100 Very Best Funny Trivia Questions

100 Very Best Funny Trivia Questions

In need of some ridiculous knowledge? Have fun with these 110 Funny Trivia questions that’ll make you laugh!

Our world is big, wide, and full of surprisingly weird stuff. Why not discover some of them today? Whether you’re at a party and you wanna play Trivia with your friends, or you’re alone and in need of some entertainment, our choice of random questions and their even more random answers will surely put a smile on your face. Plus isn’t it nice to inform somebody out of the blue that the real name of the ‘hashtag’ sign is actually an ‘octothorpe’? If you think it is (I do) then read on and shine on your next party with completely useless knowledge!


  1. What is the best-selling novel of all time? – Don Quijote
  2. Do Amish people have computers? – Yes. They had special ones made for them that don’t have access to the internet, music, or videos, that they can use strictly for ‘business’.
  3. Where is it customary to step back on somebody if he accidentally stepped on you? – Russia
  4. What can bring you bad luck in Italy? – Bumping into a nun.
  5. Why is most Scandinavians blond? – Because of the lack of sunlight. It makes the synthesis of vitamin D in their bodies more efficient.
  6. What did Mark Twain try to be before he became a worldwide famous writer? – A gold miner.
  7. What do you do in Greece to provide healthy growth for your child? – You throw their teeth on the roof.
  8. In which country is “finger pulling” considered a serious sport? – Austria
  9. What was the original color of Coca-Cola? – Green.
  10. How many Americans claim that God has personally spoken to them? – 38%


  1. Which today’s University is older than the Aztec Empire? – The Oxford University.
  2. What were spider webs used for in ancient times? – Bandages.
  3. Which animal was believed to grow on trees in ancient times? – Lambs.
  4. What highly illegal drug used to be a popular medicine for cough and headaches? – Heroin.
  5. Why are the pencils yellow? – Because the best graphite used to come from China and since yellow is their official color, it was a symbol of quality.
  6. Where was Cleopatra from? – No, not Egypt. She was actually Greek!
  7. Which one of the American presidents was also a wrestling champion? – Abraham Lincoln, who lost only one fight out of 300
  8. How long have people been riding on psychedelics? – Over 7000 years, the oldest evidence is found in the Sahara desert.
  9. Who were the high heels originally invented for? – For… men! It actually took 8 centuries for women to adopt them.
  10. Which official was the first ever to put a warrant on an animal? – Pope Gregory IX declared a war on black cats, as they’re clearly the reincarnation of Satan.
  11. What was used instead of dentures before they were invented? – The teeth extracted from dead soldiers’ mouths. I know, that one’s a bit creepy.
  12. What was the one thing that Jack Kerouac, the author of “On the Road” has never learned how to do? – Driving.
  13. Was Piza Tower ever straight? – No. Its foundations were laid all wrong and it started sinking right away.
  14. What popular condiment was prescribed as a medicine for indigestion in the past? – Ketchup in the XIXth century.
  15. What was the Bloody Mary drink originally called? – The Bucket of Blood. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it?
  16. What came first, the matches or the lighters? – The lighters. They were invented 3 years before the matches.


  1. Where’s a shrimp’s head located? – In its head.
  2. What is the part of our body that never stops growing? – Ears.
  3. What athletic activity are humans better at compared to all the other animals? – Long-distance running. We might suck at everything else, but we can tire a cheetah in the long haul.
  4. Which animal practically always has four babies? – Armadillos.
  5. What animals take the longest naps of all? – Snails. They can nap for up to three years!
  6. What is the only fruit that grows its seeds externally? – Strawberries.
  7. What is the only muscle in our body that never tires? – Brain. Although I’m not sure I’d agree after the end-of-term exams.
  8. What animal has a prehensile penis, that can be used much like our hands? – Dolphin. Which is also the only creature, except humans who often have sex just for pleasure.
  9. Which vegetable has more genes than humans? – Tomatoes.
  10. What is the main function of laughter? – It creates bonds. Scientists discovered that only 10% of our laughs come out because something is funny – it’s rather a way we connect with other people.
  11. Which animals communicate by peeing at each other? – Lobsters. Enjoy!
  12. Are possums really “playing dead” when challenged? – No. They actually pass out.


  1. In which country you can’t use the word ‘censorship’? – China. This world is illegal there.
  2. In what country can you find hell? – In the far and frozen north of Norway. It has to be really hard to live in that town if they named it like that. 
  3. Which country is 7 years behind the rest of the world due to using a different calendar? – Ethiopia. They believe that Christ was born in 7 BC.
  4. Where can a parking spot cost you as much as 1 mln$? – Hong Kong.
  5. What American state has more shorelines than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined? – Minnesota.
  6. What country has species so unique that over 80% of them are only to be found there? – Australia.
  7. Where is a town that has never experienced rain? – Calama, Chile.
  8. California has more people than which neighboring country? – Canada
  9. What percentage of the Earth is covered with water? – 71%
  10. Which of the French borders is the longest? – The one with… Brasil. Yes, French Guyana is a thing.
  11. Which country has more lakes than all the other countries combined? – Canada.


  1. What was the last letter added to the English alphabet? – “J
  2. What does ‘ultracrepidarian’ mean? – A person who voices their opinion on something they know nothing about.
  3. How old is the English word “fart”? – Over 3000/4000 years old. One of the oldest words in their vocabulary.
  4. What does the scientific term “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia” stand for? – Brain freeze.
  5. In what language you can call rain by 200+ different names?- In Hawaiian.
  6. How is a fight between three people called? – A truel.
  7. What does it mean if you say “shemomechama”? – “I ate the whole thing” in Georgian.
  8. Where in the world you can find a language that only uses 5 clicking sounds for its all communication? – Africa, Khaisan languages.
  9. Which country has its own, separate sign language? – Papua and New Guinea. It’s also one of the four official languages of the country.
  10. Which language died but was resurrected afterward? – Hebrew.
  11. A name for which color didn’t exist in English all the way until the 16th century? – Orange. The word came with the fruit.
  12. Which country has the longest alphabet? – Cambodia with a scary number of 74 signs.


  1. What was the other career that Neil DeGrasse Tyson considered before becoming one of the most famous astrophysicists? – A stripper.
  2. How much time would it take to drive to space if it was possible to drive in a straight line upwards? – Just an hour.
  3. Is it possible to burp in space? – No. We can only burp due to gravity dividing the liquids from the gas. Hence, in space, we won’t be able to perform this noble activity. 
  4. Which company is using butt-shaped robots to test their phones? – Samsung. They make them repeatedly sit on the phones to test their durability.
  5. What freezes quicker than cold water? – Hot water. The world is weird like that sometimes.
  6. What’s the very first thing you should do if you were exposed to radioactive waves? – Get naked.
  7. Which famous scientist was offered the position of president by the country of Israel? – Albert Einstein. He politely declined, cause, in his own words, he can’t deal with people.
  8. Which fruit can become radioactive when it starts to decay? -.Bananas. 
  9. How many of the museum exhibits worldwide are mislabelled? – Around 50%
  10. How was the Nobel Prize first founded? – With the money that Alfred Nobel earned by inventing… explosives.
  11. What does Earth possess in a quantity bigger than stars in the sky? – Trees!
  12. Is it really scientifically possible to light up your own farts? – Yes, it is, and the flame will be blue. Doesn’t it make your world better? <3
  13. What was Thomas Eddison’s weird hobby? – Electrocuting animals. He actually killed an elephant that way AND recorded it.


  1. What does a ‘glam’ clause in Kim Kardashian’s will entails? – That if she’s ever unconscious or is not in a position to do it herself, somebody has to take care of her makeup, hair, and nails.
  2. Who was the first woman to ever appear on the cover of “The Rolling Stones magazine? – Tina Turner.
  3. Who sponsored the final tour of Destiny’s Child? – McDonald’s
  4. Who won the biggest amount of Oscars in history? – Walt Disney. 26 Oscars and 59 nominations
  5. What were the Night’s Watch’s fur cloaks made of in The Game of Thrones? – Ikea rugs
  6. What is the Cookie Monster’s real name? – Sid.
  7. How much time does quiet staring take in the “Twilight” movie? – Exactly 26 minutes.
  8. Who started the whole blue jeans-wearing frenzy? – James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause
  9. To whom did Dolly Parton lose in a look-alike contest of herself? – To a drag queen.
  10. What’s the longest-running series of all time? – The Simpsons.
  11. How many nipples does Harry Styles have? – 4.
  12. Which literary character appears in the biggest amount of movies? – Sherlock Holmes. Presented by over 70 different actors!
  13. Where was Jerry Springer born? – In the London subway.
  14. What was Hulk’s color supposed to be originally? – Gray.


  1. In what American state is it legal to hunt unicorns? – Michigan. That’s just sad, shame on you Michigan!
  2. In which country you can’t change a lightbulb unless you’re a certified electrician? – Australia.
  3. Which offending-smelling food is outlawed in Los Angeles? – Pickles.
  4. Where will you never be denied using somebody’s toilet? – In Scotland. It’s simply illegal to say ‘no’ to a person in need.
  5. In which country not only your wife but also your government will punish you if you forget her birthday? – Samoa, Oceania. Paradise, I think?
  6. It’s illegal to lick what animal in California? – Toads.
  7. Until what time you can legally flush your toilet in Switzerland? – Only until 10 pm, so remember to get your business done before.
  8. What can an Ohio policeman do to pacify an angry dog? – They can literally bite them.
  9. Where can’t you kiss in France? – In trains. Probably the only spot where you won’t see people kissing.
  10. In which country will you end up in jail if you leave home with no underwear? – Thailand.
  11. What country will deny your entry if you have a visible Buddha tattoo? – Sri Lanka. It’s considered offensive to the religion.
  12. What piece of clothing is pregnant women in Madagaskar not allowed to wear? – Hats.
  13. In England, the Queen legally possesses what animal? – Any unclaimed swan is automatically hers.


  1. What famous artist designed the Chupa Chups logo? – Salvador Dali.
  2. Why does airplane food taste so bad? – Because while in the air we lose sense in almost half of our taste-buds.
  3. What should you do if somebody’s humming and it irritates you? – Hold his nose. It’s impossible to hum then.
  4. How many flavours of Kit Kats is there in the world? – Over 200 and Japan has them all!
  5. Why didn’t vampires see themselves in the mirrors? – Because in the past mirrors had been backed with silver. Now it’s just aluminum, so the vampires can shave with ease.
  6. What is the world record of paper folds? – 12.
  7. What’s the surprising ingredient of most lipsticks? – Fishscales.
  8. What was the only sport ever played on the Moon? – Golf.
  9. What year and why was Google Images invented? – It was the year 2000 and the idea originated from the number of people that were typing in “Jennifer Lopez Grammys dress” in Google Search. I know that you’re googling it right now too.

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