150 Fun Trivia Questions

150 Fun Trivia Questions

Let’s continue broadening our horizons in 2023.

The world hides more mysteries than you can count and as of today, we’ve only discovered a very small part of them. Are you fascinated by the Earth’s treasures, wondering about what’s hiding in the depths of the oceans and in the infinity of the Universe? Or maybe you want to chuckle at people’s weirdness or discover the most random moments of human history?

These 150 Fun Trivia Questions will provide you not only with answers but also make you laugh and wonder. So without further ado let’s put our brains to good use and try to crack some of them!

Fun Trivia Questions About History / Underwater / Cosmos / Religion / Human Body / Folklore / Food / Nature / Ecology / Random


Which famous artist is said to come from the future?

– Leonardo da Vinci. In his sketches, he predicted several things that were not built until hundreds of years after his death, like helicopters, machine guns, refrigerators, solar panels, and telescopes.

The Inca capital of Cusco had the shape of what animal?

– A Puma

What was the biggest land empire in the world’s history?

– The Mongol Empire. Fun fact: Today there are approximately 1.6 million people who are descendants of its emperor, the famous Genghis Khan.

How tall was Napoleon?

– 168cm / 5’6. Not that short after all, right?

On what animals had the pope declared war in the XIIIth century?

– Cats. Apparently, they were the agents of Satan.

How many British kings died on the toilet?

– 4

And how many US Presidents died on the 4th of July?

– 3

How old was Mary Shelley, the author of ‘Frankenstein’, when she wrote the book that revolutionized the horror genre forever?

– Only 18!

What did Egyptian pharaohs use as a mosquito repellent?
They covered their slaves in honey so that the insects would be attracted to them instead.

What country has the oldest working parliament?

– Iceland. At work since 930.

How many plots were there to kill Fidel Castro?

– Over 600

Back in the early XXth century, what type of competition was a part of The Olympics?

– Fine Arts. You could actually get an Olympic medal for a great book!

Where was the first car ever made?

– Germany

What nationally recognized prize were all: Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini nominated for?

– The Nobel Peace Prize. Go figure.

How long did the shortest war ever record in human history last?

– England versus Zanzibar, 38 minutes.

What was Joseph Stalin’s favorite movie genre?

– American Westerns. Anything that starred John Wayne was apparently his favorite.


Which one had more human visitors: The Moon or The Mariana Trench?

– The Moon. It was visited by 12 people, while the Trench was only explored by 3. Fun fact: one of them was James Cameron, the director of Titanic.

What is the name of the scary-looking fish that uses bioluminescent light to lure its prey? Hint: It starred in ‘Where’s Nemo?’

– Anglerfish

Who has jurisdiction over The Mariana Trench?

– The United States

What weird thing was found at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

– A stone circle that’s almost 1000 years old. It became known as ‘The Underwater Stonehedge’.

Where was the biggest underwater city ever discovered?

– Egypt, the city of Heracleion.

And where’s the oldest?

– In Greece, the city of Pavlopetri, more than 5000 years old.

What the hell is that?

– The Northern Stargazer. A truly romantic name for what seems to be the ugliest fish on Earth.

Do all fish swim?

– No. There is a species of fish that actually prefers walking on the ocean floor. They’re called Handfish and can be found in Australia and Tasmania.

Is it possible to have lakes and rivers on the ocean floor?

– It turns out it IS. Their water doesn’t mix up with the oceans due to a different chemical structure.

What percent of all Earth’s species live in the water?

– 94%. I know. Crazy, right?

Guess, approximately how many sunken ships can be found on the bottom of the oceans today?

– 3 million shipwrecks. The biggest museum in the world.

Which animal is the top predator of the ocean world?

– Orcas, also known as Killer Whales. Originally, the name sounded: ‘The Whale Killers’ and was accidentally inverted at some point in the past. They have no natural enemies, and can easily kill a Great White Shark.

How many oceans are there?

– 5. (surprised? you also thought there were 3..?) Except for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian, there are also the Arctic and Southern (Antarctic) Oceans.

What’s the biggest squid found so far?

– 13m (43 feet) and nearly a ton in weight. Looks like the Kraken might have not been a legend after all.

Do fish cough?

– Yes. I don’t know about you but I want to hear it so badly.


What other celestial bodies have ice on their poles?

– The Moon, Mars, and Mercury

Are there any other oceans in the Universe (that we know of)?

– Yes, many moons actually have their own ocean hidden under the ice cap. One of the most interesting is Saturn’s moon Enceladus, which hides an entire ocean full of.. boiling water.

How much mass in our Solar System is taken by the Sun?

– 99.89%. Yes, it’s THAT huge.

What color would be a sunset observed from the surface of Mars?

How long is a day on Venus?

– Equivalent of 243 Earth days

Wow… In that case how long is a year on Venus?

– Curiously enough, only 225 Earth days, because the planet’s orbital rotation takes shorter than its axis rotation. This means that a Venus year is 432 hours shorter than its day.

Throughout the year do we see the entire Moon?

– No. We only ever see the same side of our Moon, since it rotates on its axis at the very same time it orbits the Earth.

Why isn’t Mercury the hottest planet in our Solar System, even though it’s the closest to the Sun?

– Because it has no atmosphere that could heat up.

What would happen if 2 pieces of the same metal touch each other in space?

– They’d merge.

What are the origins of the Moon?

– The leading theory says it used to be a part of our planet. It was formed from the Earth’s debris.

What is the weirdest thing about Neptune?

– It gives away more heat than it receives from the Sun. Plus, one of its moons’ orbits backward. Nobody knows why.

How do astronauts get drinking water in space?

– They recycle moisture from their own breath, sweat, shower runoff, and even urine, especially in long-term missions like NASA’s ‘One Year in Space’.

What common object you can’t use in space?

– Pens. They require gravity to pull the ink to the nib.

What’s the coldest place in our Solar System (we know of so far)?

– The craters of the Moon.

When was the first time we managed to take a photo of a black hole?
April 2019

How did water appear on our planet?

– It came with the asteroids and comets during the time we called “The Great Bombing” of Earth.


How many Bibles are sold every day?

– 50

What does the famous “om” sound mean?

– It’s believed to be ‘the sound of the Universe’ among many religions that practice meditation and yoga.

What is the oldest religion in the world?

– Hinduism

In Ancient Egypt, a soul of a dead was weighed against what item by the god Anubis, to determine if a person is worth going to heaven?

– A feather

How many percent of Jews live in Israel?

What important person from the Buddhism religion is also an official Catholic Saint?

– Buddha himself.

Is wearing a face-covering veil actually required in Koran?

– No. Nowhere in the saint book of Islam does it say that women should wear hijabs. It only says they should dress “modestly”

“Fearsome entities with 6 wings”; “Interconnected sparkling wheels”; and “4-headed monsters”. What creature is described in these Bible quotes?

– Angels. Funny, how perception changes over time, huh?

What is the state of final enlightenment called in Buddhism?

– Nirvana

Believers of which religion are mostly vegetarian?

– Hinduism

‘Quetzalcoatl’ was one of the major gods in precolombian Central America. A mix of what 2 animals was it?

– A serpent and a bird.

What plant did Celtic druids consider saint? (Hint: nowadays it’s associated with Christmas)

– A mistletoe. They believed it was a representation of the sun god Taranis

Believers of which religion are most willingly recruited to the US armed forces, as well as to the CIA and FBI?

– Mormons. They are valued for their truthfulness, abstinence, and respect for authority.

What’s the fastest-growing religion in the world today?

– Islam

Which one of the major religions of the world doesn’t have any founder or the exact date of its creation? – Hinduism. It just sort of happened.


What percent of our body is water?

– 70%

When are we taller, in the morning or in the evening?

– It was proven that we can be up to 1cm taller after we woke up compared to the moment just before we go to sleep.

At what age is our brain fully formed?

– 25

Where is the smallest bone in our body placed?

– Inner ear

What is the longest nerve in our body?

– The sciatic nerve. It runs from the top of our spinal cord all the way to our toes

What percent of all human bones are in his feet?

– 25%

Where is all this earwax coming from?

– It’s actually a type of condensed sweat. Sorry for that image.

How many times do you blink in a minute?

What’s the only muscle that never gets tired?

– Heart

How long does it take for our body to replace the entire surface of our skin?

– A month. Feel like a serpent yet?

What’s the heaviest organ in our body?

– Our skin. It weighs up to 5kg!

How much time can an average brain keep functioning with the oxygen cut off?

– 3 to 6 minutes

Why do we cough and sneeze?

– It’s our body’s way to get rid of suspicious substances.

What is the only human organ that floats on the water?

– Lungs

Can we smell in our sleep?

– No. The function of smelling shuts off when we are dreaming, even if the smell is truly awful.


The origins of Halloween track back to what country?

– Surprisingly, not the US. Hallowe’en (Hallows Eve) is a Scottish and Irish holy day (earlier it was pagan Samhain), where people would dress up in scary masks to scare the evil spirits and go collecting food among the neighbors.

On the Day of the Death Mexicans build intricate altars for their deceased and leave all kinds of interesting offerings on them, including LOTS of alcohol and tobacco. Why?

– They believe it’s the only day of the year, their loved ones can cross into our realm to visit them and share a drink or five.

What culture believes that throwing a newborn from a rooftop of a sanctuary (don’t faint, they are caught in a cloth held by the men at the bottom) brings good luck?

– Hindu culture. Still practiced in some places, most famously at the Baba Umer Dargah in Solapur.

In Denmark, if you’re 25 and single your friends and family will cover you with what?

– Cinnamon. Head to toe. Apparently to make you more appetizing!

What would you leave on your front porch as an offering for the fairies in the Scottish Highlands so that they don’t mess with your household?

– A saucer of milk. Seems to be fairies’ drink of choice.

What do the people of Madagascar do with their deceased before putting them in a tomb?

– They carry them above the crowd rolled in a clean cloth and dance.

Where do ogres originally come from?

– They are of French descendence. By the way, in the original version, they were quite hairy, so it’s interesting that the creators of Shrek made him bald.

What is “Ides of March” actually?

– It’s the Roman Celebration of Mars, God of War. Julius Cesar was killed on this day that’s why nowadays this date is considered unlucky.

Why is the 26th of December called Boxing Day in Great Britain?

– Nothing to do with beating people. Originally this was the day Englishmen would present gift boxes to their servants and mailmen. Now it’s a day of rest for everybody.

Where do elves come from?

– The Norse mythology. They were called Álfar.

What were gnomes originally guarding, before they became your garden keepers?

– The underground treasures.

Where’s the origin of the Dream Catchers?

– Ojibwa culture, Canada.

Nature knows many cases where a courtship dance is the best way to impress a potential partner. Tribes of what country do that too?

– Niger. Men of the Woodabe tribe present their dancing and singing skills in front of the jury made up of young marriageable women, in hope that one of them will be interested.

Where did the famous fire-walking originate from?
India. People would do it as a show of faith.

What were “tupilacs” in the Inuit culture?

– They were a kind of ‘voodoo doll’ of the indigenous people from the far north. Carved out in bone they served as a witchcraft item to punish one’s enemies


Where are tomatoes originally from?

– No, not Italy. They are from the territory of today’s Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

What is the actual color of farmed salmon?

– Grey. Wild salmon is pink because of the shrimps in their diet. Nowadays, when most salmon worldwide come from farms, they are fed with a pigment that changes their color to look ‘wilder’.

How old was the oldest unopened bottle of wine in history?

– 1650 years old. It was found in a Roman tomb.

What was the original name of ‘Bloody Mary’?

– “The Bucket of Blood’. Changing it was probably a good marketing choice.

What food item is the most stolen worldwide?

– Cheese. Around 4% of all cheese in the world is robbed.

You can create dynamite from this popular snack.
Peanuts. Their oil can be used to make nitroglycerin.

What tasty item was used by the Mayas as a currency?

– Chocolate. I suggest we go back to that habit.

What type of pasta should we use with the famous Bolognese sauce?

– Definitely not spaghetti. That’s an Americanized version that spread around the world like a fire. This pasta from Bologne is actually made with tagliatelle (a thick and flat kind of noodle) because the sauce sticks to it, instead of staying at the bottom of the plate after all your pasta is already finished.

Is ranch sauce actually white?

– No. It is dyed with titanium dioxide, the same substance that’s used in sunscreens and paint.

What popular spice can be used as a hallucinogen?

– Nutmeg

What is the worst food for your teeth?

– You’ll be surprised, but it’s not sugar. It’s actually acid, so stay away from sour candies and sodas.

In which year Russia finally classified beer as an alcoholic drink, instead of a soft beverage?

– In 2013

Out of all the hazelnuts collected in the world, how many make their way to a Nutella jar?

– A quarter

Can water expire?

– No. The expiration date put on the water bottles, is actually because of the bottle itself, because at some point it’ll start leaking chemicals into the water.

How many flavors are there in Fruitloops?

– Despite their colorfulness, they all have the same flavor.


What’s the only mammal that can’t jump?

– An elephant.

How many hearts does an octopus have?

– 3

Why are the owl’s necks so flexible?

– Because they can’t move their eyes. They have sort of ‘eye tubes’ instead of eyeballs.

What is the color of the polar bear’s fur?

– It’s actually transparent. It just seems white because of the reflection of the light.

For all the fans of ‘Our Planet’; what’s David Attenborough’s favorite animal?

– Human being

How many people are killed by cows yearly?

– 22. And it’s not only roadside accidents! 75% of it is a cold-blooded cows’ attack. In comparison, sharks only kill an average of 4 people every year.

What type of tree can warn each other about danger?

– Acacia. When some animal starts to eat their leaves, Acacias start to produce more tannins that eventually reaches a level toxic to animals. At the same time, they release a cloud of ethylene gas, signalizing to their brothers and sister, that they should start tannin production too.

In what position do sperm whales sleep?

– They sleep vertically just underneath the surface of the water.

What would happen if you shoot an armadillo?

– The bullet will ricochet. The armadillo’s armor is practically bulletproof.

How many times a week do sloths poop?

– Once. It seems they are lazy even about that.

What is the world’s fastest-growing plant?

How do buffalos decide in which direction they should travel next?

– They… vote. The direction that gets the biggest amount of looks from the female members of the herd, will be the direction followed.

What are camel humps composed of?

– Despite what many people think it’s not water, but fat. It’s more efficient to have it stored in the form of a ‘backpack’ instead of having it overheat all its insides while being on a dessert.

What’s the longest-living vertebrate animal on Earth?

– A Greenland shark. They can live up to 500 years!

Why do dogs raise their leg when they pee?

– So that they’d appear bigger to the other dogs that will be sniffing it later.


What activity uses more water: flushing, or brushing your teeth?

– Approximately the same amount of water is used in both cases.

When you turn on your washing machine cycle, do you know how much of the energy goes just into heating the water?

– A whopping 90%. Maybe it’s better to choose the cold setting next time?

How many species are under the threat of extinction because of human activity?

– Over 1 million.

What is the number one country in thrash generating?

– United States of America. The country produces 30% of the trash worldwide, even though their population accounts only for 5% of the world population.

How much water is used to create 1kg of veal?

– 15.000 liters

Name 3 cities that might be entirely underwater by 2030.

– Amsterdam Netherlands; New Orleans USA, Venice Italy, Basra Iraq, Bangkok Thailand, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Kolkata India, Georgetown Guyana, Savannah USA

What percent of all bottled water in the world is actually tap water?

– 40%

Which country is the biggest benefactor in saving the rainforests of the world?

– Norway

What takes more water to produce, a pint of beer or a cup of coffee?

– Surprisingly, a cup of coffee! 150 vs. 200 liters

What item takes the longest to decompose?

– A glass bottle. It can take up to 1 million years, so remember, recycle your bottles!

What’s the name of the Pacific island made up entirely of trash, that is twice as big as the state of Texas?

– Great Pacific Garbage Patch

How many trees are cut down every year to make toilet paper?

– 10 million

What’s the percentage of the remaining US forests?

– 4%

Which country is the recycling champion?
Germany. Followed closely by Austria and South Korea.


Approximately how many people in the world were born on the same day as you?

– 9 million

What’s the most often robbed book in the world?

– The Bible. Ironic, don’t you think?

What weighs more: all the humans or all the ants on Earth?

– The ants. I was just as shocked as you are right now.

How many times can you recycle a sheet of paper before the fiber becomes too weak?

– 6

What does IKEA stand for?

– Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd: the founder’s name, the name of his farm, and his hometown.

What unusual thing can be found in absolutely every British war tank?

– A tea-making station.

How many letters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet?

– 12

What was the original name of ‘Google?

– ‘Backrub’

How old was the oldest person ever recorded in human history?

– 122 years old. Jeanne Louise Calment was a French woman who died in 1997.

What’s the only letter that doesn’t appear on the periodic table?

What is a single strand of spaghetti called?

– ‘Spaghetto’

What was the hidden talent of Richard Nixon?

– Music. He played 5 different instruments.

Which month of the year was January originally?

– 11th. It became first in 153 B.C.

What do diamonds and pencils have in common?

– They are made of the same material. You just have to subject the pencil’s graphite to hundreds of years of pressure inside the Earth’s intestines and you’ve got yourself a diamond!

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