100 Very Best Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

100 Very Best Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

It’s time to play with your children. And what’s better than the classical truth or dare game to get everyone involved in a familial activity.
Prepare yourself for a long time of laughter and amusement where Adults and kids get asked funny questions and must do crazy actions.

You’ll remember this truth or dare night for sure!


Truth or Dare Questions for Kids – The Truths


Good Truth Questions

Do you have a favourite teacher? And why?

Tell us about the biggest prank you made to someone?

What meal does your mom make you can eat every day?

Do you prefer to be Prince/Princess or a Mermaid/man?

How old do you look?

Who’s your favourite superhero?

What’s the thing that annoys you the most?

What amusement park ride do you prefer?

What is your worst bad habit?

Tell us the story of your worst nightmare

What meal should your mom remove from her menu?

What’s the favourite present you received?

What’s one thing that you lose all the time?

Is there a creature that scares you?

What words make you laugh just by hearing/saying them?

What is the TV Show you can’t miss?

What did you break that turned your parents insane?

Why did you skip school for the last time?

What do your teachers think about you?

Can you remember the birthday of all the players?

Who was your first love?

Which secret can you tell us now?

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Embarrassing Questions

Have you ever peeked at Christmas presents early?

Do you clean your room without your parents asking you to?

Have you ever been scolded in front of your friends?

What’s the grossest thing you’ve done?

Is there any body part you’re ashamed of?

Did you lie during this playtime?


Gross Questions

Where did you pee elsewhere than toilets?

What is the grossest thing you ever did?

What do you do in your sleep, and you’re not proud of it.

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Thoughtful Truth Questions

What will you do with your money if you get rich?

What is your dream job? And why?

Tell us about the best day you’ve ever had?

If you have the power to change something in the world, what will it be?

If you can travel through time, when would you like to go?

What skill do you want to practice?

What is your last good action?

What makes you happy the most?

If you were allowed to have any animal you want as a pet, what would you choose?

What’s your dream destination for vacations?

What do you want to do when you grow up?



Dares for Truth or Dare (kids version)


Acting Dares

Walk like a gorilla all around the room

Do your best Lion King Impression

Act like your favourite superhero, and the other players have to guess who is it.

Prank call at a pizzeria, asking them to buy everything they don’t have ( a TV, a bicycle, video games…)

Prank call a family member.

Pretend to have a full discussion with Mr Invisible

Draw a face on your hand and talk with your hand when it’s your turn

Act like you’re old

Do your best cow impression

Act like your favourite animal, and the other players have to guess what is it.

Imitate your favourite cartoon character, and the other players have to guess who is it.

Open the window and yell Merry Christmas as loud as you can

Confess your love to the pet

Speak in cat language for the next turn

Do a fashion show with the other player’s clothes

Knock at the neighbour’s door just to say Hi!

Do your best Fortnite dance.

Pretend to be a star

Sing your favourite song

Wrap yourself up like a birthday present

Act like you’re a King/Queen

Act like another player disappeared

Pretend to be Santa Claus

Show everyone your air guitar skills

Pretend to fall asleep until your next turn, even if the other players try to wake you up

Try to finish your sentences with rhymes

Walk around the room like you’re in the moon

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Fun & Easy Dares

Put some pepper in the nose of another player.

Eat a full spoon of Nutella, and show your best smile to everyone before swallowing.

Bite a lemon

Blindfold yourself for your next 3 turns

Stay barefeet for the rest of the game

Put your sockets on your ears for the rest of the game

Eat a raw egg

Take a bite out of a stick of butter

Finish all your sentences by “And that’s the way it is” until your next turn

Text someone using only your nose

Talk with your teeth closed until the next turn

Dress with socks on your hands, pants for a shirt, and a shirt for pants until your next turn

Say the alphabet backwards as fast as you can


Family Dares

Draw someone in the group; the other players have to guess who is it

Hug a player until your next turn

Allow the other players to draw whatever they want in your face, and stay like this until the end of the game (without seeing yourself in the mirror)

Choose another player to do a blinking challenge with you

Choose another player to help you act like a wheelbarrow

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Hard Dares

Spin in circles until your next turn, and then try to walk straight

Touch your elbow with your tongue

Put an Ice Cube in your pants

Eat a full spoon of mustard

Speak with your mouth full of water and try not to spill it

Take a 2 min fast, cold shower

Talk with your tongue sticking out

Touch your forehead with your big toe

Do not blink for a minute

Try to do a backflip; if it’s too hard, you can get help from the other players.

Stand on one leg until your next turn.

Nabil Khaldi
Nabil Khaldi