The 13 Best Black Loafers For Women

The 13 Best Black Loafers For Women

When it comes to shoes we all have that one pair that may look great, but are almost unbearably uncomfortable. It feels good to look good, and some may still even live by ‘beauty is pain’, but at the end of the day comfortability should be a main priority. There’s absolutely no saying that you can’t have both style and pain free feet, though, as there’s many shoes that offer a great medium.

Loafers, a versatile slip on shoe, is one of these choices. There are four different styles of loafer to choose from, and are perfect for any setting from casual to a night on the town (yes, really!), so if you’re in the market for something less rough on the feet, keep reading to see what we consider the 13 best black loafers you’ll definitely want to buy.

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These Simple Garren Lug Sole Loafers By Nine West ($89)

Loafers are the absolute perfect blend of cozy and fashionable, and there are so many great styles to choose from that it’s hard not to buy them all! One of these styles is Nine West’s everyday lug sole loafer. The platform and heel height reach only 1.5 inches, and have a rounded toe, making sure your toes aren’t tightly squeezed together like they would be in a high heel shoe. They’re great for the office or even a casual dinner with friends, especially with that black color and sleek faux leather finish.

Macy’s Kimii Deconstructed Loafers That Go With Anything ($59.50)

For those looking for something without a platform that still has that beloved versatility, this Kimii deconstructed loafer may be for you. The accent bow and slender design are great for jeans, dresses, leggings, and really anything besides a pair of sweatpants. Some buyers have noted that while they are slender in design, they are extremely comfortable and have an all day wearability. It’s a great addition that will have you reaching for them every morning!

These Gorgeous Kimberley Black Steve Madden Loafers ($59.99)

If you’re a lover of shoes, you probably already know all about Steve Madden. Hailed as some of the most well made and durable shoes kept at a reasonable price, you can always expect to receive a pair of shoes that will last you a long time. These loafers are for those still wanting a heel, but without the pain. You could easily wear them anywhere, especially with a nice pair of jeans or pantsuit. It’s designed with faux leather and a rounded toe, adding that quintessential extra layer of comfortability.

Dolls Kill’s Vegan Leather Platform Loafers ($30)

This pair of loafers is another great pick for an everyday shoe. The platform is a perfect height and the matte-like finish is perfect for a business environment. If you know you’ll be on your feet all day, these are a great pick for you.

H&M’s Sleek Chain Detail Loafers ($29.99)

H&M is a top choice if you want clothing that’ll last at a low price. These loafers sport a crocodile pattern with a trendy chain near the tongue of the shoe. The heel is slightly lifted, though still low enough to feel like a flat shoe if that’s what you’re after. It’s a great budget option that can be either dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion!

Dr. Martens’ Virginia Leather Tassel Loafers ($140)

Dr. Martens, very similarly to Steve Madden, is another one of those top shelf brands that will last you a long, long time. The price is a little more expensive than others on our list, but for the amazing quality alone it’s super hard to beat. Dr Martens’ has a large array of shoes to choose from, but these Virginia Leather tassel loafers are a must have. With a heat-sealed and sewn sole, it provides a guaranteed level of comfort and longevity. It’s perfect for any look and any day!

These Rag & Co Sara Suede Loafers Sold By Kohl’s ($61.99)

This pair of loafers is the definition of simplistic style. It’s plain enough to style with absolutely anything your heart desires, while looking clean and put together. It models a zipper accent on the side and offers a small heel big enough to change the look but not enough to bend the foot. With a slip-on design and almond toe front, it’s a great addition to your closet.

A Unique Aerin Sport Loafer By Kelly & Katie ($59.99)

Thinking of loafers, the first thing that comes to your mind probably isn’t a pair that you can easily play sports in. Loafers are versatile, but they definitely aren’t known for their wearability in sports. With these sport loafers, that makes it possible! They’re breathable and cushioned, making them great for an everyday shoe or a match on the tennis court.

The Stunningly Priced Limelight Adriana Loafer ($39.99)

High heeled loafers are a godsend on their own, but throw in an affordable price and it’s a done deal. These high heeled loafers have a clunky chain and chunky heel, giving an elevated look to a seemingly incomplete outfit. No need to worry about whether you can wear them comfortably all day either, as the footbed is cushioned to make sure there’s no end of the day pain.

Sam Edelman’s Gorgeous Quincy Heel Block Loafers ($89.95)

If you’re in the market for something a little less simple and a little more on the nose, Sam Edelman offers the Quincy block heel loafers with a chic glossy finish and an obvious eye-catching heel that, in Sam Edelman’s words, reinvents a professorial fashion staple. Like the others in our list, you can easily wear these all day with any outfit the day requires!

G.H Bass’ Whitney Emoji Weejuns Loafer ($185)

These penny loafers take on a new definition of classic. In G.H. Bass’ own words, ‘who says classic has to be serious?’. With this pair, it may not be ideal for a professional environment, but they’re excellent for a stroll outside or a dinner with friends. They’re made out of leather and have a strong durability capable of lasting more than a few years. For the people who like to add a little fun to their outfits, this is a top running candidate!

Dillard’s Willa Suede Slip On Loafers By Vionic ($129.99)

Like a few others on our list, Dillard’s is a very top rated brand when it comes to the longevity of the products they offer. This particular loafer is designed with a suede material and an easy slip on build. The heel is closer to a flat, and boasts a light step. The price is a little high, but the quality speaks for itself.

Bloomingdale’s High Heel Loafers By Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell is a shoe brand known for their fantastic high heels, and what’s even more fantastic are these high heel loafers they sell. They’re similar in appearance to a traditional pointed toe high heel, and have a very trendy feel to them. Being the epitome of versatility, these loafers are a no brainer when expanding your shoe collection, embrace comfortability in style!

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