60 Icy Snowman Jokes

60 Icy Snowman Jokes

Do you like a good joke? Trust us, writing this many in one go is snow laughing matter. But it’s cool, there’s something here for everyone. The puns are just the tip of the iceberg, it gets frostier after that (are you still with us?) Whether you ho ho ho at these or rather ha ha ha, read on for some super chilly giggles. And whatever you do, don’t say snow, man.

What did the ice cube say to impress the snowman?
I was water before it was cool.

What did the snowman say to the dog?
I’m not playing fetch with you ever again. (Now give me back my arm.)

What made the snowman go to his doctor?
He was getting the chills.

Where does the snowman go to get his weather report?
The winternet.

What was the snowman doing with a bag of carrots?
He was picking his nose.

What song do snowmen like best?
Freeze a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny.

What did the Dr say to the carrot and coal pieces?
I’m afraid you’re dehydrated.

What do you call an aging snowman?

Why should you never make a snowman angry?
Because he might have a complete meltdown.

What happens if you give a snowman a turnip for a nose?
He doesn’t carrot all.

What do you call a snowman in the summer?

Why did Frosty the snowman skip the Christmas party?
He wanted to chill instead.

What does one snowman say to another?
It takes one to snow one.

What do you call a snowman with a six pack?
The abdominal snowman.

What do you call a snowman who just didn’t want to stick?
Up to snow good.

What does the snowman say to his wife?
I only have ice for you.

How does the snowman feel about his house?
He thinks there’s snow place like home.

And what sign does he keep on his door?
Home Sleet Home.

What does the snowman say about Spring?
Say it ain’t snow!

When there’s a snowman party, what song does everyone like to groove to?
Every day I’m shovellin’.

What do snowmen like to eat for breakfast?
Ice Crispies or Frosted Flakes

And what do snowmen drink in the summer?
Ice tea.

Ever heard about Snowman Bond, 007?
He has the license to chill.

Two snowmen are chilling in the garden. What does one say to the other?
That’s funny, I smell carrots.

What did the bunny say to the snowman?
Gimme your nose, and nobody gets melted.

What do snowmen like to eat for dinner?

What does the snow-mother say to the snow-child?
I told you if you keep making a face, it’ll freeze that way.

Where is the snowman taking his lady for New Year’s Eve?
To a snowball.

Where does the snowman go to get his money?
To a snow bank.

What does a snowman call his grandfather?

What does the snow-groom say before he gets to the altar?
I think I’m getting cold feet.

What did the snowman say to his friend with the little carrot?
‘Nose job?’ ‘No, squirrel.’

What does the snowman say to his new snowman friend?
Ice to meet you.

Why did the snowman stop laughing?
He had snow more jokes.

What’s a snowman’s favourite chocolate?

What award did the snowman receive at the fair?
‘Best in Snow.’

What type of transport do snowmen like best?

What letter is the snowman’s Christmas alphabet missing?
It has noel.

What did the snowman say to his love?
I’ll stop the world and melt with you.

What did the snowman say on his lonely Caribbean holiday?
Snowman is an island.

What does the snowman cook when he’s hungry?

What language do snowmen speak at Santa’s house?
North Polish.

What did the snowman celebrity say to his friends?
Sorry guys, I’ve got a high ice tag.

What does the snowman say to the sunshine?
You melt me.

What happens when a snowman feels lazy?
There’s snow way he’s leaving his house.

Why don’t snowmen have beards?
They’re made from shaved ice.

What happened when the snowman was stored in a freezer?
He began thinking about peas on Earth.

Why did the snowman walk into the ice cream shop carrying an umbrella?
He heard there were going to be sprinkles.

Why did the snowman stay outside for Christmas?
He felt Claus-trophobic.

How did the snowman know Santa was around?
He sensed his presents.

Why did the snowman take a photo with Santa?
He really wanted an elfie.

How come snowmen are always so happy?
They know how to freeze the day.

Why don’t snowmen go to school?
They’re elf-taught.

What brought the snowman to the dentist?
He had frostbite.

Why did the snowman give the snow-woman a present?
He thought it’d be ice.

Why did the snowman get out of the ice cream business?
He didn’t like working on sundaes.

How come the snowman asked for a pepper instead of a carrot?
He was feeling a little chili.

What did snowmen say in Roman times?
I came, I thaw, I conquered.

What kind of coffee to snowmen drink?
Cold brew.

And lastly, why does everyone love Frosty the snowman so much?
Simple, he’s a cool guy.

Julia Gallacher