The Very Best 35 Hazel Eyes Facts

The Very Best 35 Hazel Eyes Facts

Only 5% of people are born with hazel eyes, making them extremely uncommon. With only green eyes (2%) and grey eyes (1%) topping hazel for the most rare eye color, it’s fascinating how few individuals have this eye color. Have you ever wondered how hazel eyes got their name? Are you looking to impress your friends with some hazel eye facts?  Or maybe you have hazel eyes and want to learn more about your unique trait? Look no further. Today, we’re sharing 35 Hazel Eyes Facts that are sure to surprise you, your friends, and your family.

Share this rare and distinctive trait with those around you by reading off these interesting facts. 


Read on for 35 surprising hazel eyes facts you would have NEVER guessed!

Hazel Eyes

1. Hazel eyes are most commonly found in Europe and in the United States. 

2. Hazel eyes are light brown with specks of yellow, gold, green, and brown in the center. 

3. Well-known celebrities with hazel eyes include Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Jude Law, Zendaya, and Ben Affleck.

4. There are two types of hazel eyes: ones that lean more towards brown and ones that lean more towards green. 

5. Hazel eyes have more melanin than blue eyes but less than brown eyes. 

6. Hazel contact lenses are incredibly popular, as many people are jealous of the unique trait. 

7. People with hazel eyes are more sensitive to pain than people with blue eyes.

8. Many scientists refer to hazel eyes as, “The eye color of a chameleon” because there is no true universal description for the coloring. 

9. Studies have shown that people with hazel eyes are more likely to be elegant and approachable.

10. Hazel eye coloring has the ability to adjust based on the environmental setting they’re in. 

11. Eye colors have more to do with pigmentation and the way the light reflects, and less to do with the actual “color” of the eye.

12. Hazel eyes can change colors within seconds. (Sounds like a super power, right?)

13. Many caucaison people are born with blue eyes and over the years, they slowly turn to green or hazel eyes. 

14. Studies have shown that people with hazel eyes are very independent and would rather do things on their own.

15. Hazel eyes are so unique that no two are the same color: it would be almost impossible to find two pairs of identical hazel eyes. 

16. Studies have shown people with hazel eyes have a more positive outlook on life.

17. Hazel eyes are more sensitive to the sun or bright lights. 

18. Alcohol and drugs can influence the intensity of the coloring in hazel eyes. 

19. 75% of hazel eyes have a dark brown ring around them, with the center showing more of the gold/green/yellow tones. 

20. Hazel eyes are very uncommon, but surprisingly, common in the entertainment industry. 

21. Studies have shown that people with hazel eyes are more creative and imaginative.

22. The color clothing you wear can affect how your hazel eyes appear: for example, red clothing can make your green hazel eyes appear more brown and maroon colored. 

23. Babies born with brown eyes will have their eye color for life, however if you’re born with hazel, blue, or green eyes, your eyes could change coloring at any time. 

24. According to List25, people with hazel eyes are courageous. (We’re not quite sure how this one is proven, but hey, we’ll take it!)

25. Studies have shown that people with hazel eyes are more loyal. 

26. Hazel eyes got the name “hazel” because their coloring is similar to that of a hazelnut. 

27. Around 64 million people in the world have hazel eyes (and yup, they’re still considered rare.)

28. Hazel eyes are most popular with people from Brazil and Spain. 

29. There are many myths about hazel eyes, like how people with this eye color are said to be more graceful than others.

30. It takes 16 genes to contribute towards a human eye color: meaning there’s 16 factors that make a hazel eye. 

31. People with hazel eyes will likely have different eye colors throughout their whole life: it really depends on light reflection. 

32. Studies have shown people with hazel eyes have incredible social and communication skills.

33. People with hazel-colored eyes are less likely to ever have to deal with nerve damage in their eyes. 

34. Celebrity and soccer player David Beckham has hazel eyes. 

35. While only 5% of people are born with hazel eyes, green and grey eyes are even more rare.


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