The 15 Very Best Tote Bags For Moms

The 15 Very Best Tote Bags For Moms

Being a mom, we can all agree kids accumulate many things, some of which we don’t even remember buying. Our pockets, which are already small enough, get filled with random items and half eaten snacks our little ones may or may not finish (we all know it’ll stay half eaten). Wherever you and your kids may go, it’s safe to say you’ll need something bigger than the coin purse that got you through your twenties. However, there’s no reason to give up your fashion sense when loading up a bag full of essentials for a long outing. You want a bag you can fill to the brim for any occasion while keeping that style you love and keeping your kid’s belongings safe, so make sure to read on for the top fifteen tote bags us moms definitely need to snag!

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1. The North Face’s Utility Tote With Multiple Compartments ($69)

Starting off strong with a great option for those moms who can’t stand digging in their purse. Tote bags are notoriously a throw-in-and-go type of pack, but if you have smaller items, you may need something like this. The North Face offers a utility tote for $69 that has pockets both inside and out for those easy to lose possessions.

Consumer Review: “The All Around Bag.”

This is such a versatile bag. I feel Like I could fit everything in there. Also, if you spill something on it or in it, it is an easy clean. Love everything about it.”

2. Vans’ Versatile Cotton Tote In Antique White ($55)

There’s no need to settle for basic colors when seeking the perfect tote, and if you’re looking for something easy to wash then this bag from Vans’ is for you. Designed with that classic and loveable Vans’ checkered pattern, this cotton tote bag has an internal pocket and capacity to hold 27 liters. It’s perfect for days you know may get messy, because you can easily toss it into your washing machine!

Consumer Review: “I love this tote. It’s bigger than the average tote, but not so big you can’t use it on a daily basis. Super well-made. And of course, who doesn’t love a good check.”

3. Carhartt’s Must-Have Insulated Convertible Backpack Tote ($70)

Whether it be a day trip or a road trip, Carhartt’s rain defender tote offers over twelve hours of insulation for cold drinks or snacks, as well as a water repellent material. If you’re a mom who needs an easy to transport cooler with guaranteed support, this bag also converts into a backpack. A tote bag and backpack combo that keeps my snacks cold? Sign me up!

Consumer Review: “YUP! Can’t wait to take it on my boat”

4. This Trendy Crochet Knit Tote Bag By Forever 21 ($12)

If you’re balling on a budget, there’s some great low-priced bags to choose from out there. Forever 21’s crochet knit tote comes in three colors and is great for an everyday outfit or occasion. This bag may be better for mom’s hauling around light loads, but it’s still bigger than your run of the mill zipper purse. With such a trendy design, no one will know you’re carrying around 3 action figures and a smushed granola bar!

Consumer Review: “Great bag. Perfect size to throw your wallet, small makeup bag and your cell phone in just pop around town. I got this one in the green one. Both are very good quality.”

5. American Eagle’s Cute Denim Yin Yang Tote Bag ($17.46)

As we’ve talked about, giving up style for the sake of extra room isn’t needed. This definitely rings true with this denim tote bag for only seventeen dollars! Big enough to fit multiple electronics and various things your kids may pick up during the day, you’ll be getting compliments on this every time you break it out. Not to mention it’s washer safe!

Consumer Review: “I love this bag! It’s comfortable to wear and can hold a decent amount. I used it as a beach bag on vacation and carried a change of clothes, beach towel, and other misc. items. It also can be a casual outing bag!”

6. A Great Simple Weather Resistance Tote Bag By L.L.Bean ($59.95)

There’s nothing kids seem to love more than getting messy. It’s a nostalgic part of childhood that every kid and grown up can agree is FUN. However, it’s not so fun getting hard to clean items dirty. L.L.Bean offers a mud and water resistant tote bag for those mom’s that seem to need a little extra durability and longevity in their bags.

Consumer Review: “Large and great quality. It is large. I use it to haul my stuff to work such as my lunch bag, my purse, tech stuff like chargers and cords, a book/tablet and I have stopped losing stuff. Fabric and quality is great.”

7. This Rainbow Straw Tote Bag Perfect For The Beach By Gap ($54.95)

At some point during motherhood, we all finally get that long-awaited beach or lake day with the family. After all, it’s essential to take moments to relax, and with this bag you’ll be able to do just that. It’s large enough to fit multiple towels and small water sport items that you may need, and it’s made from 100% paper straw, making it a lightweight experience on the walk to or from your perfect day.

Consumer Review: “Darling bag for the beach or to carry around the town!!”

8. Victoria’s Secret Iconic Carryall Tote Bag ($79.95)

If you’re a mom who loves to shop, you may recognize this popular tote bag by Victoria’s Secret. The main pocket can fit a laptop, your wallet, your phone, and a few other necessities to get you and your children through your day, and an interior pocket makes sure valuables are kept away. A trip to the park or a little league’s baseball game, you’ll be hauling in style!

Consumer Review: “Perfect everyday bag. This bag fits everything I need and more. I am one of those girls who brings her whole entire life in her bag so this was just what I was looking for. It is also good quality”

9. A Fantastic Everyday Tote From Lululemon ($88)

This tote bag by Lululemon is great if you’re looking for something light in weight and easy to pair with that day’s look. Besides the interior pockets that make for a great place to hold drinks or toys, it also comes with a zipper and water repellent material, which makes it a safe option for pool days or rainy days as well.

Consumer Review: “I love it! Lots of room to get all my stuff in, zips closes nicely, the straps stay on my shoulder and doesn’t slide off. Stylish and practical. Love the mesh inside as it holds stuff that is easy to reach.”

10. Bloomingdale’s Dual Strap MYTAGALONGS Everleigh Tote ($45)

Colored a dusty lilac, Bloomingdale’s offers a MYTAGALONGS brand commuter tote that is ready to take on the weight of you and your kid’s essentials. While it models the classic double handle design, it also sports an adjustable shoulder strap if the load gets too heavy. Can’t get much better than exterior pockets and dual holding technology!

Consumer Review: “I’m in love with this bag. Quality seems pretty good. Material is so…nice to touch. I needed a bag for everyday use to fit my casual jeans, tees and sneakers and this one is perfect. Usually other fabric bags look meh but this one is literally perfect in my opinion.”

11. This Germ-Repelling Packable Tote At Macy’s Sold By Travelon ($30)

We’re all too aware of how easily kids get sick. Travelon’s antimicrobial tote sold by Macy’s boasts its ability to pack everything you need in there while simultaneously staying free of germs. Similar to others on this list, it’s also waterproof and lightweight! For the price, it’s hard to turn this one down.

Consumer Review: “Multi-use perfection. Perfect for travel- used it multiple times on my last trip…Truly multipurpose and will get a lot of use on future trips.”

12. A Rosetti Tessa Two Piece Tote Set Sold By Kohl’s ($69)

One thing to remember when shopping for a bag is that a lot of brands sell two piece sets, which means you don’t have to worry about your coins flopping around the bottom of your bag. Rosseti Tessa sold by Kohl’s offers a two piece tote bag and coin purse to make sure you’re organized in style! Not to mention four exterior pockets and 2 interior pockets.

Consumer Review: “Pretty purse! I’ve enjoyed this purse as it has lots of pockets and space for everything I need to carry!”

13. Old Navy’s Spacious Yet Budget Friendly Tote ($23-29.99)

This bargain of a tote bag comes in six different colors and ranges slightly in price accordingly. In case you need a secure place to store your phone or valuables on a trip, it comes with a zippered pocket for your convenience as well. With the space this thing has, you’ll never need pockets again.

Consumer Review: “I’ve been looking for the perfect tote for flying and finally found it. In fact I like it so much I bought three. On a plane one will fit perfectly under the seat in front of me and hold my smaller purse, iPad, book, snacks, water bottle, and more. Note it is only supposed to be spot cleaned.”

14. CALIA’s Quilt Patterned Travel Tote Sold By Dick’s Sporting Goods ($60)

In this day and age of technology, our laptops or Ipads seem to follow us everywhere whether it be for work or for our kids. This quilted travel tote offers a padded laptop sleeve to make sure nothing gets damaged during your busy day. The wide straps also allow for a comfortable experience!

Consumer Review: “I was looking for a gym bag and this one sold me as soon as I picked it up. I enjoy the color, the style, and it’s big enough to hold everything I want and more. Could not find anything else close to it. A must buy!”

15. This Sleek Navy Tote From Michael Kors ($99)

Once six hundred dollars, this elegantly designed tote bag is a steal at ninety nine dollars. It’s absolutely perfect for any occasion and the ideal size to fit everything you need. With convenient pockets and a hideaway zipper, there’s not much else you’ll need!

Consumer Review: “I love this bag. It is the perfect size for all my stuff. Great quality as expected. I really like the 2 outside pockets.”

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