15 Very Best Bucket Hats for Women

15 Very Best Bucket Hats for Women

Summertime is fast approaching! Can you feel that warmth in the breeze?

You’re going to need a new hat. A good hat can do a lot of things. Everyone is very serious about protecting themselves from the sun these days (and for good reason!) and what better way to do it then with a stylish new head adornment. The bucket hat trend has been going strong for years now. You’ve probably seen your favorite celebfluencer rocking a designer bucket hat on a boat or at a music festival.

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Girlfriend Collective 50/50 Bucket Hat

The Girlfriend Collective’s 50/50 bucket hat is made with a breathable cotton blend, so you won’t have to worry about sweat. With fun colorways like bright banana and pretty periwinkle provence, it’s sure to stun at the beach or boardwalk. The hat is breathable and soft but still has that classic bucket hat structure. They also offer multiple sizes! Which is amazing for those of us with bigger heads.The Girlfriend Collective identifies as a “slow fashion” brand, and it makes sense with the sustainably made, recyclable pieces they have on offer. So you get a cute hat you’ll feel good about wearing!

The North Face Class V Reversible Bucket Hat

Made with utility in mind, this North Face bucket hat has a host of cool features. Like FlashDry technology that will wick away any excess moisture. Or how about the fact that it literally folds in on itself, into a convenient little pouch? When unfolded it just looks like an interesting mesh and button detail, then bam! You just store it in your pocket or bag until you’re ready to wear it again. And my personal favorite feature of all, this hat is REVERSIBLE. Every colorway features a black lining that you can turn inside out! So you basically get two hats in one. Just because it’s utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! 

Polo Bear Corduroy Bucket Hat

Polo by Ralph Lauren is an iconic, timeless brand. This brown corduroy bucket hat plays on that timelessness, giving a cool vintage look. The 70’s throwback vibes are a perfect match for summer music festival outfits. The iconic Polo Bear logo is embroidered on the front, adding a hit of preppyness to this laid back bucket hat. You can really go crazy with this piece, sky’s the limit when it comes to styling. And there’s a sweatband on the interior, to keep you cool and comfortable.

Banana Republic Logo Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are usually worn with more casual, laid back looks. Like paired with a bikini on the beach, or maybe with a cool pair of overalls for a 90s throwback vibe. But who says you can’t class it up? This Banana Republic hat is perfect for such an occasion. The simple colorways could really go with anything. And the strong structure of the hat could add an almost architectural element. A small leather tag pulls everything together, adding a little hint of luxury to the piece. There’s no reason why you couldn’t wear this on a night out, perhaps with a dress and pair of cool sneakers? The soft canvas material will be comfy in any context.

Kangol Big Logo Casual

80’s trends are ALWAYS in style. Or at least I think so! Matching tracksuits, chunky gold jewelry, bold logomania prints? You probably saw one (or all) of those on your Instagram explore page, or whatever the TikTok one is called. And we owe it all to Run DMC. That might be a slight exaggeration. But that classic look of a tracksuit, some Stan Smiths and a matching Kangol? That’s a look that will still turn heads today.  There are lots of cool options on Kangols website, but I like this simple one with the large logo.

Forever 21 Straw Bucket Hat

The idea of a straw hat brings so many wonderful mental images.  It’s the perfect hat for picnicking with your lover, laying on a gorgeous beach, or picking flowers in a lush garden. Forever 21 has a trendy take on the romantic classic. Make it a bucket hat! That instantly ups the coolness factor by several percentage points. What’s more, this hat features a crochet “granny square” design. Don’t let the name fool you! That’s a super trendy style right now. Pair with a flowy sundress and some cork wedges to complete the laid back 70’s vibes. Or a white top and some matching sneakers to keep things casual!

Michael Kors Logo Print Hat

Speaking of logomania! Michael Kors has their own take on the trend, with this bucket hat. Their instantly recognizable initials are emblazoned across the entire hat. All over print can be kind of intimidating, but fear not! This hat comes in brown and cream, two neutral options that can go with almost anything! Polished gold details will add an extra hint of luxury to your poolside looks this summer. And with organic cotton material, you’ll be cool and comfortable too!

Adidas Victory Bucket Hat

I love this updated take on a classic fishing hat! This bucket hat by Adidas has all the utility of the hat your dad used to wear. An adjustable chin strap and that band around the brim, usually used by crafty fishermen to hold extra lures. There’s also the fact that this hat is made with perforated fabric, to keep your head extra cool. But it’s still thick enough to keep your skin protected! Adidas has built UV50 factor technology into their hat, so no need to worry! I like the all black colorway, there’s something really cool and chic about all black utility wear. The kids call it “techwear”, I just think it’s neat.

Lululemon Both Ways Bucket Hat

Lululemon is famous for their well performing activewear. They’re always trending, whether it be for the Y2K throwback fold over leggings or the waist snatching “BBL” jacket, it’s very likely you’ve heard of or even own one of Lululemons products. But you may be skipping over their accessories! Like this super cute reversible bucket hat. Made in a pastel colorway, the moisture wicking material will keep you cute and comfy all through the day. This hat is made with movement in mind, so it’s perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes during a game of beach volleyball. Or just covering your messy gym bun, working out is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about your hair too!

HUF Multi Panel Cord Bucket Hat

This hat is a statement piece. The color block pattern is bold and bright, you’ll definitely turn some heads. Of course you will! The bucket hat favors the bold, as the saying has always gone. This HUF bucket hat is made of corduroy, which is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of your childhood teddy bears or overalls. It’s also a little warmer than most of the hats on this list, so you’ll be able to wear it year round. There are small embroidered eyelets around the top of the hat to give you some much needed ventilation this summer.

Fanatics Bucket Hat

The boys of summer are almost here! As we speak (as I write and you read) baseball players are practicing in the balmy American south, preparing for opening day. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be preparing too! Fanatics has you covered. There’s a bucket hat for every team. It’s a fun alternative to the classic baseball cap. And it’s even better at keeping the sun out of your eyes on game day! Fanatics bucket hats are made with 100% cool, breathable cotton so sweat won’t be a problem, either.

Blvck Paris Summer Bucket Hat

Leather is always effortlessly cool. Think of a leather jacket, the classic black moto, with the heavy silver hardware. Does it instantly make you feel too cool for school? A leather jacket is a little too heavy for the summertime, unfortunately. Enter this black leather Blvck Paris bucket hat! Just pop it on and you’ll have that too cool for school feeling back. The simple embroidered logo and black colorway makes this a great wardrobe staple, you could really wear it with anything!

Solid & Stripped THE Bucket Hat

Crochet and knit pieces have been super trendy for the last few years. Granny squares aren’t just for grannies anymore! Solid&Stripped has a really cool selection of crochet look bucket hats. Like this white one with a perforated design that will keep you both looking cool and actually cool, as you lounge in the sun. Or this multicolored version, that will definitely help you stand out at your next pool party! The latter has a matching bikini, if you like a complete set. Or you could mix and match! The floppy brim gives a cool, laid back feel that will match any summer fit.

Coach Signature Bucket Hat

Coach is a go to brand for me. Luxury quality at reasonable prices, they’ve been around forever and they do what they do well. The brand has been on fire the last few seasons, keeping on top of the trends and delivering lots of unique pieces. This denim bucket hat fits right in with their new line up! Denim is always in for summer, this hat will match perfectly with your favorite pair of cut offs. The all over logo print has throwback vibes, the Coach monogram is iconic. And the cool leather details both add a touch of luxury and give a nod to Coach’s legacy.

Telfar Bucket Hat

Telfar bags have been hot for years now, thanks in part to the queen Bey herself. But even before she dawned that bag the hype was pretty serious. Telfar is trailblazing as a Black-Owned luxury brand with a commitment to fair pricing and high quality. A “Telfy” as they are lovingly called may be hard to get your hands on, but Telfars bucket hats are still in stock! These hats are made with the brands signature cactus faux leather and the brand’s iconic logo embossed where everyone can see. There are tons of colors, if you’re tempted to get a matching bag I certainly don’t blame you.

Devin Fernandez