15 Best Underwear To Sleep In

15 Best Underwear To Sleep In

Are you a pantsless sleeper? I am. Maybe that’s TMI, but to me, there’s nothing better than sleeping sans pants. But that makes the underwear I choose to sleep in extra important. You want something that’s stylish, but more importantly they NEED to be comfortable! And there’s lots of ways underwear can be uncomfortable. Too tight, too loose, too wedgie prone. And any of those little annoyances can become a big problem at bedtime. This list of 15 is going to put an end to all that! We’ve compiled the best bedtime underwear options, in a myriad of cuts and styles. Hopefully there’s something for everyone here. No more squirming and tugging, just peaceful, pantsless sleep for all!

Tommy John Women’s Second Skin Comfort Lace High Rise Brief

These Tommy John panties are incredible. They look feminine with a lace design, but they aren’t lace at all! Their made of silky soft cotton modal blend fabric. No itchiness that would come from a usual pair of lacey undies. They also feature a  waistband that won’t bunch, and a breathable cotton gusset. Tommy John offers pajamas that color coordinate with your undies, who says you have to stop being put together just because you’re staying in!

Negative Underwear Whipped High Rise

These Negative underwear are suuuuuuper soft. “Softer than a whipped cream cloud” according to their website. And it’s true! The cozy ribbed material is perfect for sleepy time. This particular pair is high rise, and full coverage. They come in a selection of beautiful neutrals, with buttons that add an extra touch of cuteness.

Bombas Women’s Cotton Modal Brief

These cool, vintage inspired underwear are guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep!  They’re made from a breathable blend of cotton and modal, making them super silky smooth. They have a comfort waistband and covered seams that won’t dig into you anywhere. And best of all, Bombas is dedicated to giving back. For every pair you buy, they give a pair to a person in need! What helps you sleep better than knowing you did your part?

Pact Boy Shorts

Pact is a low impact, sustainable, fair trade brand. Making choices that minimize harm is always important, but it’s even more important when you consider how many pairs of underwear you own! These low rise, comfy boy short cut are a perfect addition to your nighttime wardrobe. The natural cotton material is made sustainably and just so happens to be super comfy. They come in lots of different colors and patterns too, so don’t be afraid to grab a few different pairs!

Calvin Klein Carousel Logo Hipster Bottom

Calvin Klein underwear are the ultimate everyday option. There isn’t anything you can’t do in your Calvins. And sleeping is no exception! The classic cozy cotton underwear are sure to help you sleep comfortably through the night. This hipster style is also super cute, a bit of coverage but a little cheeky as well.

GAP Organic Cotton Shorty

GAP is known for their simple and stylish clothes. You may own a cozy GAP hoodie, or a comfy pair of sweats from them. But don’t sleep on their underwear! These cotton shorties are perfect for sleeping in. They’re full coverage if you need that, and are made from soft breathable cotton. The design is simple but cute, with three monotone buttons down the front. Maybe you could even color coordinate them with your cozy GAP hoodie?

Aerie Seamless Stripe Boybrief Underwear

Seamless underwear are usually worn to prevent visible panty line. But I also think they can be super comfy for sleeping in! There are no seams to squeeze you or dig into your skin. These seamless boy briefs from Aerie are extra comfy. The cut is relaxed like a boy short but still shows a bit of cheek. And they’re made from a super stretchy fabric! What’s not to love.

The Bikini Period

We don’t talk about it, but sleeping while you’re on your period is super uncomfortable. Wearing a pad to bed is just unpleasant, and you may have to sleep in an unusual position just to prevent leaks. Enter Period. underwear! They’re super absorbent, able to hold up to 5 pads worth of flow! That’s thanks to their signature four layer towel system. You’ll be able to sleep soundly without worrying about leaks.


These PINK undies are actually a hybrid pajama-underwear combo. Made with a soft flannel fabric, in a boxy cut for ultimate sleepy time comfort. They have a classic thick waistband and some buttons for a cute,boyish look. PINK has them in a ton of cute designs too, including some holiday ones that are still available.

Parade Cloud High Rise Brief

You’ve probably seen a Parade ad before. They’re striking, with tons of happy, beautiful people in all shapes and sizes seeming overjoyed to be in their underwear. I am here to tell you Parade is worth the hype! Their signature cloud fabric is softer than cotton, that’s right, softer than cotton! These briefs also feature a very comfy “cloudfuse” waistband, that won’t roll or irritate your skin.

Parfait Cozy Hipster Panty

Have you ever had underwear with seams that dig into your skin? It’s a uniquely uncomfortable feeling. Parfait has made that a problem of the past with their covered seams. One less thing to keep you awake! They can’t stop you from scrolling Instagram all night, but they are super comfy. A medium coverage with just a little bit of cheek, these are also a super cute option if you’re a pantsless sleeper.

allbirds Trino Bikini Brief

Allbirds has recently introduced a new waistband that won’t roll, making these the perfect nighttime undies. You won’t have to fuss and fight with them while you’re trying to catch those much needed z’s. Allbirds designs are minimalist and sleek, and a little sexy if you’re planning on wearing them and nothing else. They use a natural, breathable moisture wicking fabric, so they’ll be great as the warm weather approaches.

Thirdlove Everyday Cotton Mid-Rise Brief

These are a classic. Mid-rise briefs are great everyday underwear, offering a middle ground of coverage, more than a thong but less than a boxer short. And these briefs from Thirdlove

also happen to be perfect for sleeping in! They’re made with comfy cotton that has some stretch, and a smoothing waistband that won’t ride down or pinch.

MeUndies FeelFree Boy Shorts

MeUndies is known for their bright, fun patterns. If you’re envious of your boyfriend’s heart print boxers, MeUndies has your back. All of their undies are made with an ultra soft micromodal fabric. The beechwood fiber material is breathable with the perfect amount of stretch. The FeelFree Boy Shorts are relaxed fit, perfect for chilling in!

Aerie Real. Period.Boyshort Underwear

Boyshorts are a super comfy sleep choice, seen in a few other places on this list. Aerie’s signature feminine style adds a cute touch to the more traditionally masculine silhouette. And best of all, these are made in partnership with Period. underwear! Your period can make sleeping uncomfortable, between the physical symptoms and potential for leaks. These underwear will give you a bit of extra protection without compromising on comfort or cuteness!

Any of these undies would be great for a bit of night time chilling, unwinding with a bit of Netflix before bed. A great addition for under your favorite pajamas, or if you’re like me, a giant t shirt and nothing else!

Devin Fernandez