The 40 Very Best Winter Jokes

The 40 Very Best Winter Jokes

It’s cold and wet and all you want to do is stay inside and keep warm.

Yep! It’s winter again, so sit back by the fire and warm up with 8o side-splitting jokes guaranteed to warm you up!

40 Funny and the Best Winter Jokes

1- Why did the chicken cross the road?
He was walking south for the winter.

2- How did Batman get to the Penguins hideout?
He took his snowmobile.

3- Why do skeletons hate winter?
They get chilled to the bone.

4- Why do bears hibernate in winter?
So they don’t Netflix and chill.

5- Why do bears like dogs in the winter?
Because they are chilly dogs.

6- How does a snowman get to work?
He rides a Bi-icicle.

7- What do you get when you milk a cow in the winter?
Ice cream.

8- Where do bears keep their money?
In a slush fund.

9- What do you call drag racing in the winter?
Snow drifting.

10- What do bears wear when they hibernate?
Snow caps.

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11- What do bears have in their homes?

12- What do you call a messy storm?
A squall-or.

13- Why do musicians like the winter?
So they can play cool jazz.

14- Why are mountains always warm?
They are wearing snowcaps.

15- Why is it easier to say the alphabet at Christmas?
There is Noel.

16- Why are snowflakes like fingerprints?
They are one of a kind.

17- How does a German skier cry for help?
Alp! Alp!

18- Why is Vanilla Ice popular in the winter?
Ice Ice baby.

19- What do you call a sled that belongs to Bob?
A Bobsled.

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20- Why did the bird get lost when flying south for winter?
She was a Tern.

21- What do you call a reindeer with no eyes?
No Idea.

22- What do elves take when they are stressed?
A chill pill.

23- What did the Irish snowman say to the Easter bunny?
There is a nor’easter.

24- Why is blackcurrant the fastest sorbet to eat?
It’s made of blackice.

25- Why don’t people sunbathe in the winter?
It’s a bit nipply.

26- What’s type of building is the tallest in Antarctica?
It’s an Ice Scraper.

27- Why do women not hike four days out of every month?
Because they have their crampons.

28- What’s a bear’s favorite type of pie?
Shepherds pie.

29- Why did the winter Olympian pick his nose?
He had a Luge-e.

30- Where is the best place to keep a fire?
The fireplace.

31- How do musicians keep the beat in winter?
With a cold snap.

32- What do you send to a sick friend in winter?
A get well soon card-igan.

33- How do you call a cab in winter?
You hail it.

34- What do you call a female wind?

35- How does an Inuit man build his home?
With gloo.

36- How does a gingerbread man pay for things?
With dough.

37- Did you hear about the scarecrow in winter?
He was Ice-solated.

38- How do people say their prayers in winter?
Hail Mary.

39- What did the seal say when they swam into a wall?

40. Why does everybody love winter?
Because it’s snow much fun!

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