The 12 Very Best Beach Bags For Moms

The 12 Very Best Beach Bags For Moms

Happy spring! The weather is finally warm, and we’re only a few short months away from the hottest season of the year.

If you’re a mom, you know that Summer means WATER. It’s just something that kids absolutely love on hot days and it’s refreshing for the whole family. However you can’t go empty handed as towels, snacks, water toys, and even changes of clothes will be needed on these trips.

While some families use things like a wagon or individual drawstring bags, a beach bag is much more efficient and there’s such a great variety to choose from, ranging from extra large bags, to waterproof bags, to mesh bags!

If you’re looking for something to fit all your pool or beach essentials compactly this Summer, make sure to keep reading for the top 12 beach bags for moms DEFINITELY worth checking out!

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1. The Best Beach Bag With A Zipper – L.L Bean’s Boat and Tote Zip-Top with Pocket ($64.95)

For those looking for something big with a zipper, the Boat and Top is by far the best choice. This bag was originally made to carry large quantities of ice in 1944, so you KNOW that thing carries a heavy load. Zippered beach bags are awesome for keeping your belongings clean of sand or water, and it’s also a bonus that strangers can’t see inside! The only downside may be the absence of an inner pocket according to reviewers. Besides the green, a personal favorite, there’s four other colors to choose from and you can get it in medium or large.

2. The Best Swim Bag – Speedo’s Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag ($35)

Swim bags are a great option if you’re just looking for something to throw a few changes of clothes and a couple small snacks in. Usually used by people who swim by sport, it’s designed to air out wet clothing after a day at the pool. After changing into that fresh pair of clothes, you can just throw the wet bathing suits straight into the ventilated bag! I use this one myself when I go to the pool, it’s incredibly roomy and great for the price. Oh, and don’t forget to tuck those snacks in the zippered front pocket!

3. The Best Pool Bag – Rockflowerpaper’s French Blue Stripe Carryall ($41.95)

Not everyone is near a beach or natural body of water, but that just makes for an even more special pool day! Pool toys, snacks, and drinks packed away in a nice big pool bag ready to be used all day long in the hot Summer. So, obviously, you’ll need the perfect bag that holds everything you want to make your pool day that more perfect. Rockpaperflower’s carryall is completely water resistant on the inside, so no need to panic if the outside gets a little splash. The brand is also highly praised for having fully handmade and sustainable products, which is such a plus for the price. If you like a big bag with multiple pockets like me, this one is totally for you!

4. The Best Beach Backpack for Moms – Igloo’s South Coast Snapdown 24-Can Backpack

I didn’t forget about all my backpack loving moms out there! A backpack like this is so convenient for the beach and so much easier to carry. Igloo’s 24-can backpack can, as the name so subtly suggests, can hold up to 24 cans and keeps contents cold for a long period of time. Reviews praise it for being great on a long outing, even in the hot sun! While I love the seafoam colored backpack, it also comes in black, blue, and an olive green. If you’re worried about it only holding drinks, don’t be, it’s a simple cooler in the long run and can hold any refrigerated goods you want!

5. The Best Beach Bag By Scout – The 3 Girls Bag Extra-Large Tote ($60)

If you don’t know about Scout bags, you need to, and I am here to let you in on this wonderful world. Scout bags are a huge favorite amongst moms, due to the sheer size and durability of them. The bag itself is lightweight and sports a zipper, making it super easy to fill to maximum capacity. This is definitely a bag for those with multiple children who are ready to spend a long day at the beach, but honestly even if you’re only going for a few hours it’s never bad to be prepared. There are almost no complaints for this bag, with reviewers loving the size and functionality. It’s no doubt a huge hit!

6. The Best Family Beach Bag – Vera Bradley’s Large Family Tote Bag ($80)

When Vera Bradley says large family tote, they MEAN large family tote. This thing can hold a whopping twelve beach towels, and is made from a water repellent material crafted from recycled water bottles. It’s perfect for big families and a steal for the price given the brand name, Vera Bradley has always been an amazing brand to buy from, with many people loving the longevity and patterns the brand offers. Reviewers on Google specifically love the ability to take this bag to a water destination, and remark that if you’re looking for something BIG, look no further, you’ve found it!

7. The Most Luxurious Beach Bag – Naghedi’s St. Barths Large Woven Tote ($315)

Some moms just love a little luxury, and absolutely no one can blame them! Every mom deserves something nice and a luxury hand or tote bag is a very common and, may I say, great pick. Naghedi offers this fully hand woven neoprene tote bag that is 100% big

enough to use as a beach bag. The only downside are the small holes in the bag, making it easy for sand to get in – I’d recommend bringing a tent or large beach sheet to set this on. On the bright side, there’s a removable zip pouch that’s perfect for keeping your wallet, phone, and keys safe from sand and the public eye. Even reviewers dub this as a great beach bag, so all in all, this is a great choice if you’re looking to treat yourself!

8. The Most Affordable Beach Bag – Natural Life’s Jumbo Tote Bag With Zipper ($15)

There’s so many affordable yet great beach bags out there, but this one in particular may be the best yet. Besides the insanely adorable pattern, this bag has that universally loved zipper, and enough room to fit more than you’ll need. For only fifteen dollars, buyers can’t stop raving about the durability and bright design, and it’s not hard to see why! Besides this pattern, there are two more light hearted and fun patterns to choose from, which is honestly surprising for such a cheap bag. If you’re on a budget but need something big that won’t break after one use, it’s seriously impossible not to recommend this one.

9. The Best Canvas Tote Bag – Old Navy’s Canvas Tote Bag For Adults ($30)

Canvas tote bags are the end all be all of tote bags. They’re lightweight but can hold a large load at ease, which some brands call a strength-to-weight ratio. This specific canvas tote by Old Navy is spacious and has a convenient zip top, making it perfect for a day at the beach or pool. It can also easily fold down for easy storage, though it is spot clean only, which may be a hassle for some of those moms who are on the go. Reviewers rated this five stars, with little to none bad things to say about it. The “sturdy fabric” and lightweight design may be all you need to make the ideal beach bag.

10. The Best Waterproof Beach Bag – The Mark & Graham X Steele Waterproof Tote ($69-101.50)

While a lot of these bags have been waterproof, a bag that advertises itself solely on its ability to repel water is always my go to when I’m looking for something completely water resistant. If you know your kids are going to make a big splash near your bag, you can grab this Mark & Graham tote in small, medium, or large, and, as seen in the picture, can even add a personalization for an extra $12.50. Not to mention when you’re not using it as a beach bag in the Summer, you can easily use it in the wet months as a weather resistant carryall! The brand boasts about the inside pocket, which they say is perfect for your phone, keys, and wallet. While I love the Violet bag, there’s a whopping 25 colors to choose from, which is so great for individual personalities, especially that customization option!

11. The Best Mesh Beach Bag For Toys – Vulken Sport’s Extra Large Mesh Beach Bag ($27.99)

For moms with young kids, the beach bag is sure to be filled with toys, toys, and more toys – but that’s just part of the territory! You most definitely won’t want a non filtered bag for those sandy toys, though, and Vulken Sports sells a mesh bag with a sand-proof bottom. The mesh allows for extra sand and water to fall through, making it an easier clean up than if it weren’t ventilated. Outside pockets also allow for extra storage, there’s even a waterproof phone pocket! The two handle design is a personal favorite, as it lets you choose the weight you want to hold on your shoulder. For the price, you won’t find a better mesh beach bag!

12. The Best Overall Beach Bag For Moms – Savvy Outdoor’s Beach Bag Tote Set ($62.95)

We’ve seen some pretty wonderful bags on this list, but Savvy Outdoor’s beach bag set has to be the best of them all. Not only is it a bang for your buck, you also get an insulated cooler and two microfiber beach towels with the main large tote. It’s also so versatile and can make a great either a great pool or beach bag in the Summer, and the perfect picnic or playground bag in the Spring or Fall. Buyers love that it can fold down easily regardless of its size, and the straps are durable and easy on the shoulders. I have this one at home and can attest to its greatness – you really won’t need much else!

Sam Denton