Shark Puns

Shark Puns

Sharks don’t have the best reputation, do they? Sure, they’re top of the ocean’s food chain and inspire quite a bit of fear as a result, but look a little deeper and you’ll see that these mighty creatures aren’t all that bad. In fact, they inspire plenty of hilarious shark puns and wordplay!

From ‘Jaws’-dropping one-liners to fn-tastic jokes, together we can find the humorous side of these misunderstood giants.

Here are 50 of the best shark puns to make you laugh:

What’s a shark’s motto? Carpe diem: seize the ‘prey’

What do you call it when a shark that embezzles from their employer? A fn-side job

Wow – that shark has a ‘jaw-some’ physique!

What’s a shark’s favorite Chrisopher Nolan flm? Fin-tersellar

What’s a shark’s second-favorite Nolan film? The ‘Shark’ Night

Why did the shark invest in crypto? It wanted to add to its fn-ancial portfolio

What game do sharks play at school? Hide and sea-k

Sure the original Jaws flm was good, but Jaws III? It really jumped the shark

When the basking shark tried to be a comedian, its jokes lef the audience ‘basking’ in silence

Where does the shark put its lefovers? The chomp-ost

Reality TV is a shark’s gill-ty pleasure

What’s a shark’s favorite self-help book? How to Win Friends and Fin-fuence People

Where does a shark go to make business deals? Shark tank

Why did the shark feel bashful? Because it saw the sea’s bottom

That shark has a huge TikTok following, it’s on its way to become a fn-fuencer

What’s a shark’s favorite sweet? Jaws-breakers

The great white desperately wanted new friends, but their social skills were pretty fn-timidating

The shark is just waiting around, ‘biting’ its time

The best thing about seeing a shark at the disco is seeing their ‘Jaws’-dropping dance moves

What do sharks say to compliment each other’s outfts? “Looking sharp!”

It was the slowest shark in the race, but it would make it to the fnish line, slowly but shore-ly

It’s chomp-licated

What landed the shark’s email in the junk folder? It was fshing (phishing) for attention!

The weather has been fn-omenal this summer

Where did the shark buy an engagement ring? Chomp-ard

That shark speaks FIVE languages. What a multi-fn-gualist!

Where do sharks go to see the latest movies? The fn-ema

The shark was up for the promotion — the new job was a shore thing!

The shark chewed over the idea till it reached a conclusion

Some sharks enjoy Playstation, but most prefer Fin-tendo

The shark’s marriage wasn’t going well. It considered a sea-peration

Why do sharks make great lovers? The are experts in fn-timacy

Sharks love mystery novels, because the plot is something they can sink their teeth into

At the shark’s drinks reception, it served bite-sized treats

Sharks don’t tell stories, they tell tails

Why did the shark excel in mathematics? It had a fair for chomp-utations!

The shark’s new makeover made a big splash

What happens when a shark runs out of data? It has to buy more mega-bites

Why did the shark go to therapy? For deep reef-lection

Sharks can be a little megalodon-dramatic

The shark had many jaw-inspiring accomplishments

The bartender knew the shark’s go-to cocktail, a ‘shark’ n’ stormy

That shark talks so much it could talk under water

The shark works in start-ups, they’re a fn-treprenuer

They were swimming without clothes on, completely ‘shark’ naked

The shark performed well in the business meeting, ofering gill-iant ideas

Sharks are natural athletics, they excel in chomp-etitive sports

What does a shark eat on a long-haul fight? A fn-fight meal

The shark had a spa day — it needed to feel reef-reshed

What’s a shark’s favorite instrument? The bite-o-lin

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