55 Funniest Planet Jokes in the Galaxy

55 Funniest Planet Jokes in the Galaxy

Our solar system is home to eight planets, as well as the Sun and dwarf planets like Pluto. Floating along with them are moons, asteroids, comets, and more! While the study of astronomy is a serious endeavor, there’s plenty of room for jokes about planets.

55 Funny Planet Jokes

How do you organize a space party?
You plan it.

What kind of music do planets sing?

God made Saturn and he liked it so he put a ring on it.

What did the planets say on their day off?

It’s time for sun and games.

How did the alien break his phone?

He Saturn it.

How do you contact Saturn?

Give it a ring.

What kind of currency do planets use?


Where do planets go for drinks?

The space bar.

What do planets like to read?

Comet books.

What is a planet’s favorite candy bar?

A Milky Way.

Sadly Uranus is the butt of all space jokes.

Why did astronomers choose the name Saturn?

It had a nice ring to it.

Did you hear about the planets arguing?

It was a Saturn of events.

What do you call Mar’s’ pet dog?

Mar’s Rover.

Who is the planets’ favorite singer?

Freddie Mercury.

Why did Mars turn red?

He saw Uranus.

What happens when you open a Mars Bar?

You’ll find out Martians love gin.

Why do Saturn’s two moons swap Orbit every year?

To stay minty fresh.

Why did the alien wrap a planet in bacon?

To make it meteor.

Be careful what you drink! They say Mercury’s in Gatorade.

What did Earth say to the other planets?

You guys have no life.

How is the moon like dentures?

They both come out at night.

What did Earth say to the rocket?

You’re a blast.

My wife thinks I’m obsessed with astronomy. What planet is she on?

Why is Earch obsessed with the moon?

He’s a lunar-tic.

Mars might be a vacuum, but it sure is dusty

What is Earth’s favorite dance move?

The moonwalk.

How does Mars keep his pants up?

With an asteroid belt.

Who is the planets’ favorite athlete?

Venus Williams.

Why was Jupiter disqualified from the Olympics?

He took asteroid.

What drink do planets on a diet order?

A light year.

Why did Venus stay home from school?

She had a high temperature.

Did you hear about Uranus breaking up with Neptune?

He was ice cold to her.

What is Saturn’s favorite movie?

Lord of the Rings.

Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?

To find Pluto.

Where do planets go to college?

A universe-ity.

Why did Venus break up with Jupiter?

She wanted a Plutonic relationship.

What are the planets’ favorite recreational sport?

Space jumping.

What did Mars say when another planet insulted him?

Jupiter take that back!

Take care of the Earth. There is no planet B.

Are you an expert in astronomy?

No, but I’ve dipped my Pluto in the water.

Why did astronauts send a gift to Mars?

He was dropping shuttle hints.

Venus and Mars might seem close, but they’re really a world apart.

What is Earth’s favorite TV show?

The Twilight Ozone.

What did Jupiter say to Saturn?

You had me at halo.

What did Saturn say when her largest moon was misbehaving?

You better Titan up!

Did you hear Jupiter is in prison?

Yep, he’s behind Mars.

What is the planets’ favorite statue?

The Venus di Milo.

When our solar system was formed, the Sun was in charge. So the planets started a revolution.

What do the planets need to make a sweater?

A knitting Saturn.

What does Earth wear on his birthday?

His Earthday suit.

Why doesn’t Mercury take anything seriously?

She doesn’t have enough gravity.

Where do astronauts park their cars?

At a parking meteor.

What is a planet’s favorite magazine?


I’ve been reading this book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down!

Erica Scassellati