50 Very Best Pokemon Jokes

50 Very Best Pokemon Jokes

It’s hard to believe, but 25 years of Pokemon have come and gone. As the Poke-world has grown and developed, so have we. Older generations have gone from watching the cartoons on a Saturday morning while eating cereal to teaching their children which starter is superior. Ash has become a Pokemon champion, there’s over 1,000 Pokemon, and no matter how old anyone may get, we’ll always be humming the original 4Kids theme song.

In celebration of 25 years of Pokemon, join me as I share a myriad of Pokemon jokes and Pokemon puns that will tickle your funny Cu-Bone and leave you in Sini-tears!

50 Pokemon Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Cu-Bone

What Pokemon is good for fixing lights?

A light Bulbasaur!

How can you see a fire Pokemon is flirting with you?

When they turn up the Charmeleon!

What are good presents for a playful Pokemon?

A Bal-toy or a Clay-doll!

Are you a Meloetta?

Because you’re music to my ears!

What’s the worst way to make a ghost Pokemon mad?

You mess with their Spiritomb!

What’s a Pokemon that comes after Articuno but before Moltres?


What does Brock say before you start his gym battle?

“Time to Roggenrola!”

Why do you always get caught by Pokemon in the tall grass?

Because there’s always a Watchog!

What Pokemon would make a terrible Speech teacher?

Mr. Mime!

What gifts does Dawn love to get?

Diamonds and Pearls!

How can you fix a TV in Pokemon?

You wiggle the Hat-enna!

How can you get a baby Pokemon to sleep?

You sing them a Vullaby!

How can Pokemon help you in geometry?

By seeing if shapes are Porygons or Cryagonals!

Are you a Bewear?

Because I want to give you a bear hug!

Why does Palkia love it’s orb so much?

Because it’s Lustrous!

How do Pokemon trainers lock their doors?

They use their Klef-keys!

What internet brower does a Pokemon trainer use?

Fire Delphox!

What’s a ghost Pokemon’s favorite treat?

Sinistea and cookies!

Why is Mirror a bad move against a ghost type Pokemon?

Because they will only Mimik-yu!

Have you heard about the new Pokemon beer?

They called it a Volcarona Lite!

Why was the Pokemon still eating?

They had some Leftovers!

Why is it so hard to find Fossil Pokemon?

They only come out at Oma-night!

Why do Drednaws eat so slowly?

They have to Chewtle their food.

What’s Pikachu’s favorite music genre?

The Pika-blues!

What do you call a Pokemon trainer who can summon the dead?

A Necrozmancer!

What’s a fun game all Pokemon love to play?


Treat a Capsakid well!

If you don’t they’ll turn into a Scovillain!

What’s a fun video game a Pokemon trainer loves to play?


Are you a Banette?

Because I am a puppet on your strings!

How do you calm down a baby Pokemon?

You Sewaddle them!

What is something an Ancient Greek Pokemon would wear?

A Tir-toga!

How do you make a Dachsbun?

You knead the Fidough!

That’s not just a good Poke ball.

That’s a Great Ball!

Why does the Aromatisse smell so nice?

They used a Sptirz-ee of perfume!

What did Team Rocket say after they were launched by a Bug Pokemon?

“We’re Karrablasting off again!”

Where does a Pokemon trainer get rid of their trash?

In the Trubbish bin!

What dance is popular with water type Pokemon?

The Eelektrik boogaloo!

Do you know how the Pokemon learned to spell?

The story is still Unown.

Team Aqua had a good idea at first.

But they went a little Kyogre-board.

How can you tell a Pokemon is shy?

When they have a hard time coming out of their Shell-der!

You can get over any river in Pokemon!

It just takes a Hop-pip, a Skip-bloom, and a Jump-luff!

Does that Pokemon weigh a lot?

Oh yeah, they weigh a Tinkaton!

What’s a Pokemon you never wanna fight?

A Crabrawler!

What’s a great treat to get in Kanto?

Cinnabar rolls!

Does a Vulpix have a lot of stories?

Nope, they only have Ninetales.

What Pokemon does everyone know forward and backward?


What’s a good Pokemon to ride underwater?

A Horse-sea!

It’s a very lovely sand castle!

It sure doesn’t look like a Pal-o-ssand.

What Pokemon would be great for the band Heart?


Are you my favorite starter?

Because I will always choose you!

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