75 Unicorn Jokes to Enchant Your Day

75 Unicorn Jokes to Enchant Your Day

Unicorns are such majestic creatures. They symbolize bravery, innocence, and loyalty. To some, they mean being unique and one-of-a-kind. To others, they’re a fairy tale that defies age and expectation. In honor of the beauty of unicorns and all they represent, here is a selection of unicorn-themed jokes that will enchant your day and leave you prancing with happiness!

First up, here are 25 unicorn jokes for kids, foals, and colts!

1) What is a unicorn’s favorite musical?

  • Uni-cabaret!

2) What do you call a unicorn with a habit of making shoes?

  • A uni-cobbler!

3) Did you hear about the unicorn who got arrested?

  • Now they’re a uni – convict!

4) What event was the princess late for at the castle?

  • Her uni-cornoration!

5) Why are unicorns always associated with rainbows?

  • Take one look at that creature and tell it doesn’t look fabulous.

6) How does a unicorn’s hair feel?

  • It feels uni – course.

7) What is a unicorn’s favorite fruit?

  • Unico-conuts!

8) What do you call a unicorn that needs to go on a diet?

  • A rhino!

9) What does a unicorn have on their Thanksgiving table?

  • A uni – cornucopia!

10) What do you call a unicorn that is coated in fire?

  • A Rapidash!

11) What do you call a unicorn without a horn?

  • A horse. 

12) Why do wizards not like unicorns?

  • They have built-in wands!

13) What do you call a unicorn with wings, magical power, and a princess title?

  • Twilight Sparkle!

14) Do you know what a unicorn’s favorite instrument is?

  • The French uni-horn!

15) What’s a food every unicorn loves? 

  • A uni-corn on the cob!

16) Where does a unicorn with a job work?

  • At the uni-corporation!

17) What do you get when you mix a unicorn and a vampire?

  • Unic-ula!

18) What do you get when you cross a unicorn and a kitten?

  • A mew – nicorn!

19) What’s a unicorn’s favorite song?

  • The Rainbow Connection!

20) What does a unicorn use on their hair when they bathe?

  • Mane-belline!

21) What stories do unicorns love to tell?

  • Fairy tails!

22) What do you call a unicorn that lives underwater?

  • A narwhal!

23) Why are unicorns great conversationalists?

  • They get straight to the point.

24) What do unicorn foals call their dads?

  • Pop-corns!

25) What do you call a unicorn that’s black and white?

  • A monochrome-icorn!

If you’re an adult looking for a unicorn joke that packs more of a back-kick, then check out these 25 jokes guaranteed to bring some sparkle to your conversation!

25) How do you know a unicorn is in the mood?

  • They get really horn-y.

26) Why did the unicorn take up water polo?

  • Well, it was initially doing jousting, but there was an accident on the field.

27) You really can’t put a horse next to a unicorn.

  • The horn really gets put to use then.

28) What is the last place you want to see a unicorn?

  • Candy Mountain.

29) How can you tell a unicorn is into hard rock?

  • When they start singing “Colt of Personality!”

30) What do you get when you cross a group of Irish dogs and a unicorn?

  • The Unicorn Song!

31) I guess you haven’t heard about the new soft rock musician for unicorns.

  • They call him “Barry Mane-ilow.”

32) Why did the unicorn need to cool down at the club?

  • Because they were too hot to trot.

33) What’s the worst game you can play with a unicorn?

  • Leap Frog.

34) Two unicorns are eating in the shade. One suddenly asks “Ever wonder why we have lion’s tails?”

  • The other turns to him and says, “Since when can you talk?!”

35) What sort of magazines do unicorns read?

  • Uni – porn!

36) What’s the one rule for touching a unicorn’s horn?

  • Just the tip, no grinding.

37) What’s the difference between a unicorn and a rainbow?

  • Both have pride, but one doesn’t give free rides.

38) What was the unicorn who was on fire doing?

  • Qilin like a villain!

39) Are you sure a unicorn can be sweet?

  • Lick the horn and find out.

40) How can you tell a unicorn enjoys dancing?

  • When they trot it like it’s hot!

41) Did Handsome Jack ever have a unicorn?

  • Yes, and Butt Stallion says hello.

42) What do you call a unicorn that spins disks?

  • DJ Uni-Crossfade!

43) Never underestimate a unicorn when they’re fighting.

  • They take no bucks, but they dish them out!

44) Do you think unicorns are scared of mice?

  • No, but they are scared of white-out.

45) A unicorn walks into a bar and asks for something sweet with a hint of almonds.

  • The bartender proceeds to have a crisis because he’s seen a unicorn for the first time.

46) What do you call a unicorn gangster?

  • Tony Uni-Corleone!

47) Never ask how a unicorn’s horn grows.

  • The answer will range from rubbing the horn to being introduced to a virgin.

48) Why did the unicorn go to a nightclub?

  • They needed an extra hitch in their giddyup.

49) What do you call a unicorn who can sing and play guitar?

  • Eric Clop-ton!

50) I don’t think you should call a unicorn “Girly”. 

  • A creature that can be invisible, use magic, harness a rainbow, and possibly impale anyone who is less than friendly is not girly in my book.

Here are 15 unicorn one-liners for when you need something snappy to keep the hooves clapping!

51) I know this will sound ridiculous, but there’s a pink unicorn running around the internet, but they’re invisible.

52) What do you call a unicorn with a false horn?

  • My Little Phony.

53) You ever wonder if there was supposed to be a Transformer that would turn into a unicorn?

  • I think you misread Unicron’s name and went for it.

54) What do you call a unicorn with three horns?

  • A triple threat!

55) You wouldn’t know it, but unicorns are amazing in the kitchen.

  • They can make a mean Poke Cake.

56) Never point the sharp side of a carrot at a unicorn.

  • They take it as a challenge. 

57) What do you get when you cross a unicorn with a robot?

  • Either a Robot Unicorn Attack or a Gundam. 

58) What do you call a cowboy who rides a unicorn?

  • An outlaw with pride.

59) What do you call a group of unicorns?

  • A glory, or a rarity. Just don’t call them a parade.

60) Why are unicorns no longer associated with Skittles?

  • When they said to “taste the rainbow”, they didn’t mean to eat a unicorn’s hair!

61) How can you tell a unicorn is being honest?

  • When their horn doesn’t grow.

62) What do you call a unicorn who’s good at swimming?

  • A torpedo!

63) What do you call a pair of unicorns who own a business together?

  • Unico-owners!

64) What’s the worst thing to ask a unicorn?

  • “Is your poop sparkly?”

65) How can you tell a unicorn is full of itself?

  • When they’re up on their high horse.

And now, for those seeking a little magic in your dating life, take a look at these 10 pick-up lines and see if these tickle your fantasy!

66) You must be a unicorn, because you are quite a rarity.

67) Wanna ride off like a unicorn on a rainbow, or off into the sunset like a cowboy?

68) Either you’re a unicorn or a frappuccino, because you look like you’d taste sweet and wake me right up.

69) The only thing more colorful than you are the rainbows in the sky.

70) You must have some magic, because you’re casting a spell on me.

71) If I told you I was a virgin, would that make you the unicorn who came to help me?

72) You may have a lion’s tale, but we can write our own fairy tale.

73) Wanna make like unicorns and be fabulous where no one can see us?

74) So, which do you prefer: apples, oats, or cotton candy?

75) You’re either a unicorn or a disco ball, because you are glittering everywhere you trot!

Koneko Ryuugamine