The 13 Best Episodes of Impractical Jokers

The 13 Best Episodes of Impractical Jokers

Since 2011 Impractical Jokers has followed a group of best friends and comedians taking dares, pranks, and challenges to outrageous levels. Though things are different now that Joe is no longer on the show, it’s always a blast to look back over the years. These are some of the best Impractical Joker episodes of all time.

“The Blunder Years” (S4E6)

“The Blunder Years” episode of Impractical Jokers includes a final punishment that’s impossible to forget. Murr must sit down with his childhood crush, Danica McKellar of The Wonder Years fame, and chat with her wearing nothing but a thong.

Earlier in the episode, the guys face challenges humiliating each other at a convenience store and visiting a wedding expo, but Murr’s humiliation is by far the best part.

“Sweat the Small Stuff” (S2E18)

This episode kicks off with the Jokers instructing a painting class that quickly goes off the rails. Next, the guys play an interesting game of darts. Sal ends up as the episode’s loser, and the other three men have a little too much fun devising a punishment for him.

The chronically stressed-out Sal must deliver a presentation on how not to sweat the small stuff. The presentation features a video of the other three guys entering Sal’s house, rolling around in his bed, eating food out of his fridge, and standing naked next to his open windows.

“The Dark Side of the Moon” (S5E10)

This episode of Impractical Jokers includes some especially patient participants in a classic grocery store game. The real shocker comes when this week’s loser, Murr, has to endure a public prostate exam.

“Rubbed the Wrong Way” (S6E18)

Season 6 Episode 18 kicks off by challenging the guys to cruise the food court gathering phone numbers and sending texts to strangers. The Jokers also face a grocery store challenge that involves stealing items from customers.

This episode features an extra painful punishment for Joe, who must paint himself blue and act as a genie in a mock production of Arabian Nights.

“Do Something to My Face” (S2E7)

“Do Something to My Face” has one of the funniest Sal scenes when the guys challenge him to order a pumpkin blizzard from Dairy Queen in a made-up language.

During the same episode, the Jokers get into fake arguments at the mall and ask strangers to settle their debates. In their third challenge, they hit the streets with ridiculous protest signs and try to get passersby to join their cause. The week’s loser ends up in a stockade, with strangers invited to do whatever they want to his face.

“Indecent Proposal” (S7E5)

In “Indecent Proposal” the Jokers attempt to trick unwitting receptionists with ridiculous disguises. Joe’s disguise in particular will have you rolling on the floor.

For their next challenge, the guys try to seek approval for emails they are writing. The episode is complete with an extra cringey punishment that’s equal parts hilarious and hard to watch.

“B-I-N-G-NO” (S3E30)

At the start of the episode, the guys step behind the counter at Katz’s Deli, a famous New York institution. Next, they head to Union Square and attempt to sell popsicles while being sabotaged from the sidelines.

Sal, the episode’s loser, heads to a casino for a round of bingo where his punishment is simple yet painfully uncomfortable.

“Turning the Tables” (S7E6)

In “Turning the Tables” the guys take turns riding motorized chairs controlled by the other Jokers through the mall. Things take a hilarious turn when Joe ends up breaking his chair along the way.

Joe’s punishment is to disguise himself as a restaurant manager tasked with determining which tables are real by throwing his entire body onto them. His final act ends with him hilariously crashing to the ground.

“Brother in Loss” (S3E31)

At the start of season 3 episode 31, the guys give ridiculous interviews for jobs at Appetizer Mobile, with Q somehow managing to land an offer. The Jokers then head to the Staten Island Ferry to mimic ridiculous gestures while chatting with strangers.

At the end of the episode, Murr dishes out the ultimate punishment for Sal. The guys strap Sal to a dolly and wheel him into a wedding where the bride is Sal’s sister and the groom is nonother than Murr! Needless to say, the memory is one Sal will never forget.

“Whose Phone is Ringing” (S5E11)

The title of season 5 episode 11 of Impractical Jokers gives a big hint about the episode’s final punishment. After the guys go through the wringer at a clothing store and in a focus group, Sal emerges as the loser.

His hilarious final punishment involves attending a live book reading with a constantly ringing phone. Eventually, Sal heads to the stage to perform his own book reading with the title Silence is Golden. Of course, even while on stage Sal’s phone continues to ring.

“Look Out Below” (S3E1)

At the start of “Look Out Below”, the Jokers take on a classic challenge by impersonating bellhops in order to try to earn a tip. Somehow, despite offering to engage in a threesome, unpacking the guests’ bags, and showering in their room, Q, Murr, and Sal all manage to get tipped.

The guys also attempt to sell hotdogs in the park and pitch ridiculous inventions. In the end, Murr emerges as the day’s loser. Murr’s punishment of skydiving is only intensified by his fear of heights and flying. If you want to see a grown man scream, this is your episode.

“Everything’s Just Rosie” (S2E22)

In season 2 episode 22 of Impractical Jokers, the guys face their first challenge at a bowling alley. Then, in one of the most hilarious clips of all time, Sal, Joe, Murr, and Q head to Redd’s Restaurant and Bar and are challenged to dole out as many scoops of mashed potatoes as possible. It’s a scene that’s almost impossible not to laugh at while watching.

In the next challenge, the guys go cloud-watching in the park. At the end of the episode, Q, the day’s loser, delivers a science lecture to a group of strangers where he is eventually joined by special guest star Rosie O’Donnell.

“The Permanent Punishment” (S3E26)

Not only is this episode currently ranked the highest on IMDb, but many fans agree that it’s the best of the best. The Jokers are challenged to pose as security guards, and each of the four guys hilariously step up to the plate.

Since the round has no losers, Sal, Joe, Murr, and Q move on to the next round — clipping balloons onto unsuspecting grocery shoppers. In a hilarious twist, one of the shoppers even joins in on the game.

In a franchise first, the losers, Q, Murr, and Sal are faced with a permanent punishment. The three men must each got tattoos chosen by Joe.

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