The 15 Very Best Bathing Suits For Women

The 15 Very Best Bathing Suits For Women

Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring!

The coldest days have finally left us and in the coming months we can look forward to warm days and cool nights. While it may not be hot enough to fill up your pool or run to the beach quite yet, Summer is just around the corner which means bathing suit season is too! It’s always a great idea to get a jump on trends or find a certain style you’re searching for, and let’s be honest, there are SO many to choose from.

When I look for a bathing suit, I like to try to find something that’s versatile enough for my Summer plans, allowing me to wear it throughout the whole season; it’s a good way to narrow down exactly what you’re on the hunt for. So whether you like something budget friendly or high fashion, or a triangle bikini or a rashguard, this list has something for you.

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Best Women’s Bathing Suits 2024

1. This Affordable Chama Scoop Neck Tankini Sold by Walmart ($27.98)

We all remember the tankini. Growing up, it was a Summer staple that seemingly vanished from our minds the older we got. However, there’s been a big resurgence in tankinis among us adults. You have to admit, it’s extremely cute and practical! There’s no need for a cover up if you plan on wearing it all day, as they look so much like a tank top and shorts. It’s also great for those who aren’t keen on showing too much skin for any reason. Most of the reviews on this set are buyers praising the affordability and wearability, with little to complain about. It also comes in eight different colors! Like I said in the beginning, just so many to choose from.

2. An Adorable Lemon Print CUPSHE Bikini Sold by Kohl’s ($34.99)

Summer is all about vibrance, bluer skies, brighter days, and most of all, brighter outfits. It’s beneficial to have a simple colored bathing suit in your wardrobe, but when you’re going for Summer radiance this bikini is a perfect choice. That braided yellow top with the lemon print bottoms are sure to turn heads at the next pool party. It comes with bra pads installed, however, which may be a downside to some, but on the upside they’re removable! And it’s washer safe!

3. Hot Topic’s Celestial Skull Patterned High Waisted Bikini ($46.24)

It’s hard not to call this my favorite on the list. The pattern is so eye-catching and I love the shape of the top, it’s such a flattering cut for anybody. The top and bottoms are sold separately, though, with each piece coming in at $23.12, so it’s actually perfect if you plan on mixing and matching through the Summer and only want one or the other. If you’re someone who’s on the go and doesn’t have time to hand wash something this may not be for you, as the company suggests hand washing it cold and leaving it flat to dry.

4. Retro Stage’s Checked Halter Bowknot One-Piece ($36.99)

The name of this high-reviewed company rings true with this retro inspired bathing suit! I know I said the last was a favorite, but this one is close as well. It comes in three colors, red, yellow, and blue, and, despite its look, has a high stretch to it. The bow and cut of the bra section are simple but effective touches that elevate the whole look, giving it a unique yet alluring feel. This is another hand wash and dry only, but the all day wearability makes it so worth it.

5. This Trendy Skater SwimDress by Torrid ($52.25)

Swimdresses are a previously extremely underrated form of swimsuits that are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve! Up until a couple years ago, it seemed like brands just weren’t too sure how to make swimdresses that appealed to younger generations. Luckily, many established clothing and swimsuit brands are getting the hang of it and we’re getting products like Torrid’s skater swimdress that comes in three colors. The sleeved top gives great coverage to those who need extra support, and the skirt is accented very well by the bow on the top portion of the dress. Some reviewers do warn that it runs small and that you should size up one or two from your usual size, but overall it’s a great pick for the Summer!

6. Nicole Miller’s Classy Crochet Swimdress Sold by Ashley Stewart ($29.90)

Coming back around to swimdresses for a minute because I’m just so happy they’re getting the hype they deserve. This Nicole Miller swimdress, once $120, is now a mere $29.90 and is an amazingly designed swimsuit. A reviewer on the site calls it ‘Fit and fashion forward’ and I can’t say I disagree, the pattern and sheer material is to-die-for and the bra padding is light, luckily. This is one you’ll have to hand wash cold and hang to dry, but with that discount does it matter?

7. A Cute Skirted Maternity Swimsuit By Motherhood Maternity ($30)

Don’t worry soon to be moms, we got you covered! Motherhood Maternity describes this bathing suit as having UPF 50+ in the fabric, which is designed to keep you protected from the sun – think of it as SPF but for clothes instead of skin. The skirted bottom also sits comfortably under the stomach to make sure it fits through your whole pregnancy, which is really handy. A few say it may run a bit small, but I have to agree with reviewers when they say the skirt is the best part!

8. Speedo’s Conservative Ultraback One-Piece Perfect for Sport Swimmers ($69.50)

Ranging in size from 4 to 18, this one-piece boasts PowerFLEX construction that enhances its longevity and resistance against repeated chlorine exposure. The back has comfortable upper straps and a high cut that ensures full coverage when diving and swimming those laps. It only comes in black and navy blue, which may be a turn off for some, but I personally love the black’s sleek and form fitting look. Even if you’re not using your bathing suit weekly for years like this is designed for, it’s still an amazing choice for your Summer!

9. Victoria’s Secret’s Chic Shine Strap Plunge One-Piece ($99.95)

Once known for less than inclusive sizing, Victoria’s Secret seems to be changing their ways. With sizing ranging from XS to XXL, this one-piece is a great pick. It comes in black, white, and a strawberry pattern (definitely the cutest one!). The high leg and plunge neckline gives it an edge that many one-pieces can’t seem to emulate. For those looking for something more modest, this probably isn’t for you; as Victoria’s Secret says, ‘Minimal back coverage, lots of cheek peek’. Buyers call it extremely flattering and worth the money, and I totally have my sights set on that strawberry patterned one.

10. Summersalt’s The Sidestroke One-Piece ($95)

While this is one of the more expensive picks on our list, it comes from a brand that’s talked about highly and praised for the durability and longevity of their products. It’s a form fitting one-piece that doesn’t have much stretch, so it’s great if you’re looking for what brands call a ‘tummy control’ bathing suit. It’s always the time to embrace your body and be confident, but if a tummy control bathing suit is what makes you confident then this is absolutely for you. It comes in 11 colors and buyers love the material and slimming effect. Also, it’s not padded! YAY!

11. This Very Unique Skims Athletic Inspired Bathing Suit ($80)

We’re used to seeing the regular high waisted bikini or one-piece, but Skims offers something that we haven’t quite seen yet. It’s definitely been done before, but this brand has popularized it and brought this swimsuit spandex hybrid to the mainstream market. Similar to Hot Topic’s two-piece, Skims’ athletic inspired bathing suit is sold separately, with the bottoms being $42 and the top being $38. It comes in eight colors and is so perfect for those who go for a swim after a workout. With the versatility this bathing suit has in its belt, I think it’s safe to say that it’s easy to see the hype around it on social media!

12. Positivisea Swim Long Sleeve Top and Print Pants ($120)

For those in search of a modest look to the pool or beach, Adidas has a great choice for you. Albeit a bit pricey, the top can attach to the pants and conveniently placed thumb holes ensure your sleeves stay firmly in place. The set is sold separately, with the top coming in at $66 and the pants at $54, but it comes in dark purple or a bliss blue. Personally, the purple is my favorite as it goes seamlessly with the floral pattern on the inside of the collar, and the color of the Adidas logo compliments the purple nicely. If you want, you can also grab a matching headscarf for $27 in the ‘complete the look’ section of the website!

13. Kona Sol’s Stylish Floral Print Bikini Sold by Target ($51)

Kona Sol describes these as a chic Summer look that will upgrade your wardrobe, and frankly, I agree. The color is right in line with the season, and the top gives great support. This is another one that is so easy to wear as an everyday outfit, as the shorts are super full coverage and have a side pocket (Obsessed with that) that can hold your belongings through the day. Reviewers don’t have many bad things to say honestly, and love the casual look the two piece gives. They are sold separately, but it’s hard to care when it’s this cute!

14. This Loved Magicsuit One-Piece Swimsuit Romper Sold by Dillards ($178)

This one may not be for everybody, but it’s so fun it had to be added. One of the trendier and high fashion swimsuits on our list, this romper swimsuit comes in palm green, black, and sapphire, and has a 4.5 star rating with 95 reviews. The sizes range from 8 to 16, with reviewers calling it the most comfortable bathing suit they’ve ever worn. I think the halter top style neckline is what really makes the romper whole, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t look good in a halter top! You can only hand wash it though, with absolutely no exceptions, but even though it needs extra care, it’s still a perfect addition to your closet!

15. This Eye-Catching Lace Up Bikini Set By Swimsuits For All ($38)

Swimsuits for all is seriously one of the best sites to get a swimsuit. The sizes range from 4 to 24 and there is truly just something for everybody. This lace up bikini set is a personal favorite. The top is beautiful and the ties on the sides of the bottoms give it an extra boost of flare. Also, removable bra padding! Again, YAY! Reviewers rate this a 4.5 with a vote of ‘true to size’, which is important when a company has many sizes for their products. There is absolutely no doubt that you’ll fall in love with this!

Sam Denton