100 Very Best Horror Movie Trivia Questions

100 Very Best Horror Movie Trivia Questions

Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, you have come to the right post! There is nothing that horror fans love more than horror movie trivia. If you like to quiz yourself on your old favorites, that’s great! Or maybe you want to do trivia at a Halloween or horror-themed party. No matter where you decide to enjoy this spooky trivia, you are bound to have a ton of eerie, creepy fun. 

The best horror movie trivia questions are divided into three categories: the ’80s, ’90s, and 00’s horror film trivia. No matter what decade you were born in, there is no denying those three time periods produced some of the best horror movies of all time! 


1980’s Horror Movie Trivia

What horror movie from the 1980s starred a child actor who had no idea they were acting in a horror film?
The Shining 


Who is the murderer in the first Friday the 13th movie?
Jason Voorhees mom 


This 80’s horror movie has a father bringing his deceased son back from the dead; what movie is it?
Pet Sematary 


What horror movie starring Gizmo can double up as a Christmas film?
The Gremlins 


What is the song played at the beginning of Halloween II?
Mr. Sandman 


What item did Nancy pull out of her dream in Nightmare of Elm Street?
Freddy’s hat


What was Chucky’s real name in Child’s Play?
Charles Lee Ray


What is the last name of the vampire-loving brothers in The Lost Boys?


What breed of dog was Cujo?
St. Bernard 


How much money did Arnie pay for Christine in the horror movie of the same name?


After Johnny and Sarah’s date in The Dead Zone, what does Johnny spend the next four years doing?
He was in a coma 


Who plays Carol-Anne in the Poltergeist films?
Heather O’Rourke 


Which star of the Poltergeist was murdered by her boyfriend?
Dominque Dunne 


Who directed The Evil Dead?
Sam Raimi 


What event occurred in New York City caused Seymore to find Audrey II?
A total eclipse. 


What book was the horror movie Hellraiser based on?
Hellbound Heart


What is the name of the vampire in Fright Night?
Jerry Dandridge 


In Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, is the lead a male or female?


How many survivors are there at the end of The Thing?
2, Childs and Macready 


“Game over, man, Game over.” Is a quote from which 1980’s sci-fi-fi horror flick?


In the film The Fly, Veronica notices physical changes on what part of Seth’s body?
His back 


What disability does Marty have in Silver Bullet?
His legs are paralyzed 


Who plays Jim Halsey in The Hitcher?
C. Thomas Howell


What are the first words spoken in Predator?
“You’re looking good Dutch.” 


Who wrote the film script for Creepshow?
Stephen King


1990’s Horror Movie Trivia

At the beginning of Scream, what was Casey Becker cooking when the killer called her?


What is the orderly’s name in the asylum that houses Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs?


In Misery, what item does Paul use to pick the lock on his door?


What month did three students head out into the woods in The Blair Witch Project?


What is the name of Sydney’s college in Scream 2?


In I Know What You Did Last Summer, whose body does Julie find in the back of her car?


What is Chucky’s favorite game in Child’s Play 2?
Hide the soul 


Jennifer Lopez’s character Terri is from what state in the movie Anaconda?
South Carolina 


Who portrays the vampire Lestat in Interview with a Vampire?
Tom Cruise 


Who is the queen alien in the movie The Faculty?


What was the Candyman’s real name in the horror movie Candyman?
Phillip Purcell 


What 1999 horror movie stars Owen Wilson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Liam Neeson?
The Haunting 


Who was the horseman’s first victim in Sleepy Hollow?
Dirk von Garrett


Who is Chucky’s bride in Bride of Chucky?


What Friends star was in the low-budget 90’s horror flick The Leprechaun?
Jennifer Aniston 


What is Seth’s brother’s name in From Dusk to Dawn?


Who played the role of the pharmacist in Thinner?
Stephen King 


When the spirit jumps from host to host in the 1990’s horror movie Fallen, what Rolling Stones song does he sing?
Time is on my side. 


Pierce Brosnan starred in this 1992 horror film; what is it?
The Lawnmower Man 


Where does the doctor find the new spider species in Arachnophobia?


What is Cole’s secret in the Sixth Sense?
He can see dead people. 


What is the date at the start of The Crow?
October 30


In Alien Resurrection, what does Ripley offer to Annalee as a souvenir?
An alien’s tongue 


What did Evie open up in The Mummy that got her loved ones in trouble?
The book of the dead 


At the end of the movie Lake Placid, how many alligators died in Black Lake?


2000’s Horror Movie Trivia 

What is the name of the small town where Jennifer’s Body takes place?
Devil’s Kettle 


How long do you have to live after watching the videotape in The Ring?
Seven days 


What orphanage was Esther adopted from in The Orphan?
St. Marina Home for Girls 


In The Strangers, the main characters are coming home from what event?
A wedding reception 


In the movie Vacancy, what room do the main characters stay in?
Room 4 


Who plays Patrick Bateman in American Psycho?
Christian Bale 


Why did Jigsaw choose to kill Amanda in Saw?
She was addicted to drugs. 


Who plays Mort Rainey in The Secret Window?
Johnny Depp


Many people left the theater due to motion sickness and dizziness because of this 2008 horror flick; what is it?


What year was the remake of Prom Night released?


Who plays the main character Jill Johnson in the movie When a Stranger Calls?
Camille Belle 


Who plays Dracula in Dracula 2000?
Gerard r 


Who was the only survivor at the end of The Mist?


Who plays Dr. Robert Neville in I Am Legend?
Will Smith 


What year was Scream 3 released?


What is the name of Chucky’s child in Seed of Chucky?


Where do the movie signs take place?
Bucks County, PA 


Why is the road to Silent Hill closed in the movie Silent Hill according to the cop?
There is a coal fire burning underground. 


What is Mari’s last name in Last House on the Left?


What academy award-winning actor starred alongside Dakota Fanning in the 2000’s horror movie Hide and Seek?
Robert Deniro 


28 Days Later is set primarily in what city?


Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray starred in this 2005 remake; what is it?
House of Wax 


What superhero starred in the remake of the film Amityville Horror?
Ryan Reynolds


Eddie Murphy starred in this 2003 family-friendly horror film based on a Disney World attraction?
The Haunted Mansion


At the end of 28 Weeks Later, what country did the virus spread to?

Molly McGugan

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