions love to go see in the cinema?

Minion Impossible

What does a minion mum call her offspring?


What’s the one costume Stuart can’t wear at Halloween?


What’s a minion’s costume of choice instead?


What happened to the minion who lost his mind?

He went bananas

What did the minion get when he ordered from Starbucks?

Despicable tea

What did the minion lose when he went home?

Despicable key

What did the minion have to pay when he got a parking ticket?

(You get the idea…) a despicable fee

Moving on… what do you call a really bad minion joke?

You might say it’s Gru-some

What does a minion give his friend for their birthday?

A Gru-pon

What does a minion give his best friend for their birthday?

A banana

What’s one word you should never call a minion?


What role did the minion play in Friends?

Gunther (his hair was brighter than the sun)

What’s a minion’s favourite scifi film?

Minion in Black

What’s a minion’s favourite pop group?


How many minions are there?

I don’t know, why don’t you Gru-gle it.

What do you call a minion who is water-skiing?

A banana boat

What do you call the minion who’s sitting on the minion banana boat?

A little bit crazy

What do you call the minion who gets all the girls?

A banana smoothie

What does Bob say when he answers his phone?


Where do minions go to learn on weekends?

Sundae school

What sickness did the minion get while travelling?

Yellow fever

What animal does a minion like the most?

Sheep (because it goes baaa-nanas)

What does a minion call his grandmother?


What kinds of jokes do minions like to tell their friends?

Side-splitting ones

Why are minions not lonely?

They hang out in bunches

How did those minions feel who weren’t Gru’s favourites?

They were green with envy

Why do minions like classical music?

Beethoven’s banana-na, banana-na really appeals to them

What’s a minion’s favourite car?

A SubaGru

What do you call a minion who follows his favourite band around?

A Gru-pie

What does the minion order at his favourite restaurant?

Filet minion

Why Gru play the lottery?

He wanted to win a minion dollars

What’s Bob’s biggest wish?

That he Gru

How does Stuart make sure his friends stay safe?

He keeps an eye on them

What do you call a minion who does way too much for his master?


What is Kevin’s favourite sport?

One where you can really peel the burn (golf, it’s golf.)

What did minions always dread in school?

The Gru-p project

Why did the minion get his hair cut?

Because he had split ends

What’s the best way to greet Kevin, Stuart, and Bob?

Yellow, yellow, yellow

Julia Gallacher