30 Hilarious Out-of-Office Messages for Work

30 Hilarious Out-of-Office Messages for Work

We love our jobs (maybe), and we love our coworkers (some of them), so we definitely want to let them know when we are out of the office. But frankly, a simple “Out of Office” doesn’t do the trick anymore. Enjoy these 30 innovative and enjoyable ways to tell your team to leave you alone forever – I mean until you return to work.

  1. “Leave me a message, and I’ll get back to you within 4 to 6 business weeks.”
  2. “Currently not here, but sadly you are.”
  3. “Error Message: Cannot receive email from a sandy beach.”
  4. “Please make like a divorced couple, and split from my inbox.”
  5. “This is Noah Kahn, as in I Kahn-not be reached.”
  6. “Unless this is about office gossip, I am busy.”
  7. “I cannot help you, but as a thank you, I am bringing you back a souvenir!”
  8. “Only accepting pictures of dogs.”
  1. “Currently at jury duty. Aren’t I suffering enough?”
  2. “Have something you need from me? Be like Taylor Swift, and Shake it Off.”
  3. “Unless you are offering me a raise, I am unavailable.”
  4. “How about we table this until never?”
  5. “Currently celebrating Christmas 364 days early.”
  6. “Happy birthday to me! I am expecting a present when I return.”
  7. “Can I borrow some cash? Don’t ask.”
  8. “On leave, researching palm trees and tequila.”
  9. “Please tell me you’re emailing me about my $100,000 bonus.”
  10. “Out of office. In flip flops.”
  11. “Only accepting postcards at the moment.”
  12. “Leave me a message, and I’ll probably read it and forget what you said by the time I am back.”
  13.  “I see London, I see France, could you not email me perchance?”
  14. “If you’re bothering someone who doesn’t want to be bothered, clap your hands!”
  15. “Can I borrow a pen in 13 days?”
  1. “Are you the United States president? Because I’m sure you can Biden your time until I return.”
  2. “At the hospital. Will respond if I am alive tomorrow.”
  3. “Thank you for the reminder that I hate my job.”
  4. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were more important than my grandfather’s funeral.”
  5. “Out of office until my will to live returns. No expected return date.”
  6. “Offline and off the clock, so can you get off my voicemail?”
  7. “I’d love to help, but unfortunately HR doesn’t allow me to work while on leave.”
Liz Homick