The Very Best 30 Amber Eyes Facts

The Very Best 30 Amber Eyes Facts

While we’ve all seen brown eyes and blue eyes, and maybe even green eyes, many of us have yet to encounter someone with amber eyes.

People with hazel eyes can develop specks of amber, but true amber eyes are completely solid with a yellow or golden hue. Amber eyes are commonly found in animals like wolves, but it’s an incredibly rare eye color for humans.

So, whether you’re looking for some interesting facts on this rare and somewhat “never-before-seen” eye color or you’re wondering if you may have this unique trait, you’re in the right place.

Amber Eyes Facts

Amber Eyes Facts

Read on for 30 facts about amber eyes that are sure to surprise you!


1. Amber eyes are equivalent to having freckles or spots on your face.


2. Amber eyes have specks of red and yellow in them.


3. If there are 7 billion people on the Earth, it is assumed that only around 700,000 people have amber eyes.


4. Because amber eyes have lower melanin, they’re prone to detached retinas.


5. Actor and stuntman Hugo Steele has amber eyes.


6. Some studies show that many people believe that amber eyed women have supernatural powers.


7. Like wolves, people with amber colored eyes are social animals and have a great urge to fit in.


8. Studies have been done and it seems that the majority of people with amber eyes are usually a Leo when it comes to astrological signs.


9. Amber eyes are commonly compared to the eyes of a reptile.


10. Amber eyed people live shorter life spans.


11. If you are Spanish, Asian, South American or of South African descent, there is a greater likelihood of having amber eyes.


12. Your eye color can become permanently changed if you take certain medications for the treatment of glaucoma.


13. Many people believe that if you have amber eyes, you have a higher connection to a supernatural power.


14. Amber eyes have a lower melanin in the iris and a higher pheomelanin.


15. The American actress, Amanda Righetti, is said to have amber-colored eyes.


16. When you’re outdoors, your eye color (especially amber eyes) may have higher saturation. This is because of the way the light reflects on them.


17. Amber eyes are considered to be the most rare in the world.


18. People with amber eyes are said to be really mysterious.


19. The best makeup for people with amber eyes are shades of purple, reds and browns.


20. Some studies say that your mood can affect your eye color. So, if you want amber colored eyes, change your mood and see if it works!


21. It is said that amber eyed people are vibrant and full of positive energy so they tend to have a lot of friends.


22. Michael Noher, an actor from Argentina, has amber eyes.


23. People with amber eyes are said to be able to see very well in dim lighting.


24. People with amber eyes are also known to have, “wolf eyes.”


25. Some people believe that amber eyes come from the aliens that visited the earth from other galaxies.


26. Some studies show that it is believed that amber eyed people are more beautiful.


27. If you have amber eyes, your eyes will be extremely sensitive to bright lights and UV rays.


28. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help people with amber eyes maintain healthy eyes.


29. 0.01% of the human population has amber eyes, making them extremely rare.


30. Edward Cullen from the movie, Twilight, has amber-colored eyes.


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